Sunday, March 4, 2018

I Can't Sleep....

Ever since my encounter.... with the possible anaconda, I have been sitting in the living room with my knees pulled up to my bubbies.  I just cannot go back into my bathroom, like ever.  I have been Zillow searching since 830 (as if anyone in the Btown is anxious to move into the snake pit in which we inhabit)!  Ugh... of all of the things to show up.
Oh... are we not friends on the Facebook?  Okay, let me set this up for the 10s of you reading tonight!
I am just gonna lay it out there for ya... it has been a nice day in the house of Foresee.  We took my Moss (that means grandmother in the land of Curry... my people) to church.  It was a nice sermon, we had communion, man friend stole the juice cup (only because he did not know what to do with it... yes, frans... he got a souvie at the Methodist Church.... I am so obsessed with him because he is funny)!  Seriously though, he whipped it out of his pocket at the Harps like, what am I supposed to do with this.  I just stood there in the chip aisle with a judgey face... you just stole from the church (picture that being said in a kinda higher pitch voice and me all bug eyed)!  He was so upset after I told him he was supposed to put it on the back of the pew (where you find the pencil, hymnal, and extra offering envelope)... poor kid, he was so concerned about the kids trying to pass the plate of bread and juice that he just drank and pocketed his lil glass.
Anyways, so we pick up a few necessary items to make a sandwich... you know, the bread, lettuce, turkey, a tomatoe, Cheetos, get home and start to make the sandwiches but we forgot the fa-reeking bread!  Slap-my-head!  That was the whole point of the store stop, because the bread we have expired last week, but we still keep it on the counter... why, I am not sure, but we do!  Well, I ate my sandwich on the expired bread, even almost finished it until my bite had a bit of green on it (great- I ate mold).  Ah-mazing! (Insert smirking emoji face)
Well, the day was getting ready to improve, because we started delivering some of the 201 boxes of Girl Scout cookies all over town!  If you are reading this and we owe you cookies, please do not worry, we will be contacting you soon... very soon!  After nearly 2 hours of driving, cookie sortin' in the car, and delivery we decided it was best to go home.  We were getting a little restless, the kids started complaining about thirst and hunger (don't worry, I let them drink from man friends water bottle... I am sure they will all have the strep throat by the week end), and honestly I just could not make any more change from my coin purse!  People are not fans of checks anymore and all they have are $20s and $50s!  I felt so bad, I actually handed a lady 2 dollars in dimes and nickles that I scraped from the bottom of my purse (2 of them as I was counting them out had a strange sticky gummy substance with a hair attached.... I dry heaved a bit (in my head) and she just took the 20 cents!  Ha!
Back to the day, we get home, it is dinner, so I am rushing around trying to fix food, wash clothes, and clean up pee (the pupply likes to be walked but really only likes to pee in front of my laundry room... ick)!  So, I am in a rush, trying to make some amazing meals, stepped in pee (and I normally always wear shoes... fear of the dreaded pee step) but today I was in socks... and I hate wet socks!  Of course, I took it out on man friend!  I know, I know, he did not do anything!  I am just a crazy person!  He was even doing his best to distract the kids with playing basketball!  Ugh, if I could just go back in time and make the 5 o'clock hour a happier time, I would!  Tomorrow will be better!
So, we eat, we are watching tv- I am completely enthralled with this Billy Graham special, and I am having a come to Jesus moment, because the man is just powerful with his speaking... and it is a commercial break and I walk into my bedroom (to see my children and man friend completely relaxed), I put on my sweatpants and begin walking to the bathroom.... and I notice a brown shoestring on the bathroom floor.  Hummmmm, that is a strange shoestring that is brown and not even in a shoe.  Huuuuuummmmmm, maybe it is not a string but a long piece of brown grass.  (These are the thoughts I am thinking to myself).
Well.... since it is obvi a shoestring or a oddly placed piece of grass, I take a step closer to the door, and the fa-reeking shoestring picks up his head and looks at me and smiles!!!
I... DIE!
I know what you are thinking... that is an incredibly good picture of the shoestring/ snake.  You should be a animal photographer.... well friends, I just got this off the internets, but this is what the snake looks like in my memory!
It was the size of an anaconda/ pixie stix and it had yellow demon eyes... they glowed like yellow demon eyes.  I think you get the picture.
So, I take a step back and y'all know I peed my pants... because this girl cannot move quick or see a snake without the loss of bladder control... 
I yell like a crazy person.... it's a snake... it's a snake!  I am even jumping a bit, which is something I have been unable to do for months (since my time on Broke Leg Mountain), and I am def feeling the pain as I sit scrunched up in this chair... going on 3.5 hours.... ugh I so need to pee)!
The snake even looked at me and waved... like a jerky snake that has been lounging about my house all day!  #SoundsCrazy #SinceSnakesDontHaveArms #ButThisOneWasDifferent #ItWavedAndSmirked
The kids and the man friend jump up... because well, I yelled snake.  The man gets closer... that's right he and the snake were eye to eye... I am pushing the kids back because hello, the reach of an anaconda is like a lot... oh, yeah, and I am holding the dog back (since he is prone to panic attacks and I just could not get him all upset too)!
My guy, my BIG brave guy, steps back thinking what on earth will I do to protect my family (these were probably not his thoughts, these are the thoughts that I am thinking that he would be thinking... 9 times out of 10 I have no idea what he is thinking, but I bet that is it).  Well, Big Brave (this would be his Indian name... for sure) steps back and picks up......wait for it..... a white t-shirt.
A white t-shirt?
I know what you are thinking.....
Is he going to wave the white shirt like it is a flag saying we give up.. we surrender?
Is he getting dressed to leave?
Is he going to now start putting away laundry??
I...Don't... Know....
Then, he grabs his tenny pump (aka tennis shoe, but if you grew up with my mother or her mother, you might call a tennis shoe a tenny pump... I digress).
Next thing I know, he throws the shirt over the snake.
Then he just starts trying to smush the thing.
Okay, all you animal lovers that are gonna start un-friending me or leaving mean comments on the blog... welp, g'on ahead and do that, we will see what you do when you are staring down the eyeballs of an anaconda in your bathroom.
Anyways, my hero, killed the beast.
I had already saved the children and dogs, pushed us all in the living room, and decided I hadn't heard the slamming of a shoe in a few.  I opened the door and saw the snake still a squiggling... ugh, it still gives me chills.
My hero pushes past me (not in an aggressive way where I would ever call the 5-0, just in a way where he was getting stuff done and I was in his path.  He comes around the corner with a roll of Bounty paper towels.
Yes, y'all, the thicker-quicker-picker upper!
He picked up that snake like it was a piece of poop y'all!
he is not gonna like that I posted this picture... but honey, it is okay, only like 10 people will even see it

I have never seen anything like it before in my whole entire life.
So.... there ya have it.  This is my Sunday, and I just cannot wait to see what Monday brings.  If it brings another anaconda..... me and the fam are moving to my parents!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How am I living...

I am sure the 10s of readers are thinking.... whoa, it has been a while!  Where has this chick been?  Well friends, I have been mommin' around, workin' a bit, dealin' with my sick people (on and off with flu and strep... then back to strep again, puppy pee cleanin', homework helpin' kinda stuff, Pinterest searchin' for a recipe that only myself and the man friend will eat, cookin' that recipe, and then I sleep, and repeat!  Same stuff just a different day and I am always trying to do it a little bit better with a bit more kindness and patience (it is normally a HUGE fail, but ehhh, I try).  I have been feeling a bit stressed, tired, cranky, a bit premenstrual (but who am I kidding... I can only use that excuse for a few days... not a few months), grumpy, my replies are sometimes not so sweet, and I have just not been the best version of myself.  I have been feeling a bit cringey... fo real, like if I watched the movie reel of my life over the past few weeks and how I speak to the ones I love most I would probably want to crawl under a rock (and not come out...ever).  I am sure no one else has ever felt this way... and I am alone in having these thoughts... no need to comment if I am, I'm a work in progress.

A few days ago, I got an email from our church.  We get daily emails about people having a baby, any events that are happening, prayer requests... ya know, stuff to keep you on the up and up.  Well, last week, we received an email about a lady in our church who was taken to the hospital because her mother could not wake her.  The next day, the lady passed away.

Just like that.  Unexpected.

Today, I went to her celebration of life, and as I was sitting listening to one of the songs being sung, I started looking at her family sitting on the front row.  As I was sitting there thinking... how on earth am I so close to the family right now, as it seemed like such an intrusion of their private moment listening to, I Can Only Imagine.  I could see the sadness of her mother, her sweet daughter on the end of the row, the lady's brother and his family... and so many other family members.  The pews in the church were filled with people whose lives she had impacted in some way.  She possibly taught their children in Sunday school, crocheted with them in a Dorcas group, or even worked with them at a previous job.  She devoted her full time to care for her daughter who has multiple health struggles and her family. She kind of seemed like the woman that if she ever had a bad day, that she would never have let on about it (coulda learned a thing or 12 from her).  I sat there thinking of one of the last times I saw her, pushing her daughter in a wheelchair with her mother walking along side of her, after a Sunday morning church service.  I always admired her, thinking it would have been so easy for her to throw in the towel, just stay at home and not bring her people to church, just stay in bed, but each Sunday she was there with her mother and daughter on the 2nd row.  I wake up most Sunday mornings, thinking... oh, I only have 40 minutes to get everyone ready, we will just stay at home. Anyways, I remember thinking how I had wanted to say hello to the three of them as they left the sanctuary, but I was too consumed with telling my children that they had to go to Sunday school... and trying to avoid a huge crying fit.  Needless to say, I did not get to say hello to her that day, and the opportunity did not prevent itself again.  You never think today might be the last day I ever see "that person" again, but it just might be.

I have been thinking of all of the opportunities that I have missed out on to speak someone when I see them at Wal-Mart, but dart down a different row to avoid them because I am in a hurry!  Or, how I should call a long lost friend or even call a friend back in a timely manner!  Or when I see that someone is having a bad day and I do not stop to check on them to ask if all is okay or offer them a kind word.  Missed opportunities to connect with someone.

I wish I was not always so consumed with my list of things to do, places to be, my need to be on time, worrying about things that really do not matter... and I wish I was just able to focus on what is most important.  Those things that are most important to me are people... my people, loving people well, and being a blessing to others.

I have been thinking about if I were to pass away tomorrow, next week, a year from now... how would I be remembered?
Would Aron know that I really love him more than anything?
Do my children know that if I get on to them, that it really makes me more sad than it makes them... seriously, I hate to be the bad guy.  I think they are two of the best things in my day.
How would they remember me?
How would others remember me?
What is the impact that I am having on their life?
Am I adding to someone's life?  Am I a blessing to others?

The other day, I was telling Aron how when I broke my leg and was sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I had so many people reaching out to me... daily... offering encouraging words, checking in, giving me their time, cooking, cleaning, true servants heart people.  I mentioned how I should really be showing that same love to someone else.  Am I paying it forward to someone else that is in need?  

I know it is February... heck the month is nearly over.  January was the month of resolutions (whomp, whomp... I did not make one), today is February 21st, and tomorrow will be a new beginning for me, starting fresh.  I want to resolute to invest in people... my husband, my family, my friendships... real friendships, being an encourager for others, a listener.  I do not want to have anymore missed opportunities... life is too short.

So, that is how I'm living.... how about you?  Is there something you are not doing today, that you want to be doing tomorrow?  How do you want to be remembered?

I probably won't post this... it is too deep for a Wednesday.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pass the Germ X...

Seriously, 10s of friends (mostly family) reading... pass the germ x on ova!  We are starting off yet another week of someone being diagnosed with the flu!  #EwwwweTheFluuuuu
I just don't even know what to do at this point.  Do I just start re-wiping down everything in the house that has been breathed on, touched, licked, pushed, sat on... (I think ya catch my drift), or do I just burn the house down and start over?  I know, I think the house burning seems a bit easier (completely messed up, but totally easier).
Yes, anyways, my Red started this past weekend with high fevers and really that is all... after a quick trip (okay, hour + trip to the weekend clinic) she was diagnosed with the flu.  I think the hardest part of her whole sickness was finding a local store that has Tamiflu in stock... and then cleaning the vomit up from the Tamiflu.  We were kinda touch and go there for a bit, I mean seeing that yak on the floor ($200.00 yak... that is what I had to pay to get the prescription) made me sick #DollaDollaBillsYall
After a few days of rest (which happened to be during snow days) she was well and able to go back to school!  It was awesome, she did not even miss a day!  Boom!
The rest of the week was busy, getting back into the groove of things and then planning Brays birthday party.  It was just going to be a small gathering of some of his buddies at our house, playing whatever boys like to do and then throw in a bit of cake... and it would have been a playdate success!  The cake was ordered, the party favors were made, even Ninja Turtle masks had been unwrapped.  Our Saturday was spent cleaning a bit, and watching our Razorbacks play basketball!  We were lucky enough to receive 4 tickets and the game was so great (we won)!  After the game, I was very excited because we were headed out to dinner to celebrate one of my girlfriends, Erin!  We get to dinner, all is good, the queso is flowin' (right into my mouth), and I look over at Bray and I just see glazey eyes and he looks almost asleep.  Needless to say... we got our food to go.  Whomp.... whomp!
As we got in the car, I just knew it was the flu.  We got home, he had a fever, and the rest is history!  After a 2 hour visit to the clinic this morning, we received our 2nd flu diagnosis.
It was sad, because we had to cancel Bray's birthday party, but not all bad, because there was cake!  All things are better with cake!
Here it is 1030 at night and I am blogging.  When the kids are sick, for some reason it kind of makes me not sleep so well.  I am constantly going back to their rooms to feel foreheads and give medicines, my brain just feels like it cannot shut down.  I thought the blogging might help.
I should probably just get up and go wipe down some surfaces, since all of my people and furry friends are asleep!  Tackling that while they are awake is kind of pointless, I feel like they are all following me touching everything I touch!
Times like this makes me think that maybe I should have gotten that old flu shot, or at least made my little people get one!  I don't get them, because I do not get the flu (even though I got the flu last year), but maybe I should look into this!  What was I thinking??
Do you get the flu shot?  Am I the only one not getting these or not making their children get one?  This may be a complete "mom fail" on my part.  Lesson learned.
Well, just wanted to share a quick update on what is happenin' at la casa de Foresee.  I hear coughing and some movement in the hallway.  It is either a intruder or a small child that wants to come and get in between me and the man friend, and breathe flu germs into our faces!

Until tomorrow (no really, one of the resolutions.... start blogging on the reg, o yeah, it is happening)
Note to yo self.... I shoulda probably done my resolutions at the beginning of the month, but I have needed time to think about them!  Maybe we can discuss tomorrow-

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cookies and cocoa with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Yes, y'all, we are BIG fans of Santa and he and his main girl came to visit the kids and their friends before Christmas.  It was such a fun time to get together with friends, but it was even more exciting to see the happy faces when Santa arrived.
Let me just tell ya, I love a good party!  Now, that being said, I have kinda been down and out with that whole broken leg thing.  While I was on house arrest and momma was here as my babysitter, she brought up that we should have a lil' party.  I mean, what else did I have going on... I am kinda just sittin' round the house.  So, yeah, no brainer... let's have a party!  Did I mention I was not really walking well and my house was looking great (because my momma had been working her magic), but there was not a stitch of Christmas in our house!  How can we have a Christmas shindig with the house looking like the house that Christmas forgot?  Did I mention I was getting ready to go back to work, like the next week!  Ha, so I really had to get movin' and get out all things that are merry!  I must be honest, it took weeks for me to do it all, but I had the help of my mother (God bless her).  I would go to work, and I would come home for the day and all of our laundry would be done or the kitchen would be clean... this left me some time to decorate.  Man friend was very helpful to bring every single holiday box from our basement and then help me lift and place the very heavy stuff!
I think we really pulled it off.  Just to see the faces of the families that entered the doors, made it all worth it, it was really like a little Christmas land!  I loved being able to sit in the living room at night, and the glow of all of the lights brought such a smile to my face!  Talk about my happy place!
After weeks of planning, the party day was here!

Last minute letter writing to Santa before he arrived!

Brayden is in the stage where you say smile... and he makes every sort of strange face besides smiling!  Sometimes they look very silly (hello, previous picture)

Thankful that Moss was at the party.  She made the sweetest little thumbprint cookies with gumdrops!!  I ate about 12 of them (don't judge)!!  

There he is, the guest of honor!

Mrs. Claus reading a story to the kids.

There were sooooo many little people!  So thankful that my mother helped so much.  She did the food and the drinks, it was really quite a spread!!  

My Trisha and Libby!!  She married our friend Sean, turns out she was really amazing and is someone that I love spending time with... isn't their daughter darling.  I loved her sweet Christmas dress.

Me and two of my dearest friends.  I have known them since junior high.  These are my people.

 When the kids started at their new school, I joined the parent group PTO.  I was so excited to be involved and I got super lucky because I met these women, they are so precious.  In fact, the day after I broke my leg, Julie had already set up a food train for my family that lasted for weeks (seriously, we had food covered for over a month) and Jill got my babies off of the school bus everyday and walked them home, and would even come in and visit when I was on house arrest (not real house arrest, like joke broke leg house arrest)!  I love that I met them.
Myself and Gina... love that our girls are so close, she's the best!

Nicole and Libby, seriously, there is not a child that does not love Nicole!

These two women are so amazing.  I worked for the lady on the right during high school and college, she owns a local gift shop, The Perfect Choice (if you are from here, you should go there)!  Anyways, years of working along side of her, she had become not really a boss, more like a mother/ friend.  I love her and her family to the moon... in fact the woman sitting next to her, holding the baby is her mother, and I even call her grandma... they are not really friends, they are my family.  That is Ava Belle, isn't she a teeny doll!  She is the grandbaby!

 Sophia with some of her buddies
 You betcha I had to get my photo with these two!
So thankful that my daddy is friends with Santa, and was able to ask him to come to the party.  They're super close!!

 Santa loves Libby as much as we do!

Brayden had such a list for Santa!

Sophia and Brayden made thank you notes for Santa and the Missus.

The party was so much fun, and the kids just loved having Santa come and visit again.  We had this party a few years ago, and my sweet Bucky dressed up as Santa.  He was so wonderful to do this for his great-grandbabies, and he just beamed while he was in character.  Bless it, he even wrote letters to all of the children after the party.  It was so great.  Ever since he passed, we just had not been able to do the party, it is such a fun time, but it just flooded us with memories of our sweet Santa, and how he was no longer here.  I am so glad that we have him in our memory doing this for the kids, and I am glad that we were able to do this cookie and cocoa with Santa party!
Making new memories...
 This was our sweet Bucky Claus

Until next year... I think I may need to start my planning soon to make next year even better!!  (However that would be possible, this was pretty magical!)