Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Help, I've fallen.... and I can't get up!!

Do y'all remember that commercial? That little ole blue haired lady falling in her kitchen and the only thing that was able to save her was the alert necklace around her neck! Well, that was me, without the alert necklace, yesterday!  I know, it is always something.  One day I'm blue and then the next day I am trippin' over my feet.
Yesterday afternoon, I took a late lunch and picked up my little sister from school.  I dropped her off at momma n'ems house and was able to chat a bit and see my babies before I returned to work (honestly, this is some of my most favorite moments of the day).  We were sitting outside, the kids were running around, and I noticed that Red had stripped herself of her coat.  I'm thinking o-no she di'nt, and I tell her ya gotta put on your coat or we are going inside.  It was a little windy outside and all last week the kids had been sick with a cough, runny nose, and ear infections (I do not want to revisit any of that anytime soon....not many things gross me out, but snot kinda makes me wanna yak).  Back to the story, I tell her again, put on your coat.  Red replies with a quick, "no".  I'm thinking, sweet Jesus, why does she wanna test me, in front of my mother, her grandmother!  I tell her again, more of a stern voice, and still the child refuses.  So, then I tell her I'm going to count to 3.  Why, I do this I am not sure.  Counting to 3 does not really effect or scare my people in any sort of way, sometimes Brayden just counts with me, I guess he thinks I am not sure of my counting so he helps me and sometimes tries to do it faster to say that he wins... but whatev. 
So, I count.
She does nothing.
So, her Honey stands up and says lets just go in then and it is time for a nap.
But no, momma knows best..... I want her to pick up her coat and put it on!
So, I tell her I am going to get the spanking spoon.  (Alright, please do not think I am beating my babies, half of the time they laugh when they get a spankin'.  So, if you are reporting me to scan or are going to leave me a "anonymous" comment, please do not, ain't nobody got time for that!
So, I go and get the spoon (which is really a spatula) and start walking out of the house tellin' her she is gettin' a whoopin', and then it happens I missed the step walking out of the house and fall.  That is right, I am thinking I have broken my ankle.  A crazy amount of pain goes through my foot and my calf, it is unreal!  So painful, not child birth painful but it is pain!
Well, with me in the pain, momma and Katie holding me up, who decides she will pick up her coat and go inside (with her nose in the air, almost like a humpf)... yes, my Red.
I guess, momma (me) did not know best.  My momma on the other hand, may have known best when she said let's just go inside and take a nap..... why did I not listen to her?
I am crying and hurting and then I realize in all of my pain that I have peed my pants (yes, it happens when I have an unexpected painful falls), who knew?  Seriously, this issue is gettin' a little bit ridic!  Young girls, stay in school, meet a nice boy, get married, do your keegles, then have those babies!  Since I forgo those silly exercises I now pay the price! (male friends if you are still reading, so sorry but I speak the truth, don't look at me any differently).
After a few hours and a pain pill the soreness of the ankle was easing up.  My parents had an old pair of crutches that they let me use, and that is how I am getting around now.  Let me just say, crutches are not awesome.  If you have no upper body strength then look out!  As I was beginning my hobbly walk, one of the crutches flew out from under me..... and I fell on the foot again!  Eek, ouch, it did not feel good.  I think I did a great job of keepin' it Christian, I just howled like a hurt wolf and whined like a little baby!
Since the 2nd fall, I am getting a little bit better with the crutches.  I have some bruising under my arms and against my ribs, and then a little bit of uncomfortableness in the armpits (I know, nothing like armpit pain, just realizing what a gross word armpit is, it sounds very gross).  Anyways, my muscles are sore, like work out sore!  I have a feeling while using these crutches I will have super ripped guns, LOOK-OUT, I may have Demi Moore (circa G.I. JANE) arms very soon, which will be perfect for tank top season!  Bonus!
Well, today I went to the doctor and had some ex rays done, and I do not have a broken ankle (PTL, that is Praise the Lord), but I do have a very bad sprain. 
It is as if I do not even have an ankle.  Just a mess!
 Hopefully, over the next few weeks I will be good as new.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back in my TV line up...

This morning on GMA, I was very excited to catch a breaking story (ha), Dancing With the Stars is on their 18th season and they were introducing their new cast.
Now, I used to be really into this show.  I loved to watch it and then on commercial breaks I would call my MamMaw and we would discuss how the dancers just did and who would be kicked off.  Now, as the seasons have gone on, I have kind of fallen off of the dancin wagon, but with this new season, I will be watching for some of the following dancin' stars!
Hello, Candace Cameron Bure...

oh, I'm sorry... Donna Jo Tanner!!
I know!  Totally pumped!  I have loved Candace Cameron ever since her days as DJ on Full House and then she played the Lifetime movie...
with Fred Savage, and he was her boyfriend (who was a high school wrestler and beat her up)...he was such a butthead on that show, No One Would Tell.... Anyone?  Anyone?  Surely, I was not the only person that watched it?  Maybe so?

Ahhh, but he is the great connector to the next star.....
wait for it....
Yes!  Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years.... Danica McKellar
Girl friend, grew up and is some kind of math genius and now a dancing star.
Speaking of star......
Star Wars....
Billy Dee Williams (he is on the right) played Lando, he is sucked into Vader's web and betrays his buddy Han Solo and turns him over to Bobo Fett (the bounty hunter), and then he realizes he was wrong when Chewy and Leia were taken prisoner as well.  In the end, he does the right thing and promises he will find Han.  (Wha?  I feel like I have lost some of you out there.  Too much?  I cannot help it, I love Star Wars, it was a hot show back in the day)
Speakin' of hot, how about one of the ladies from Hot-lanta!  Thats right, NeNe Leakes from Bravos show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  She will be enjoyable to watch...
I just pray for the judges, they could may be found swimming with the fishes if she gets below a 7!  (not really, just trying to have a good line leading up to the next star who really does swim with fishes...... (like all of the way from Cuba to Florida).
Diana Nyad
Seriously... I... Would... Drown!
I could not swim that far, unless the Price was Right....(get it)
Next up, Drew Carey, he is the host of the Price is Right!
There are others on the show, 2 singers, and 2 others are recent Olympic athletes.
These two won the Gold for ice dancing..
Amy Purdy (double-amputee snowboarding champ)
That is pretty awesome!
So, will anyone else be watching this season?
I'm callin it.....
Candace Cameron Bure

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

and..... another snow day!

Last night, I saw all of the Facebook posts updating me on the latest school closings.  Guess what, B-town was on it again.  If B-town closes then our child care is closed (womp...womp), not really.  I secretly enjoy these extra moments with the littles.  It is nice to every now and again, roll out of bed, take a shower, and sit on the couch and watch 2 hours of Disney Jr (don't judge).

Photo: I think this sums up everyone's outlook on the Wintry Weather & all the locals with school-aged children out again tomorrow! Just think of the variety of liquids you can put in a coffee cup!!
Thank you Cheryl Wright for the awesome picture I snagged from your FB!
Just kidding, that really does not happen on these snow days (I do not have that many wrinkles).  Today we have been busy.  We feasted on powdered donuts and waffles, then gathered around the computer for some Starfall sing along songs..... enjoy....
your welcome.
(Also,I do not know why it is on it's side, so you are very welcome!)
Then, I spent the next 30 minutes or so looking for clothes to layer on the kids.  We have been watching Frozen on ITunes for a whole day now

 so the big thing on our to do list is......
building a snowman???
So, I aim to please.
Let me just say, getting other people (little people) and yourself dressed to play outside in 20 degree weather, not fun.  You have to get yourself dressed first, because heaven forbid you dress the tots and them make them wait for a few minutes while your throw on 4 pair of leggings and sweats, and find at least one pair of matching gloves.  So, I get clothes out, hats, scarves, socks, shoes, coats, and dress these people.  I get Red dressed, then I go to the Bear.  Ten minutes in to the Bear being dressed and acting like dead weight as I pile on the clothes (every shirt I put on him he got weaker and weaker.... clothes to my children are like kryptonite to Superman, they don't mix, we enjoy necked Tuesday (necked is naked to anyone not in the south).
So, he is almost dressed and guess who has to pee.....
Well, I'll let you know it wasn't me and it wasn't the Bear.
It's always something!
Anyways, finally they are ready, I am already dressed (remember I had to get dressed first), and please note I am a sweaty mess.  Red even said my head was raining, thanks sister.
So, I have them at the door to get out, then I realize.... umm, I need a picture.
Yes, I am that mother that documents everything these people do...

Poor babies, they had on so many layers that they would not even bend very well, and ignore that Red has on "blue" gloves, I had to listen to her cry about how blue is the worst color ever, no one wears blue but Brayden, I am mean... you get it?
We go out, and had so much fun!  The getting ready, not so much, but the fun times with my babies..... priceless.
I love to hear their shrieks of excitement when they throw the snow, or lay down in it, or laugh when they try to eat it (but their coats were in the way of their tiny mouths so it just did not work very well)

We played for an hour or so, and then came in.  I now have 4 new loads of laundry to do!
I made a healthy lunch of Totino's frozen pizza, cheese sticks, and powdered donuts (wha?  they expire tomorrow, so I'm pushin the donuts).  Of course, the birds ate nothing!
A few minutes later, we snuggled in my bed while I answered emails.
I turned on my phone so we could hear Elsa sing.... Let It Go, and after that song....
Red was out.

So, peaceful.  I love my girl so very much.  It sometimes takes my breath away.
Then, my guy was asleep a few minutes later....
He has stolen my heart with his sweet cheeks and perfect shaped mouth.

I will just say, some of you may not enjoy these days locked up with the littles..... but I am just soaking them in.  It won't be like this forever.
Also, I know that many of you are probably over the Let It Go song from Frozen, but Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Idina have a new version.... I really do enjoy it (and just an FYI, I thought that she sang beautifully at the Oscar's the other night)!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

I never thought I'd be saying this.....

This past week, I called Aron just to check in and see how his day was going. A few minutes into our conversation I found myself saying something that I have never uttered in all of my married life..... "honey, let's go camping".
I'm going to let that sink in for the people that know me.
Still sinking in, huh.
Sometimes, I just get a crazy idea. This week, it was completely brought on by my work. I had been going to a lot of stores, looking a products for hiking, tailgating, and camping, checking out websites, and reading all of these blogs and seeing the fun stuff that people think are the best things eva! It got me very excited about the thought of being outdoors, and I just cannot wait to go camping!
I have even started thinking of all of the things that we will need.....
1. tent
yes, a tent. We have friends that have campers and such, but we are getting a tent. (Aron wants a camper, this could possibly change). Tents have come a long way baby.
and then, I saw this tent at Sam's Club. Hello a monster size tent with a 60 second set up??
I feel I must have it. Look at how happy these campers are setting it up. Could it possibly be this easy and fabulous?
We shall see if Aron and I are anything like this!
2. food
3. coolers
4. mattress
5. sleeping bags or blankets
6. cook wear
7. can opener
8. toilet paper
9. toothbrush and paste
10. antibacterial soap
11. baby wipes
12. deodorant (wha? just cause I'm in nature don't mean I wanna smell like it)
13. cell phone (hello, haven't you seen any camper slasher movies?)
14. paper plates, napkins, cups, dishes (of the paper nature)
15. matches
16. marshmallows
17. sticks for 16
18. kid potty
19. plenty of coca cola
20. pillow
21. bikes
Ummm. I do not have a bike.
22. camping chairs (of the Kijaro version, gotta represent!)
Now that I start to think about all of the things to get I am thinking that the car is going to be a little cramped! Ha!
So, are you a camping mama? Are you a camper or a glamper? Do you take your littles on your big adventures? I am so excited about ours, the kids, and my husband are just going to love it!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's the weekend....

I must say, this weekend has been a bit more low key than the last.  The kids and I have been out and about with Moss and Uncle David.  We were treated to lunch at a local hot spot, The Station, and then a walk on the square.  I must say, my moments with this bunch are memorable.
This is my Moss (grandmother).  I love that she loves a good hair bow!  (Family, please do not be concerned that she is wearing hair bows in public, I mean in this photo she is wearing a hair bow in public, but Sophia had placed it on the table, therefore the bow was fair game).
 After lunch Sophia took a spin in the little ole truck on our local square.  It is a tiny tot size replica of Sam Walton's ole truck.  Wha?  Who is Sam Walton?  Hello, he is B-town royalty!  He is the founder of a little store, maybe you have heard of it, Wal-Mart.
Anyway, here is Red in the truck.

 We checked out the 5&10 store.  Our big purchases were big lips.....
 It looks as if I am trying to be seductive, but I was not.  Sophia refused to smile (I wanted to pose with the lips)  She was not impressed so I am making a sad face as well.
Other purchases included a package of army men (Brayden is in heaven)
 a wind up walking chicken, a Easter egg pen, and the clapping monkey.  This brought us much fun!  The kids really enjoy putting smaller toys in between the monkeys cymbals and then saying,  "ouch" like the thing is hurt.
 Oh, our Moss spoils us!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some days turkeys and some days lurkeys....

Sorry about the title, but I was trying to make it rhyme, and honestly it just wasn't happening, thus turkeys and my new word "lurkey".  A "lurkey" is person that is caught lurking around a place where turkeys sometimes roam.  Yes, lurkey.  I am thinking of submitting it to Webster for his dictionary.
I'm just gonna put it out there, the Foresee fam has had an eventful weekend.  What has made it even more exciting is that the events came to us, we need not even leave our street!
This morning, started like any other morning, we get up, make milks, change a diaper, and discuss how many times and what times the wee ones got up during the night.  (Why do we do this every morning, I do not know, but we do).  So, we are a movin' and a shakin' through the house.  Aron and the kids go back to Sophia's room, he opens the blinds, and what does he see but a lurker/ lurkey.  Aron hollered for me to come and check out this guy who was outside running in the yard, checking his phone, darting to the end of the street (as if looking for a ride), talking (coulda been singing to himself), and then (as if y'all needed more unusual behavior information) the lurkey started hiding.  Ummm, humm.  He was hiding.  Peeking around our neighbors fence, and hiding out.  Did I mention it was 8 o'clock in the morning (and he was not playing hide n go seek with the neighbor kids, because he was over the hide n seek age of 12, he looked 18-late 20s, and he had no coat).  His behavior was so strange.  We all sat in the window and watched this fishy behavior for about 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes this went on!  Aron and I were thinking maybe we were witnessing a future episode of 48 Hours Mystery.  We would be interviewed because we helped solve the case.  I even recorded the strangeness.  Yes, I am that nosy neighbor, whatev.  Hello, danger stranger!
Anyways, my big, brave, strapping defender husband decided to take one for the team and "go open our garage door" to see what lurkey would do with human contact.  So, lurkey guy noticed the door open and Aron was in the garage (standing out of sight), and then lurkey went and hid behind the fence again.  Wierdo Vierdo!
Aron then decided this guy was up to no good and called the police.  Y'all, it was only 8:40 and we are calling the 5-0!  Can you believe it, never a dull moment!  Lurkey was hiding still, and we could see the police cars (not one, not two, but three cars) coming down the street!  Really, 3 cars?!
They were turning around the corner, and right at that moment Lurkey stood up to walk from behind the fence saw the police and just walked right up to the cars.  It was the strangest scene ever!  They talked for a few minutes, we witnessed a pat down (had my children been older I woulda been all, this is what happens if you don't eat your vegtables or this is what happens if you don't stay in school (they woulda never gotten that though), but it was just as if we were sitting on the couch watchin' an episode of COPS).  Then the guy willingly got into the car, like it was his momma picking him up from school or something.  "Oh, hello suspicious character!  How was your day dear.  Get in the automobile, do you wanna get a slushy from Sonic?"
There ya have it.  Some days it's turkeys, some days it's lurkeys!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why'd the turkey cross the road??

What a day! 
The weather in the NWA has been beautiful today, and we have spent it outside!!
The day started early (because our children are not big fans of sleeping and their internal alarms are set from anywhere in between 2 am to 7).  Anyways, 640 came very early this morning.  I had no desire to move out of the bed.  We had both children in the room asking for milk, a cartoon, a doughnut, and all I could do was lay there and play dead.  Yes, that is right, I just laid there and thought if they saw no movement that they would keep on going looking for another life form.  Too bad, their father has me beat!  So, the morning was filled with laundry, My Little Ponies, and doughnuts with a side of bacon (two of my most favorite food groups).  We spoke with G and Honey (the grandparents) and they invited us to meet them for lunch at Abuelos.  We said no, that is a lie, I had the kids socked in shoes within minutes and out of the door (wha?  chips and salsa are two of my other favorite food groups).  The lunch company was so nice, I love any time that I can spend with my parents, I really do like them a lot.  Our conversation was all about summer vacation at the beach.  I cannot think of anything I would rather do than talk about the time I will be spending in swimwear while stuffing my face with chips! Ha!  After lunch the cheetah babies and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  There was a lot of shrieking, 101 questions of why cant we have this and that and is that a boy?, and jumping in and out of the cart.  (I could not get out of there fast enough).  A nice little lady even stopped me to say, "they grow up so fast, treasure these moments".  Really?  Did she not see the sweat pouring off of my face?  Just kidding nice lady, I do treasure these moments when my tiny tots act like nut jobs, I figure they are just getting me ready for their teenage years.
So next up was a quick stop at the Sonic, I even purchased their kids their very first Sonic slushy.  I went with strawberry, I thought that would be a safe drink seeing as how they love strawberries.  I was wrong.  You would have thought I was trying to poison them!  Brayden was gagging, and Sophia said that it smelled.  Ummm, okay.  Needless to say I am sipping on a Rt 44 Vanilla Coke and 2 slushies (I will be up all night fo sho)!
When we got home Aron was finally home (he is on call this weekend and has been in and out with all of the wind causing power to go in and out).  He was home and ready to go outside and play.
The kids colored, tried to hula hoop,
 and played baseball. 
Aron and Brayden had so much fun, I think we might have a ball player on our hands.
Every time Brayden would hit the ball, he would say, "thank you, thank you!"  Crack... Me... Up!
Aron and Brayden went in the house after awhile, and Sophia and I were still outside when we heard a buncha gobblin'.  I was very confused (not alarmed), I just thought maybe Aron and Brayden were playing with his turkey call.  (Aron has a passion for hunting turkeys).  The gobbling went on and on and on.  Then all of a sudden Aron starts yelling then running while holding Brayden in his arms.  Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!
That is right, my man was just walking around the yard with two of our newest friends.....

Y'all, these turkeys walked all around the neighborhood with the Foresee fam in tow.  The kids would just call them and tell them to come here, it was too funny!
I love this picture, we were trying to get the turkeys to walk back to this wooded area by our house, and here I am with these 2 gobblers looking at me.
All I could think about was that show, When Animals Attack!  Seriously, what was I going to do if they charged me?
1.  pee my pants
2.  fall of the ground and play dead
It was a scary moment.
We followed them all around the neighborhood for a good 30 minutes and they finally retreated back to the woods.
Ya never know what is going to go down at the Foresee home, I felt like I was in that movie, We Bought a Zoo, only we did not really have zoo, or all of those zoo animals just turkeys and Chip the dog.
Hope your Saturday is as exciting as ours!