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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Fierce Battle.....

The day had been so lovely.  I took Tinkerella to her ballet class, the Bear and I were able to sit peacefully and watch her dance and twirl all hour, I made us a yummy lunch of Totinos Pizza and fruit with cheese blocks, and we have really enjoyed sitting and reading books and I was able to watch the last nights episode of The Duggars.  All in all, the afternoon has been pretty good.  We have had only a few time outs, one fall off of the slide, and one lost crayon was recovered (after it had been used on the wall).... a great day.
Then nap time.
Oh, Baby Bear.... it is nap time....
I swoop him up and carry him off.  He handles this well, usually just waving nigh nigh and easily falls asleep.
1 down and 1 to go.
Oh, Red.... it is nap time.  Let's find our paci and blanket.
(This is usually when we just head for the couch)
I lay her down at 2:30
She asks me to lay with her and I do.
She even grabs my hand.... precious...
After 14 minutes of tossing turning, constant Mommy, I have to pee pees, and feet kicking, I say, that's it..... shut your eyes.
This is when it starts to get heated....
She stops moving.... I like to think that she knows when I mean business.......
4 minutes goes by...
I am even laying there with my eyes shut, then......
Yeah.  I am comparing myself to this lion looking at their cub... probably thinking, you have got to be kidding me... do you want this to get ugly???
I lay her back down....
Squiggle... squirmmy..... flip... flop.. giggle
It has now been a total of 23 minutes that we have been playing this....
After 30 minutes....
This was me....
Ya see the cub... it is not even phased (much like my Red).
So.. after this moment (which no pictures were taken since National Geographic is unable to take pictures of this "mommy beast") she finally surrenders to the dreaded nap....
Look at her little cherub like face.
Precious cheeks, tiny sweet hands, her cute patootie ears..
All is calm in our house.
The Great Red sleeps and the "Mommy Beast" feels defeated and like her "mommy card" should be taken away:(
Now, this is a time when most people would turn to that ol' gal Betty Ford for hitting the bottle, but not I, I prefer her sweet sweet sister... Betty Crocker  
Yes.  It is cake icing in the jar.
Don't judge.
Well played Red... well played.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's Review Some Stuff....

1.  A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some things that had been going on with me.  Seeing how this is my blog and I post things/ stories about my life, my life with my children and husband, my life with my family, my life and what I am doing with my life, my thoughts, ya getting what I am saying?  Well, the idea of this blog was that it was for me and my family.  I love being able to post things for us to look back on and see what was happening with us over the years (it makes me happy, having this virtual scrapbook).  Well, a few weeks ago, I wrote about going out and attending a movie with my girlfriends (I do not have these times often, most days and nights I spend at home, with my family), and I wrote about a book that I had read.  With this post, I offended some people, and I received comments from said people and then some emails (2 from people that I know and 3 from readers that I did not know).  All in all, the majority of the messages questioned my faith and my walk with God.  Let me be the first to let you know, I LOVE JESUS!  I LOVE BEING A CHRISTIAN!  I HAVE MY DAILY TIME WITH MY PRECIOUS LORD AND SAVIOR each day (I even prayed for the people that sent me these messages.. humpf), MY FAITH IS VERY SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT TO ME!  I GO TO CHURCH!  I LOVE JESUS!!  Please know, that there is not a day, that I do not fall short of the glory of God (everyone does), but I am so happy to know that I have a deep love for a forgiving GOD.  He loves me, all day, everyday, days when I have a break down, days when I read the Bible, days when I talk with the kids about God and Jesus, days when I argue with my husband, just every moment of my day and night.  Please know that I do not want to offend anyone.  To know that I upset others makes me so sad, so please accept my apology.

2.  Wha?  I know that some of you Twi-heart fans are having a rough few days... I mean wha was Kristen Stewart thinking?  Wha was that married director man with a wife and 2 kids thinking?  Well, the whole situation is pit-i- ful!  And Robert Pattinson.... wha was KStew thinking?  I know that this is all over the news as of lately, but come on people, surely we can focus on more important things in the world???
I still really like her, and I have liked her ever since she played Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room (remember she had asthma), and I loved her in the Lifetime movie Speak.  Even though she had this lapse in judgement, she is human/ vampire (ya get what I'm saying).

3.  Going to the movies anytime soon?  I cannot wait to see the movie, The Campaign! 

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis... seriously... hilarious.  Just go to YouTube and watch the trailer!

 4.  Is anyone still watching Dallas?
 Are you team Christopher or team John Ross?

5.  I am getting ready to start some new books.  I was supposed to read these on the trip, but who knew I would not have a lot of time to devote to reading with family time and 2 children to still care for.  Why did I even put them in the bag??
This is the Nora Robers Bride Quartet books.  I am sure that they will be all full of mushy love and make me want to become a wedding planner.  Anyone else picked these up?

 6.  The Wizard of Oz, a classic right?  I adore that movie and love Judy Garland singing every song.  I just saw that this Disney movie is in the works, The Great and Powerful Oz.  It will have James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kuniz, Rachel Weisz.  Will you be watching?

7.  I am getting ready to do some DIY projects at my home.  I will be painting some tables, chairs, an armoire, doing some Venetian plaster on my laundry room walls, and doing a chalkboard wall in my kitchen.  So has anyone done a chalkboard wall in their home?
I just love the idea and I think that the kids will love it!  What do you think??  What kind of things are you working on in your house??

Friday, July 6, 2012

Some days.......

Do you ever feel like this?  Or is it just me?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lawdy Gee at the Thoughts... (11 of them)

This is just gonna be one of those posts that, well, has no topic. In fact, I just have too many topics in my head so onto the blog they go!
1. With my mornings, days, and evenings being filled with my mommy, wifey, and any other duties that I am tackling for the day, I have been finding minutes here and there to READ! Yes, if I ain't sleeping, feeding, washing, cleaning, or loving on my people then I am curled up on the couch (which now has a big deep impression of my boo-tay) reading a book. Over the past few weeks I have read so many great stories, that I thought you may want to go out and grab one for yourself!
In case you are living under a rock and you have not picked up the latest issue of Teen Beat, Zac Efron is starring in this movie coming out this next week. This book, The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks. Yes, Sparks has written yet another tear jerker and I was on board and loving this book the whole time. I will not be the girl that tells you what happened in this book, but I will tell you that I read it in 2 nap times and 1 night before I went to bed! Could-NOT- PUT-It-Down! If you are wanting to read a story about people finding love in an unconventional way... check it out! (and yes, if we are twit or fb friends, you might be aware of my new found celeb crush on Zac. He is H to the O-T, Hot yal!
The next book I read is, The Secret Life of Bees. Honestly, I have had this book for at least 2 years in my closet, but never felt the pull to open it and read it. Well, I am glad I came across it, while looking for a flip flop, cause people.. it is good stuff. I love Miss Lily and found all of the bee facts (above the start of each chapter) interesting. Seriously, it is a great book!
Heaven is for Real (not that I had any doubt), but I found this book very exciting! I am already pretty pumped out about heaven, but to read about a 3 year old boys' account of the most wonderful place ever, the people he saw, and even the things they wore, left me with chills. So glad my sil handed this book over to me last year!
One of my BFF's (that is best friends forever, for those of you that are not up to date on childhood acronyms), Lindsay, called me a few weeks ago and was telling me about this book, My So Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife. Yal, I was so excited to read it just from hearing my friend Lindsay talk about it (she even hand delivered it to me right after our phone call). If you have not picked up your BIBLE lately, Proverbs 31 is the longest proverb ever, telling of the characteristics of what a God loving God fearing, wife, and mother, woman should be. The author tells funny stories about things she did in her own home (from showing kindness to her husband, being the wife with so many millions of things going on that she was still able to have a dinner on the table when her husband came on, to going back to work when her husband was unable to find stable employment. There is even a challenge that you can do in your own home. I did the challenge and could immediately feel a difference in the temperature of my own home! Read it. Love it. Live it yal! Love me some Sara Horn... thank you so much for writing this book!
So, there ya go. I have been on a reading kick!
RIF (another acronym) Reading is Fundamental!
2. Sorry, I did not think that # 1 thought would be so long, but it was. That comment was not part of #2. I am really excited about our dinner tonight. Chicken tacos (outta the crock pot)
Boneless skinless chicken in the crock pot- 4-6 pieces
empty a packet of taco seasoning over chicken
dump a jar o salsa over the chicken and seasoning
crock pot setting 4-6 hours on high
The chicken will be falling apart when you pull it out.
Put it on a tortilla or a taco shell. Add your favorite toppings (cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, onions, jalapenos.... whatev!)
Your Sunday could be a lil bit better if you made Pollo (that means chicken) Crockpoto (that just means crock pot) Taco (this is just taco). Make it. Eat it.. Enjoy it.. Your family will Love it!!
3. My daddy is going to China tomorrow and then Vietnam later in the week. Praying for safe travels for him. Geez, I will miss him! (As I type this, I realize that this should be #1 request, but I am unsure how to place it above pollo crockpoto tacos and books). So imagine it is #1.
4. I am the playgroup coordinator for a group of women from my church. I just realized that I totally FAILED to organize playgroup for last week. Oops! Hopefully, those women and their children got together and played somewhere. Really, I could be the worst event email sender ever! I try. I promise!
5. I have fed my children chicken nuggets way to many times this week. Seriously, if they could talk and have deep conversations with me (which they do babble and stuff, but I don't get it... all of the time), I think that they would throw the nugget plate across the room and then demand a mommy that is more concerned about them having a more well balanced diet that would exclude the nugget of a chicken.
6. Did yal watch Grey's Anatomy last Thursday? Do yal watch Grey's Anatomy anymore? Well, I still watch and am so sicked out by Owen (the chief) who slept with some other woman... really cheated on Christina (the heart thoracic surgeon or is it thoracic heart surgeon). Anyways, really Owen, ya ain't that attractive and you are just making me crazy. Also, I am patiently waiting for McSteamy doc and lil Grey to get back together. So, if the Grey's writer... Shonda something or other could make that happen a wee bit quicker.. I would appreciate it.
7. As of late, I have started watching a MTV show, Awkward. I heart Jenna Hamilton and Matty. Does anyone watch this show. I know that I am way to old to be watching this show and too old to be watching MTV, but it makes me feel young again, and with two toddlers, saggy boobs, and a loss of my young girlish figure, the funny love stories of high school kids makes me laugh!
8. Today, I took both children with me to the Wal-Mart. Hold on... I need a moment. Apart from the crying because Brayden got his finger stuck in the front of the cart, some smashed strawberries underneath Sophia's feet, a cough attack in mid walk (which left me unable to cross my legs) and then caused me to pee my pants, and a 1/2 eaten bag of EL Fudge stripped cookies, I would say that the grocery shopping trip was a near success. Women (and men if you read this blog), sing praises to the women with multiple children in their shopping carts at the store, they probably would appreciate the extra encouragement. Do not stare at them and roll your eyes as if they could be cast an extra in a drive thru town circus. In all of that chaos, I ran into a woman that I had not seen in years, years yal, like when I was younger I just knew for positive that I was gonna marry her son (that obvi did not happen because I met my hunka hunka burnin' love), but I saw her and she just looked the same as I always remember her. She was probably thinking... glad my son didn't hop on that bus! Ha! (I normally hate looking a mess and running into people at the store, but today, I guess all of that went out the winder).
9. Does anyone home school anymore? Is this a thing of the past? I am trying to think of things that I could do with my lil red. We do letters, few numbers, talk about animals, colors, and shapes. Just curious.. does anyone know of a really great curriculum for pre-school/ toddlers? Anyone? Anyone?
10. My list of Things To Do is ever increasing and not a lot of crossing things off of the list. Are you like that? Well, my projects include: paint laundry room (Aron wants red, but I am not loving that idea), paint bathroom cabinets and the walls, make my backyard look like something P.Allen has had his gardening gloves all over, paint bedroom, when the funds allow it find a new comforter (our other one wreeks of 2006, and has a few stains that could be old baby spit up or spilled coca cola, and with its last wash has come undone on two corners.. it's a mess!), then paint my kitchen cabinets!! Did I mention there are 29 cabinet doors and 13 cabinet drawers that are in my kitchen! That's a lotta work, but I am a woman with big dreams of a kitchen with the most beautiful painted and distressed looking cabinets ya ever could see!
11. Lil Red has fallen asleep on my lap as I type out #11. She smells like soap and pepperidge farm cheddar goldfish. I really do love her!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deep Thoughts (15 of them)

I am just purging a few of my many thoughts, 15 of them to be exact, that have been bouncing around in my head today. They are not deep at all, so if you are expecting something BIG that will solve world hunger, offer any insight into global warming, or any ideas on who would be the best selection for the Republican nomination... then this is the wrong blog post for you!!
1. I love a good Nicholas Cage movie. One of my favorites is when he plays Cameron Poe in Conair. Such a classic. I love to talk like that character, I sound like a nut, but I think that it is funny. It makes my husband laugh, but I don't think that he is laughing with me just at me.
2. My child played in bird bath water today, and since I am such a crazy germ phobe mother I have been stressing all day that she is going to get some bird virus (I am sure that I will have a dream that she changes into a blue jay in the middle of the night)
3. The Arkansas Lottery is up to 290 million dollars. What? We have been playing for the past 2 weeks, and still... no lotto win. Sad. Sad that we are wasting our money on the lottery, but it is so fun to buy a ticket and think what if we won. What would you do if you won the lottery?
4. The weather in NWA is getting warmer and warmer by the day. Thus a reminder that at some point this year I will have to hang up my blue jeans, put on a pair of shorts, and shave my legs. All things that I do not want to take part of but the shaving part may make my husband a wee bit happier.
5. I am really excited to get my hair done tomorrow, but I fear I will chicken out and just do the same thing over again. Why am I such a change-aphobe!
6. I was watching Sophia play on the playground today and a little boy bullied her. It made me very upset. Really, bullying my baby! She is the sweetest girl ever, and I just hated to see it. How should I have even reacted.
7. I had a dream again (I have had it many times) that I failed a college class, and when I tried to drop the class I had already failed 3 others. What does this dream mean????
8. There was a snake sighting in my backyard yesterday, a small snake, but a snake none the less. It makes me wonder.... where is the mother? If I was a momma snake I would not let my baby snake very far from my side. Just saying.
9. My husband has come into this room about 10 times to see when I am coming to bed. Geez, he is almost as bad as one of our small children. The last time he came out with a cowboy hat on. I am deathly afraid to even think about what that means. All I could do was laugh and tell him to leave me alone!
10. I made a killer taco recipe. I am going to give it out, but I expect at least 1 person out of the 10s of people that read this crazy list to actually cook it tomorrow. You will not regret it, you may have heart burn, but you will not regret it. Good stuff yal.
cook up your hamburger meat in a skillet, add your seasoning after meat is browned, add 1/2 cup of water, add a can of original rotel, and then about 1/2 or more of a small brick a velvetta. Cheesy taco friends. Live it. Love it. Eat it. Enjoy it.
11. I watched the season finale of the Duggars, 19 kids and Counting. Do yal watch them? I love their family and their show. I love what they are about, and the fact that they have many children is nothing I am gonna get my knickers in a bunch about. Tonights episode was just heartbreaking, but their thoughts and how they expressed their feelings, and really talked about God and how he giveth and he can taketh was just amazing. I love having a show on television that a family can watch and really be exposed to a christian loving faith family. They are so transparent and I love that they are using that faith and it is able to reach so many. What an amazing ministry.
12. I am wearing my old school retainers right now. Umm, I have not had braces since the 90's folks, but my teeth are still moving and my retainer still works. Tidbit of info, I only wear it when Aron is asleep (I don't want him to see me looking cray cray)! Honestly, for the first few months we were married, I would get up an hour before he would wake, shower, do my hair and make up. I wanted him to just think that I look like that all of the time. I am sure he still wishes he were married to that girl. She was so put together, but that girl was tired and just wanted to sleep in too! She was not happy!
13. Yesterday, I was playing with Sophia and I told her that I am a mommy. She looked at me and stated (very matter a factly, is that what you say?) and said, " your not a mommy your a hippo-potta-pus". Thus, reaffirming that I should be on a diet.
14. I made the Pioneer Woman's chicken pot pie for dinner last night. It was okay, but it was not the best. All I could think while I was eating it was this is chicken pot poo. So sad, all that effort, it made so much, and no one ate seconds. So sad about it, I even left a comment for Ree (I call her by her 1st name, because I obviously think that we are BFF) telling her that she needs to come to B-town and show me how to cook (properly, amazingly, yummingly- are those even words?) I wonder if she reads her comments? I hope I win the IPAD, that is what I could win if I left a comment people.
15. I really don't want Ree to come to B-town, I would probably then have to clean my house (real clean, not spot clean!)
Bonus thought: I love the name Elin for a girl. E-lynn, would be the pronunciation. Just writing my thoughts, I do not want to forget that name in case it is ever needed in the future.
I feel much better now that I have rambled.
Peace Out!