Thursday, April 19, 2018

Howdy.... Mr. Gooberstein!

Y'all, after yesterday, I was really needing Thursday to be a little less flashy (if ya know what I mean)!  I just wanted to wake up (on time and have time to shave my legs... that is never gonna happen), the kids listen to my every command (ha, I anxiously await for this day... maybe when they are older), I would prepare a big ole country breakfast (ha... what am I Cracker Barrel?), we get to school on time (that would be a first for the week), my work day is easy (actually, the day at work was good), I would come home and prepare a healthy dinner (tonight was courtesy of the Chick-fila), we all get a hot shower (I am too sleepy for that... but the kids are clean), and the maid put fresh sheets on the bed (our maid kinda sucks... because I am the maid).  A girl can wish... right?
Anyways, to avoid another moment where I show off my ole bitty to the 2nd Street masses, I decided to wear my best pair of Spank (they are not flattering but if an onlooker caught a viewing they would think I looked very slimmed down) and I paired them with a long skirt (the wind would def have a hard time blowing that thing up).  I felt very secure on my walk in the building this morning, and I did not even acknowledge the traffic sitters... for fear that they may be returners from Wednesday's viewing hoping for an encore performance....
#NotTodayPeople #NotToday
My day was busy, and a bonus was picking up the kids from childcare.  The manfriend is on call, and that means that I play single momma for the evening... until he drives his truck back to his work in the morning.  After work, we paid a visit to Honey and G's house... my momma is having a bit of a dental procedure in the morning, and we wanted to wish her and her teeth well.  After our lil chit chat, we picked up some dinner and headed on home.  Lemme just let y'all now, when you roll in my car, the heat is probably on!  My people are aware of this and they are constantly telling me they are sweating or are going to be sick.  This usually ends with me not turning off the heat (I know, I am the worst) and I just tell them to roll down the window.  Welp, the kids both had their window down on our drive home.  As we are pulling into our neighborhood, I make a quick turn onto our street.  As we approach the house, I can already see my next door neighbor closing up his mailbox.
This is kinda where our story takes off...
Our next door neighbor.
He and his wife are just a delight.
Literally, de-light-ful.
I picture an evening with him to be filled with encyclopedia reading, wine sniffing, and discussing the present danger of our economic well being because of the creation of the Bitcoin.
(I wish there was an emoiji of a Steve Urkeley type guy pushing his glasses up his nose and snorting... it should also make the snorting sound.  This shall be a new emoji, with sound... is that a thing yet?)
Anyway, the neighbor.  He is actually a nice guy.  He waves when we see him and even talks to the kids when they speed by him on their bikes.
He seems to like the kids, but I do not think that he is a fan of mine.
Ya see, on this blog, I love to keep it reals with the tens of you reading.  However, with that being said, I have never blogged about a lil story from a 4th of July party a few years ago (because I am embarrassed and knew for sure that I would lose a friend or my driving privileges).
Picture it.  It is the 4th, and we have invited all of our family and friends over.  We were having such a fun time and the night was winding down with some fireworks in the driveway.  I am just keeping it real when I say that I had a few drinks (they were not of the dainty size, but they were also not of the man size either).  Everyone was safe, and honestly, I have not really had that much to drink since.  So, the fireworks are happening, and everyone is watching.... but my concern is the manfriend's truck.  It was close to the driveway and I just pictured a bottle rocket being shot at it, (we did not even have any bottle rockets, so why this is a concern... I have no idea) and then pictured the truck blowing up (it is so dumb the thoughts that I have when I have a drink... this is why I am not really a drinker).  I take it upon myself to back the truck up away from the house... just down the sidewalk a skoatch (rhymes with roach with a sk on the front).  I am in reverse, looking in my mirror, reversing, looking, watching the family and friends watch me and KA-BLUE-EEE!  I ran over the neighbors mailbox!
Hastag.... I.... DIE!
Everyone just stood there holding their sparklers... staring.
I just sat there with the truck sitting on the mailbox.
It was ridic.
Man friend just stood there with his head down just shaking his head in disbelief.
Then Brayden, "mommy, you ran over that mailbox"!
(As if I did not know, but why is he yelling it so loud.... a bit reminiscent  of Dennis the Menace yelling for Mr. Wilson)
There was laughter and my face was so red.  In fact I immediately started sweating!
I moved the truck forward, figuring that was good enough, and turned it off.  At that moment, I evaluated the damage and actually thought..... ehhhh, maybe they won't even notice.
They did not come home that night.
I waited up for them, afraid they would come home and call the police and then I would be arrested and placed in Benton County jail.  Ugh, I would not do well there.  I know I look Cross-Fitterish.... but really I am like whomp-whomp!
Anyways, they get home in the morning, and I could just see the neighbor outside trying to stand up the crushed mailbox (geez, even I did not try to do that.... did he think that would work).  I went out... in my robe (not because I was trying to come onto him, just because that is what I was wearing, and let's be real.... my robe is of the terrycloth nature, old, and aqua, and had spilled tea on the front.  I am sure at no time during our convo was he looking at me thinking this chick is so into me... #JustSaying)
I explained the sitch to him.  He stared at me with much disapproval in his eye.  I was ashamed and wanted him to call the cops just to get me out of the conversation.  I told him that I would order him a new mailbox and would have it installed... which I did (within 4-5 business days).
Let's just say, he has never really spoken to us since.  He is always looking at me like I am possibly still under the influence doing hit and runs on mailboxes in the neighborhood.  In fact, he and the Flanders from around the corner probably get together and exchange cat stories.  #SoundsThrilling
To this day, I always smile and wave at him.
All that to lead me up to this evening...
The kids and I are in the car, driving towards the house when I see the neighbor at his super fancy mailbox, purchased by yours truly...
I say in the car (in the privacy of my own car).... "oh kids, there is Mr. Gooberstein!"
I am just being silly.
Obvi his name is not "Gooberstein"
My children, who take me at my word, without a second thought, yell out the window.....
It is so loud and so clear and they are just a smiling and a waving!!
I am pulling in the driveway, internally dying.  Saying his name is not gooberstein... trying to roll up the windows, and he just stops and stares at us!
It is time all tens of you know.... I say silly things.  I like to try to be funny (sometimes it works other times it is not a success).  I am a nice girl... loving, caring, a nurturer for sure.  Today... I name called someone and my littles actually listened to me (seriously.... like when do they ever do that??)
I did not get onto them, because this was completely my fault.
Then to make matters worse,  the kids were concerned that I am name calling  people and made them name call!
For sure.... he hates me.
We called the neighbor a goober-stein... the "Frankenstein of Goobers"?
How does this even happen?
This is prob why I do not have lotza friends.
I wonder if Mr. Gooberstein likes pie??

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The day I died on Northwest 2nd Street...

I know it has been a week or so since my last post... honestly, we have been in full swing of little people sports (baseball for him, soccer for her, ninja class for him, soccer for him, dance for her, and then there is running club and scouts for each)!  When we get home, showered, fed, and clean up the house  that was a lie... that ain't happening, I normally just crawl into the bed and watch t.v. (did I mention that half of the time this happens the kids are still up... I am such a slacker momma (go ahead and judge away))!  So, the late nights when I like to blog, are spent binge watching When Calls the Heart (I am dying over this show... it is kinda Little House on the Prairie meets Aunt Becky from Full House, I am obsessed).  Anyways, so much to chat about... just so lil time to do so (ya catch what I'm saying?)
Anyways, today.  Today, I died.  Literally.  Right on 2nd Street, right off of the main square.  Go ahead, drive on by, you may still see the chalk outline of my body and Chick-fila drink (size LARGE).
Lemme tell ya bout 2nd Street at 7:40 in the morning.  It is busy friends.  So busy, that buses are pulling out of our parking (PTL no children are on the buses, parents are lined up waiting in the traffic because let's be honest a 4 way stop in this town is S-L-O-W!  I mean really, what is so confusing to the people at this 4 way??  SMH  Then there are all of the people who are not those school moms and dads who have just been in the dreaded drop off line at school... then there are the people just trying to go to work annoyed to slow down in the school zones (yeah... I see you Range Rover guy, young lady on your cell phone (hello, you are in a school zone), and then there is always the "clown" truck fulla men trying to get to the next yard to mow... you are annoyed with your long wait)!  So, erry day, I walk into our office in full view of all of these people, completely stopped.  I am normally watching the ground in front of me, because if I fell, I just might not make it back up (with the whole gimpy leg thing).  Today is a different kinda day.  I am walking, but am holding my purse (which is the size of Texas, filled with all of the essentials... snacks for kids (old orange and half eaten bag of Goldfish), receipts from January (it is April), a sketch book (like I sketch), markers for kids to use at church (it is Wednesday), empty Advil bottles (I am a junkie), deodorant (because you just never know), and then my wallet (which doubles as a small purse holding maxed out credit cards and NO CASH... who has cash?).  Anyway, my bag weighs as much as a toddler, and I am also carrying a crock pot.  I have two to bring in, but remember I only have two arms and one good leg, and did I mention the toddler purse??  Anyways, I am walking, watching the sidewalk, feeling the cool breeze, glancing over at the traffic sitters (they are even watching because, hello, I am a hobbler and I am holding all of the stuff.... they are praying for entertainment!  Did I mention that breeze is blowing my hair to and fro (not in an attractive wind blowing hair moment where I am modeling for Victoria's Secret), my hair is lit-terally blowing to an afro!  I am looking super attractive, in fact, why are these traffic sitters not trying to get my number??
So, walking, then the blowing... did I mention I am in a skirt.  A flowy cottony tshirt material like skirt.  Well.... woosh, the wind, and UP BLOWS MY SKIRT!!
I.... DIE...
The wind lasted for what felt like an hour, as I stood there in the wind tunnel with my skirt over my crock pot, revealing my panty covered ninny parts!  Y'all, I coulda dropped all of my stuff to push my skirt down, but noooooooooo- I instead try to use my elbows to push my skirt down (did I mention I do not have Go-Go Gadget elbows?  As I am pushing with my elbows, I am for some reason going into a squat motion (possibly because I was dying, not sure), but as I am squatting I am thinking sweet Jesus this is what I would be looking like if I was squatting in some sort of forest setting... trying to pee (did I mention one of my legs doth not bend well)?!
I probably looked like I was just takin a poo right there on 2nd!
Don't ya know those sitters were just thinking, this is sooooo sad.
What a special girl.
The whole time, my mother is on the speaker phone with me and I am giving her the most horrific play by play!
I just keep saying I am not even wearing nice panties!
What am I even talking about?
Like I even own nice panties!

I finally made it in the office, shared the ultimate sadness (which is my life) with my friends inside, but y'all, a little piece of me will forever be on that sidewalk in our downtown area.

Just been one of those days....

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Egg-stravaganza!!

It has only been a few days since I last shared, but much has happened with our bunch.  We have been celebrating the Easter weekend with some egg dying, church, quite a bit of discussion with the kids about why we have Easter, and then a wonderful Easter lunch at our parents house.  What a wonderful time we have shared with our family and friends...
I have obviously been busy with some SnapChat too!

Friday after work, we went and kicked off Easter festivities at Honey and G's house to dye eggs.  This is something that we get together and do each year, and this time around my sister had invited two friends, and my brother had invited someone to come too.  #TheMoreTheMerrier
Two takeaways from the night...
1.  At our family get gatherings, Alexa is normally playing in the background.  Well, maybe you can picture it... my mother (in a sweet southern accent... "Now, Alexa, can you play No Diggity... by Black Street?"  Alexa obliged, and as I sat there watching all of the egg dying happen, I was surprised that this was a normal thing for an dye party.  #WhoKnew #HadntThoughtOfThatSongSinceElectricCowboy #DontJudge #ILikeTheWayYaWorkIt #NoDiggity

2.  I was surprised to hear that egg dying was not a thing that they do with their people.  Wha?  I thought this was a "must do" for all households.  #Mistaken 

I love this tradition with our family.  We normally have others do this with us, so they were missed this time around!

Saturday was spent doing laundry, Easter Bunny basket shopping, and weed pulling.  (Note to returning readers... I coulda taken down that left over Christmas d├ęcor, but I decided to leave it up, for yet another week).  #ItIsApril

Easter Sunday.
Had our family done an Easter card... this is what it would have been!
We made it to the early service today (impressive for us).  The service was so wonderful.  The man friend and I love the speaker that comes to our church each Easter, Junior Hill.  He is a great evangelist. and a few years ago Aron went down front to be saved when Hill spoke.  I have been talking to the kids a lot about God, Jesus, following Christ, being saved, and I could tell this morning they both wanted to go forward.  I think their little nerves got the best of them.  We came home and talked about it, and they both (without me or their daddy pushing) want to go forward to be saved and ask Jesus to be in their heart.  We will see what happens, I told them that following Jesus will be the BIGGEST decision they will make in their life.  
My funny bunnies!
After church we went to Easter lunch and my parents.  We had quite a gathering of family and friends (19)!  It was a crowd... all of my favorites!!

One of my favorite things to do, is snap a picture of a family member that has fallen asleep at a family gathering.  The best part about the pics is people gather around the person and do silly things to them!  I love my Uncle David, but he just passed out during after lunch convo... so I snapped him!!

The kids Auntie and cousins, got them beach towels with rings for Easter (for a future beach trip).  Their Uncle Jason thought it would be funny to act like it was a baby.  He makes me laugh!

It was a wonderful day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night.

Friday, March 30, 2018

My cups runneth over...

Oh, my people!  So many fun pictures from our last minute trip to the Tulsa Zoo this past week, but this one is my favorite!!  Could I be any happier??  My cup runneth over!
I know what y'all are thinking... this is gonna be all about how their zoo trip was the best family day, what fun they had, how happy they are.... welp, not today!  All of those things are true, but note that the title post is "My CUPS runneth over"
If you have read here for any amount of time, you know that I have shared a time or two where I have experienced my less than glamourous undergarment stories!  The latest was when I was asked if I was working undercover because of the underwire was hanging out of my button up shirt!!  Gee-zah Louisa!  Wonder what ever happened to that lil Wal-Mart checker outter?
Anyways, I had another bra-tastic moment!  This past week, while sitting at my desk, I had a terrible stinging pain in my chest.  I knew for sure that I had been bitten by a recluse!  Turns out that it was just the underwire coming out of my bra, stabbing me to death!  Why does this always happen to me... in public places!  Why can it not happen at home, on my couch?  Anyway, after work on Monday, I went out on the great bra hunt.  I never do this, hate to spend money on myself, especially bras!  That is so ridic since it is a necessary thing for a lady (unless you are into free ballin' bubbies"... so not my thing, as I do not want to injure the innocent)!  I am out picking through these bras, I was just going off the sizes that I could kinda read on the old bras in my drawers (there was barely any print left).  I was looking for 38C.  Everyone I tried on was a hot mess express!  Things were tight, coming outta the sides, and the cups were running over!  So, I went and asked the little lady out front to come and measure me.  #SheWasHelpful
I wish I could get her to share with you what she saw.  I looked like a pig being stuffed into a pair a spanx!  Super unattractive!
(If any of the 10s reading are men... so sorry, I'm taken!  Don't want to burst your bubble as I ain't no Victoria Secret model... did my hobble walk give it away?)
So anyways, lady comes in and measures and says that I am an odd size.
#Thanks #RudeMuch
She says I measure at a 34.5, so I should wear a 36??
Then she says my cup size is a D
nope DD
a fa-reeking E!!
Well, SMH
No wonder my bra game has been crazy lately.  I am shoving things in constantly, then things are running over the sides, my poor ole bubbies could not even breathe!  I am been keeping them under TOO TIGHT of a restraint!
But, really, and E
I left the store feeling a bit defeated (not deflated, if I was deflated, I might be less than an E).
Have I just let myself go?  If so, why is everything going to my lady bits?  Shouldn't it be distributed a bit more evenly?  I could not even find an E size!  Does this size exist?  Where would one go?  The Big and Busty store?  Is that at the Pinnacle Mall?

Anyways, so my cups (my family cup and bra cup) well, I can honestly say, "they are all running over"

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My V.I.P. and Salmonella

Today was most exciting, because I was able to spend a lil bitta time with my Sophia at her school.  She has been chosen by her teacher to be the VIP (very important person) in her class this week.  One of the perks was she has lunch visitors through the week and she even asks someone to come and read her favorite book to her class!  So, my afternoon was spent alongside my girl, and I had so much fun.  While reading to the class, I was thinking to myself how I really shoulda been a teacher... but then I think about things like lice and kids throwing up in class and I guess I will just stick with my current job!!
Anyway, the day was good, and I surprisingly did not embarrass Sophia.  She said I did a great job reading and then answering questions from her class.
Wednesday nights around here are busy.  Sophia has dance and Brayden goes to his class where he learns to be a ninja!  This night is a bonus for me, because it also doubles as a dine out night with a girlfriend (I will give her a "fake name" just so all tens of you do not run out try to meet her, befriend her, and try to get her to be your Wednesday night date... she's taken!).  "Nina" and I always hit up the same restaurant, since our time is limited, and we always have our "usual" meal.  #CreaturesOfHabit
Then tonight's meal came out and all I can say is...bye-bye chicken tenders.  There's a few words I never thought would ever be typed out by my lil ole fingers.  I am just gonna be honest, there is a possible reason my children are only fans of 3 main food groups...
1.  The fruit group
2.  The chicken tender group
3.  The catsup group
I did this to them (not on purpose), but because I too am a BIG fan of those top 3 groups!
However, after tonight's Wednesday dinner date, my love affair of the chicken tender is over.  Let me start from the beginning.  So any who, "Nina" and I are laughing, talking, and begin eating.  I am almost through my chicken tender when I look down and see something a lil slimy, clearish, uncookedish looking in my tender innerds!
Y'all, I.... DIED!
I am trying to be calm at the table, but my insides are dry heaving!
I could hardly believe I just consumed nearly a whole chicken tender that was uncooked.  Was it even warm, or did I just have so much honey mustard on it, that I thought that was why it was a bit cool.  Ugh, it is still giving me the skee-bees.
So grossed out, I just laid it on the napkin for my waiter to review.  His review was unhelpful... as he just scooped it up and took it away, like it was a empty glass of tea!  Not a big deal at all!  I am not much of a complainer, but I for sure thought that I would not have to pay for the food, seeing as how it was not cooked all of the way, but I did.
Here I am a few hours later, all is peaceful in our house, and I am laying here sharing my inner most thoughts and fears with you just waiting for an ugly bout of food poisoning to strike!  My tummy is grumbling too.  Is it because I have the early stages of salmonella or is it because I ate 1/2 an uncooked tender... and that doth not make a meal!!  Do I go and grab a Girl Scout cookie and call it a night???  Ugh, so many decisions, but if I get sick, I do not then want to have a food aversion to my favorite cookies!
#Decisions #Decisions
It is sad to say, because chicken tenders have been a go-to for me since 1995, but it is o-vah!
I guess it is a fine time for me to give up such foods, I mean what am I... a 6 year old?
I can think of no better time to expand my palate.

So, what did you have for dinner?  Anyone?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Oh, random Tuesday...

A few updates on the home front.
1.  So, the whole hoarding issue in the shower, welp, it is currently under control.  After I expressed to the 10s of readers, my problem with keeping bottles of soaps and shampoos that have a use or two left, I decided to just throw them in the trash!  Even though I kinda felt wasteful it felt nice to not have a domino effect of bottles crashing down while I am in the shower (one of them always lands right on my toe and it is just not the best start to the day)!  Now that the shower is clutter free, I should really work on ridding it of the soap scum!  I am a fan of just spraying the Scrubbin' Bubbles and leaving it there for a few hours (because I forget), and never scrub... cause ain't nobody got time for that!  Anyways, little steps, maybe I will do this over the weekend.
Wait, nope, it is Easter, and it is a holiday... not a time that I should be focused on housework.  Maybe next week... yes, next week I shall clean the shower!!

Anyways, with this little change, I was feeling like maybe I was getting ready to make some BIG changes.... like next, I would go and take down the Christmas leftovers.  Welp, I decided to forgo the finalization of Christmas clean up, and instead sat around and did nothing.

2.  This past weekend, we decided to take a quick trip over to Tulsa and go to the zoo.  We figured since their spring break getaway kinda fell through, that it would be a fun way to wrap up the week.  I will share more about the trip tomorrow, we have so many cute pictures!  In fact, my sister and I were taking a looksey at some of the snaps that I took, and we came across this one...
I died laughing, because it looks like two giraffes in a super sexy position and my child is just a gazin'.
I.... DIE!
When you look a bit closer, one of the giraffes is just sitting down, and I just happened to capture a moment that looked like it coulda been almost National Geographic-esque!  It has been a few days, and I still think it is funny, something must be wrong with me.

Okay 10s of readers, numero 3 has to do with a word that rhymes with fenestration, so if things that rhyme with the "not real word" of weriods makes you a bit uncomfortable... I would check back with me tomorrow, I may be bloggin' about something a bit more appropes.

3.  In other news, while walking okay, hobblin' around the 100 mile zoo, I started my period.  Really, are you fa-reeking kidding me?  The one time that I decide to not travel with a back up pair of panties, this happens!  SMH
As I am sitting in a hot zoo bathroom, checking out the murder scene down under... trying to figure out how to make light of the situation, I only then realized why all of the carnivorous animals were smooshed up against the windows at their animal displays!  Here I was just thinking that my children were like animal whispers... you know the real life versions of Eliza Thornberry, and all of the tigers, hyenas, bears, and painted dogs were really just detecting that the animal whispers' mother was a barely walking wounded animal!  What a day!  Sheesh.

4.  We left the zoo by 2:30 that day, and were home by 5.  It was just a quick little day trip and everyone had a great time... even ole "bloody mary".  The man friend and children were taken home and off I went with my sister to take her home.  On my way back, I needed to stop at the store for dinner... turns out, my family cannot survive on a few stale Cheetos and string cheese (they have stomachs like their daddy and need nourishment)!  Man friend asked that I please pick him up a sixer (my words, not his, he would never say sixer).. and I ain't talking of Pepsi.  Anyways, I get my few groceries and sixer to the counter, and start handing over my drivers license to the check out girl, and she looked at me and said, "oh... I can tell you are way over 21."
She said it in a tone that I did not like, kinda like Regina George from Mean Girls would say it.
It was a bit snarky
Now, I know that I am of age, but hey "preteen" check my i.d..
I fished it out of my purse, which took me about 10 minutes in the car, so I was gonna hand it over.
So, I ignore her lil jab, and insist that she take it.
Handing it over the keyboard, very much in her bubble, I say, "are you sure, I thought you have to type it in"?
She then commented, that she could just tell I was, then smiled (see image above).
Listen.  I know I graduated in the 90s, I know that most of my music on my IPhone is in the Anita Baker/ Michael Bolton (or Jackson)/ Steely Dan realm, I had been at the zoo all day, and I was purchasing a tube of Icy Hot... but, y'all, I can hang.  I am so young, like look at me over here, I am blogging at 11:23 at night, it is so late, old people don't stay up late!

Who am I kidding?  I am old and should prob be looking into Botox options.

5.  My Sophia is the VIP for her class at school this week.  This means that all things are about her!  Today, her daddy took her lunch (she felt like a big deal having him there)!  Tomorrow, I will take her lunch and then I get to come and read one of her favorite stories to her class.  I love to read a good story, and will normally put on a show with all of the different characters (ya know, reading in their voices).  Sophia has let me know that is not necessary, and I should do my best to NOT embarrass her!  She was supposed to pick out a book for me to read, and so I would not be tempted to act out the story or change my voice to fit a character, she chose a book about Boxers... the breed of dog Boxer.  Ya know, how much they weigh, how they are as puppies, their temperament... how on earth will I control my excitement reading about Boxers??  Boooooo!!  #WellPlayedSophia #WellPlayed

6.  A few days ago, I was over the moon to be invited to hangout with two of my girlfriends.  We were roommates when I was in college, and there were oh so many memories!  We had dinner, talked about life now, and life in the waaaaaaay back!  Ugh, it just seems like so long ago!  Being with those girls was just so good for my soul.  Sometimes a momma just needs to step out of the house and not be a momma, just be with friends.
Does anyone else ever feel like that?
For a few months, I have just been feeling out of touch with friends.  I see a lot of my friends getting together and doing stuff, but for some reason I am not on anyone's speed dial to call and hang with (are the kids these days still saying "hang with")?  If I do get invited, I normally do not go, because I feel bad taking time away from the man friend and the kids (I feel guilty).  Anyways, a few weeks ago, I was just on the struggle bus and knew if I could take a time out and sit with anotha mutha, that I would be feeling better about things.  Welp, it worked.  A few hours out of the house filled me up.  Then, here I was the next week, meeting up with my college roommates... and I just felt refreshed!
I think I am onto something... time for momma!
If I could just get a large group of friends in one place at a time, that would be great!  #FriendOutReachProgram  (I am looking for volunteers!)

Alright, it is nearly midnight, and it is time to call it a night.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

It was only Wednesday...

First, I shall start this post with a thank you to my parents and sister who graciously offered to take the littles on a mini vacation this week!  Ya see, we have been on spring break, and the kids have been spending their days at their Honey and G's house, while the man friend and I are at work.  They have been loving their extra time with their grands and Kitty... movie watching, lunchin', and visiting.  The excitement grew through the week when it was announced that they were going to go to Tulsa for a mini vacay.... a overnight hotel stay, swimming in the pool, and then a day trip to the zoo!  The kids have talked about it all week and checked the website a bazillion times to review the order in which they would visit the zoo animals!
Man friend and I were a lil bit sad, but the sadness quickly left us after we thought.... hey, we are going to be kid free and this kinda has not happened since, oh, I don't know.... 2009!  So, go on and take um to Tulsa!!  (Just kidding... we love them, but loved the thought of being kid free for almost 24 hours)!  Hooray for family who will take on your little people!
Wednesday came, their overnight bags were packed, and I dropped them off early that morning so I could be at work.  The morning was good, and the kids were so sweet to remind me that they would be back soon and that their grandparents were responsible (ha... yes, those are their words)!  My parents and sister loaded them up in the car for the near 2 hour drive to Tulsa around 4 that afternoon (I wonder how many times Sophia and Brayden asked... "is it time to go yet?"  I am sure at least 10 times... before 9 a.m..
At 430, I walked into a super quiet house.  The man friend was already home (watching the sports channel.... so fascinating (insert smirky emoji face).  He was not even showered and date ready... so I instantly got sad thinking how I too would be sitting on the couch watching March Madness talk (BORING!!!)  Then he jumped up, greeted me with a smile, and commented that we were going on a date!!
#Awe #HeDoesLoveMe
He got all cleaned up and no joke, we left the house at 5- why ever we were heading out for the early bird special... I got no clue!  We went back and forth with the whole....
no you choose where we eat...
no you...
it does not matter to me....
you choose....
no, you.....
I don't care....
All the time, I am just driving through the downtown area.  I had wanted to try out a lil Mexican place, and I was so glad that we did.  After dinner... since it was not even 6, we drove around and looked at the landscaping of homes in the area and listened to the baseball game.
I know what y'all are thinking.... this is soundin' like a hot date....
I know.
It only gets hotter...
we get home, I go and change into my best sweats (the pair with minimal paint stains and only one tear in the back ankle area... I know, hot momma)!  I came out to my husband in a house that was kid free and he was asleep on the couch!
I.... DIE!
I did not even wake him, I just let him sleep!
I turned on a CNN documentary about the Kennedy family, American Dynasties: The Kennedys, snuggled up in a blanket, and played a game on my phone!!  I had received a text from my mother, saying they had arrived, and she had snapped a quick pic of them at The Cheesecake Factory!  The kids were in heaven!
Close to 930, we finally went to bed and a few minutes later man friends cell phone was ringing....
yes, almost 10 at night!  No one calls us that late.... ever!
I had not seen my guy move that quickly... he jumped up and showed me that it was mom!
Immediately, I am thinking that something was wrong!
Momma calmly explained that there had been a little accident at the pool with Sophia.... she was swimming a little too close to the bottom and well, she 
chipped a tooth....
then the story changed to she chipped her teeth....
ummmmmmmmmmmm...... her teeth are adult teeth!
I tried to keep it together and not go nutzo, I just needed to be with her to assess the situation... how would that happen?  She was in another state and it was 10??
Once I saw her lil face on the phone, and the teeth (oh, the teeth), my heart just sank to my tummy!!  My poor baby.  She was crying.
Was she in pain?
Was she bleeding?
Was she needing me?
No, she was crying because they might have to go home and NOT be able to go to the zoo the next morning!
(what can I say, the girl really loves the zoo!)
After a few minutes discussion, we all agreed that it was best if they just headed home... right then!  I know, they had only been there about 6 hours, and only at the hotel about 40 minutes, but my daddy drove them all home!  I immediately started contacting our pediatric dentist (after hour number) and then pleading on FB for any tooth knowledge from any dental friends!  Turns out I have a few, and one of them was still up at 11 and talked me off the edge of a nervous breakdown.  Thank you Jill... you eased all of my crazy thoughts and reassured me it would be okay.
It took a while for them to make the drive home, and by 1 in the morning, they were texting me saying they were in the driveway.  I could not rest until these children were in the house with me!  Turns out, when they did get home to me... I just stayed up until it was time to take my girl to the dentist (we left at 640 that morning).  It was a long night for sure, and I was just so sad that this little accident had occurred and that the vacation was a flop.
We got to the dentist that morning, right as they were unlocking the doors, and the dentist and the staff immediately saw Sophia first and all other patients just were left to wait (until later that morning).  So very thankful for Dr. Rhodes in Rogers... seriously, he was amazing!  He did not rush, was just very kind and patient.  Honey was there to meet us and anxiously sat in the waiting room!  The man friend and Bray got there and hung out.  Sophia had quite the fan club out front!
I mean... to me, the chip was really the size of Texas!  Geez-ah, Louise-ah!
When we go BIG.... I mean, we go BIG!  Not one tooth, but two.  Not a baby tooth, but adult teeth.  Not a silly old tooth on the side, but the front teeth on the INSIDE!!
I must say, that when he was finished fixin' her up... there was one extremely excited little girl!
We are having to be extra careful when eating now, not biting with our front teeth.  We def do not want the filler stuff to break off!  In a month we will go back to the dentist for more ex-rays to make sure that the teeth are still healthy.  So, please say a prayer that all will be okay!!
Who knew havin' children would be this hard?
#AndGrandparents #AndAuntKitty #AndDrRhodes