Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ABC's of me...

So many things to blog about, but there is just so little time.  When I do have a moment, I am spending those moments with my people, and then when the people are asleep and I have another moment I spend that time watching The Kardashians.  I know, I do not know why I am watching it either.
Anyway, the other day, my girlfriend did a post about the ABCs of her, and there were so many funny things that I learned about her, thus tonight's post.  So, if you are new here, enjoy, and if you are one of my 10s of readers, then enjoy!!

A- Age 36, I know, I know, I totally look 35, I get that all of the time!

B- Biggest Fear- sounds crazy, and that is fine, but it is aliens.  Ever since I saw ET, I have been completely fa-reeked out by "them".  So strange, but I do not like to be outside by myself, at night.  Go ahead, laugh.

C- Current time- it is 8:02, the night before Thanksgiving.  I am sitting with my teeny tinys watching the Minion movie.  I hosted my family over for dinner, and they have been gone for almost an hour.  I am baking my last minute Thanksgiving pies, and my house smells so delicious.  I wish I could bottle it up and let you have a whiff.  Yes, it is that good.

D- Drink I last had?  Tea with a bunch of ice, and I am a ice cruncher.  It makes my friends at work a little nuts, the last comment I heard about it was... "it sounds like you are munching on gravel".  I really had no idea they could hear me, but they can.  You would think that it makes me not crunch it all, but I cannot stop!!  I may need to attend a support group! 

E- Everyday starts with this... me being rude to my man friend.  I know, it is a sad way to start the day, but this is what happens.  He wakes up at the crack of dawn (4 am) to have coffee and then go work out.  So, he rises and I am waking then too!  He walks hard, looks for clothes loudly, and then the coffee smells... sheesh!  I know I am making it sound worse than it is, but I am just keeping it reals.  Please do not think that our marriage is in trouble.  It is not.  This is just one of those for better or worse moments.  He loves me even though I can be a jerk...

F- Favorite song... there are so many and they are all so very different!  I will give you the first 5 songs on a random play list from my phone.  Now these are random people, but know that these are among my favorites.... 
1.  kinda embarrassing, but the first one that popped up was Color Me Badd, I Wanna Sex You Up.  I know, it is a favorite!
2.  Song number 2 that pops up is Janet Jackson, What Have You Done For Me Lately... it is a classic.
3.  Strange Magic by Electric Light Orchestra.  I seriously could play this one on repeat all day at work.
4.  No One In The World... Anita Baker, y'all!  I love anything by her, and I wish you could hear me sing her songs!  It is so sad!  I try to hit her low notes, and I do not miss a beat!!  She is BIG LOVE for me!!
5.  On Bended Knee, a oldie and a goodie!  Boyz II Men.  This takes me back to 94 (that is 1994), I think I was a sophomore in high school.  Oh the memories!

G-  Ghosts, are they real?  Ummm, I am not sure.  One thing I do know is my grandfather passed away a few years ago, and my children say that they see him.  (dooo-dooo-doooo-do, I know)  It used to freak me out, but now I just kinda go with it...

H- Hometown is Bentonville, the home of Wal-Mart.  I was born in West Monroe, Louisiana, but moved in the 3rd grade, so for me, B-town is home.  I really grew up here.

I- In love with, my man friend and babies.  They make me happy, and they are really who I want to be with.

J- Jealous.  not really.  I guess I sometimes get jealous when I volunteer at the kids schools and I see the stay at home parents coming up, and I secretly think I want to do that again, but then I go back to my job that is fun and the people I work with make the time well spent.  If I cannot be with my people, they are a good group to be with!

K- Killed someone?  That is strange, but no!  I did kill a bug today, it was a flyer and it had to go!

L- Last time I cried?  I was watching Dancing With The Stars last night, and they played a clip of that Bendi girl, it was a sweet moment of her dancing and then seeing a picture of her father (the Crocodile Hunter).  I know, Dancing With the Stars.

M- Middle name:  Elise.  pronounced A-lease.

N- number of siblings:  3 two brothers and a sister.  These people are some of my closest friends and I am extremely protective of them.

O- One wish:  the evil in this world to just disappear.  So many sad things happening everyday.

P- Person I last called:  my brother Jason to ask if he was still coming for dinner.  He was late.

Q- Question you are always asked... everyday question around our house... Mom, do we have school today?  Every... single... day.  They love school, but it is like they forget they go Monday through Friday.  A random question I get.... Is your hair natural curly?  On the inside I am doing an HUGE eye roll.  I wanna respond, "ummmm, no, this morning I woke up and curling ironed my whole head!  I obvi just say.... yes, and it is a mess!!

R- Reason to smile... I have so many.  My babies, my family, my friends.  I am living a pretty good life.

S- Song I last sang... I was playing my music after those above top 5, and Tupac, How Do You Want It came on.  Yes, I love that song.  It takes me back to so many fun times with friends.

T- Time you woke up... well, it was my day to sleep in, no work and all, so of course I woke up when my husband came in rummaging through his dresser drawers... loudly!  Geez!  I know, I cannot get over it!  4 the alarm went off, and the digging was about 6:45am

U-  Underroo color, too lazy to check, but it aint nothing Victoria Secret, it is something old lady and unattractive for sure!

V- Vacation destination:  I would love to go on a 10 year trip with Aron or take the kids to Disney!  So much fun that would be!

W- Worst habit: this is gross, but I am a plaque scrapper.  Yes, I scrape my teeth with my fingernail.  I am disgusting.  Yes, I know!

X- X-ray I have had... I recently had one on my back.  It goes out all of the time!  I am an oooooold 36 year old with a clickity clack back!

Y- your favorite food?  I am not sure what yours is, but mine is a nice bowl of cheese dip and chips, from Abuelos, or Las Palmas, or any other taco joint!

Z- zodiac sign... leo.  Roar!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greetings from the loo...

I know, I know.  Out of the 10s of readers, you may be thinking some of the following:
1.  Is she seriously typing this blog update from the loo?
2.  Is this chick British?
3.  What's a loo?
All of these are great questions.  I will answer them.  I am not in the loo (term for a toilet), nor am I British, but yes I am starting this post off with a little bathroom chat.

Ugh... the past week has been, well, rough.  To put it honestly, I have been knee deep in vomit and poo, sometimes little peoples and sometimes mine.  (too much info, I am sure)  Yes, y'all, we have been sick!  S-I-C-K!  We are talking stomach virus from the pits of the most hellacious place you could think (dramatic, yes, but seriously it sucked).  Red woke up this past Thursday evening saying her stomach hurt, and me being the sleepy mom not wanting to talk tummy troubles just stuck her in between me and my lova (my husband).  Well, moments later she is dry heaving... not a sound one (me alone, not my husband... however he slept through this... I do not know) might want to wake too!  (Ugghhh, I just had a flashback)!  By Saturday, morning, things were looking up.  Things were getting back to normal, Red was playing and happy, I was getting caught up with laundry, and things were starting to smell bleachy.  It was happy.  Until little man starts gagging all over the back patio.  I guess I should be glad he was outside, but his sister saw him do it, and she had come to get me to tell me what had happened, and in mid-sentence, she looses it all over the kitchen floor.  (She is a empathetic vomiter-er-person)  Eeek!!  I thought that this was over!  (That was a foolish thought, these two tiny tots share everything, drinks, spit cups at the sink after teeth brushing, and ketchup, of course they would share this)!  His sick time was filled with other things that one may wish to not speak of, but just know it was not a happy time.  (gives me chills to think about).  So, Monday comes people are better, and I take them all to school.  Well, as I am sitting at work, I just had a feeling.  Ya know that feeling that I am talking about?  If you do not, I will not go into detail, but it was that weird clammy feeling that you feel with morning sickness!  So, I ran home, and I never looked back.  In fact, tomorrow is Thursday and I will finally be able to run outta this house (and go back to work)!  I am sure that I just jinxed myself!  I just knocked on wood!  So, boo, stomach flu!!

I cannot believe that I have not posted in such a time.  I have been so comforted reading your comments from my last post.  I have the most special update.  Red is doing so well at school.  After a few weeks of tears, and begging to not go to school, she finally turned a corner.  To hear her walk in the door and say, "momma, I made a friend today" seriously makes me so very happy.  Each day has brought a new friend, or a new happy story about her teacher, or just something fun about her day.  My momma heart is full.  I knew this transition would be hard, but I am so proud that each day she has been better.  I did reach out to the teacher and over the weeks, she was kind enough to send updates and pictures.  This was the kindest thing, and this lady has no clue the peace she has brought to my heart!  I must say that Red is loving school, playing with friends, coloring pictures (she brings us little notes home each day), reading with her teacher, and the moment that the school bell rings to go home (because she says she knows she will get to see us soon)!  I have tried to be as involved in her school as possible.  I have gone to visit at lunch time, been helping to pop popcorn for the school, and even joined the PTO (parent teacher organization.... this will be a whole other post)!

My baby, who is really no longer a baby, and quick to tell you so, is doing well in his class.  We were shocked when this past month his teacher while at school had a stroke.  The children still do not know what happened to her, they just know that she got sick and has to take some time off.  They say prayers for her and make her cards, and Bray is still anxious for her to come back.  I think he just knows his sister had her, so he must have her as a teacher too so he can one day go to kindergarten.  His teacher is doing so well, after spending time in therapy, she has made it home and even came to visit his classroom today.  This made him very happy, now he knows she is okay!  This could have been a not good transition, but his teacher from the past year, moved to his classroom, so she teaches his whole class.  We love her so much, and she has made this whole ordeal easy on the kids by doing so.  I know he is in good hands at this school and with her guiding him each day!  He is doing better with identifying his numbers and still prefers to only eat catsup (with a side of chicken nugget).

Besides sickness and school, things with me have been good.  Juggling Aron, the littles, family, work, Bible study, extracurricular activity for the kids, leaves not much time for me, but I just suppose that is just the season of my life that I am in right now.  Although I sometimes feel like I am spread too thin, I know that everything I am doing is the best for my people.  There will be time for me to do stuff later (or at 10 o'clock on a Wednesday night)!  I hope you are all well... can you believe it is almost Halloween?  Where did this month go??

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Keeping it real...

Let me start by saying, this week has been rough on my momma heart.
This past Sunday night, I was putting Sophia in her bed and she looked at me with the saddest face explaining that she could not go to school on Monday.  She said she cries for me everyday, and just wants to be with me.  She misses me!  I explained we have to go to school to learn, and that it is just a new place, she is making friends, and this week would be fantastic! I was very surprised when she told me that she had no friends, and plays by herself.  Heart.... broken!
I went to bed wondering if this is her just being dramatic, because other times we have talked about school she has been excited.  I just could not figure out what had changed in the past few days.  So I just laid there and wondered what could "Supermom" do to fix this???
When we woke up in the morning, she was quick to tell me she had a sore throat and could not go to school.  I mentioned that I would call the dr and take her in, of course she said maybe her throat was okay and she just did not want to go to school.  We were on our way and she just cried, not a loud wailing, just her gazing out of the window with watering eyes (kinda whimpering).  It was pitiful.  Eventually, we got there with time to spare, and she walked in all by herself.
I messaged her teacher later that day to see what was going on, and found out that Sophia had been crying every morning, since day 1.  She would just tell her teacher how much she missed me and wanted to be with me (her momma).  She also said that she is terribly shy, and sometimes will play with people, but mostly by herself.  I just sat at my office reading and re-reading the email, I was in tears myself, thinking about my Red just walking around the playground, sobbing, longing to be with her momma (I think you can see where she gets her flair for the dramatics)!
As I sat at my desk, I am immediately questioning what I am doing as a momma.  Am I loving her well and does she know how wonderful she is?  My decision to go back to work.... did I go back too soon?  Or am I too much of a hover mom, and now my littles will always struggle with separation from me!  Grr, I thought I was doing all things right!!
Brayden, I think it is safe to say this tiny person has my heart.  Just a few days ago, after we dropped of Sophia at kindergarten, we were on our way to his school.  This is a good time for us to spend time together each morning.  He has my attention for 30 minutes or longer before his school starts.  I looked at him through the rear view mirror and he was just looking out the window and I asked what he was thinking about.  He never looked at me, but said, "momma, you never wanna be with me anymore, you just want to go to work".  I wish I coulda seen my face, pretty sure it was pitiful.  He was so serious and then cried saying he just wanted to be with me!
WHAT... ARE... THESE... PEOPLE.... TRYING.... TO... DO... TO... ME??
I parked the car and we talked about how much I love him and want to be with him all of the time, but I need to go to work and he needs to go to school to learn and be with his buddies.
What a week.  Here I was thinking I was doing so good getting them to school on time, making their lunch each morning, and getting their teeth brushed... and my littles have been sad and I had not even noticed!?
Momma- Whomp.... whomp
I know that this is a struggle that working parents have.  Have I made the right decision going back to work?  Will I regret this decision later on?  Are all of my people happy?  Am I happy?
When I went back to work, it was like an answered prayer.  It happened so quickly and the work place was very fun to go into everyday.  It was good to build new friendships and have time with other adults (not once did I have to feed anyone or help them go to the potty... it was a nice break).  I am approaching two years of being back at an office, and I still love this time.  I like the environment that I work in and my job.  For me, it is really all about the people, if you like the people ya work with, why think of leaving. 
Do other parents have this struggle?  I feel like I am being pulled in a ba-jillion directions, and I am a pleaser, I want to make everyone happy.  My husband.  My little people.  My family.  My work.  My friends.  Myself, I am somewhere in there, but a lot of the times there is not enough of me to go around, I feel like I am coming up short (everyday).  Did I mention, I have a 4 day work trip coming up, this could not happen at a worse time.  I know that Aron with have it under control, he's got this!
I am hoping that all of this is just them starting back on their new schedule in a new place with some new people.  Praying that this week, week 3, will be a better week!  Sophia especially needs a better week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big day for the babies...

and their parents.  That is right y'all, the babies are no longer babies!  My littles are these people attending school!!  Sophia started kindergarten this week, and Brayden is in pre-k.  It has been BIG for them, and in total Caryn fashion I have made it super dramatic (this is just how I roll)!  I was talking to a girlfriend about it the other day, I am not sure why these tiny people growing up is so hard and so exciting (all in the same breath)!  I understand this is what they are supposed to do.  I knew going into this whole momma/ baby thing that they would grow up, I just feel like things are going at the speed of light!!  It needs to slow down!  Did I not just bring them home from the hospital??  Hello!
Sophia has started kindergarten, and girlfriend is loving it!  She really likes her teacher, and it made my momma heart happy to hear that she has a friend!  She is so shy when going into new groups, and normally will not talk to people, so I have been trying to encourage her to talk with other kids in her class, at least tell them her name.  So, I am happy that she is warming up to the new group quickly.  As a bonus, her teacher has sent out an email each day to let parents know what is going on (and I must admit.... I have looked her up on the Facebook!  That is right, I am a stalker, I did not ask to be friends, I am sure she appreciates the space.)  Ha!  She seems very nice, and I am so excited to see what this year brings.  This was on the meet the teacher day.  There were so many kids...and snow cones!  Best day ever!

I must tell about the first day (and the night before with cousins)! Yes, there was a big photo shoot!

 Let me start with.... geez Louise, school starts early here folks.  7:30!!  I... DIE!
Anyways, super early.  The traffic in our tiny town is ridic (with a capital R)!  I only live about 5 minutes from this school, I am leaving at 7 and barely getting there at 730!  I think parents are camping out in the parking lot and on the drive up street overnight.  Then, the pick up!  I am not even sure that the mommas are leaving from dropping their babies off!  I sat in the car line for about 50 minutes!!  The only bonus is I get to spend some alone time in the car with Brayden (but during that time he is constantly asking if we can go home and if I have any snacks)!  I am very lucky that Honey has volunteered to do the pickup from now on (have I mentioned I LOVE HONEY)!!
So anyway, day one drop off.  I park the car (not close to the school entrance), and we were speed walking to the classroom.  I hate that we could not enjoy the walk into school for the first time, it was very rushed (I did not want girlfriend to get a tardy on her first day).  So, we are speed walking,
zooming in between kids, I trying to NOT make direct eye contact with the weeping parents (I am weak, and they would cause me to crack.... so I must look away, eye on the prize, deliver Red).  We get into the classroom, and poor girl is winded, and I was just glad we made it with 1 minute to spare!  BOOM!  So, we hang up her bag and lunchbox, and her teacher tells her to take her seat.  She just looked so small, and my heart was being ripped out.  I wanted to go and sit with her, and hang out all day!  I just stood there and watched her look at the piece of paper in front of her chair.  She looked at me and gave a little half smile, and sat down.  I told her to have a good day and stepped out.  I just stood at the door and watched her for a few minutes.  She would color, and look up, I would wave, and then repeat.  My chin was quivering, and my eyes were watering.  I just could not help thinking about how she is growing up and is so amazing, and I am so lucky to do life with her.  After a few minutes of the back and forth, I stepped away from the door (Brayden was not into waiting any longer).  We left, and when I got in the car I just cried!  I worried that she was scared with me not at the door (I tell ya, I am dramatic)!

Now, Brayden, his first day was a piece of cake!  He was so ready to see his buddies again.  He attended this school last year, and we have all fallen in love with all of the precious women that take care of them.  They are so great.  So he was ready, and that made me feel the most comfortable about his drop off at school!  It is hard to believe that this guy will be 5 in just a few months, and that he is in this pre-k program!  Where did my baby go??!

I know they will have a great school year!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Timmy goes to college....

There are a few things that you should never say to a woman...
1.  Are you pregnant?
-  I have witnessed this question being asked to a friend of mine.  FYI, girlfriend was not PG, however she was super offended.  It was incredibly hurtful, and it was super uncomfortable for all involved (my friend, the asker, and myself).
2.  You look tired.
-  I have been told this numerous times.  The sad thing is I was not sleepy, had rested well the night before, and even thought I was looking good that day.
The last thing you should not say to a lady (especially a lady you do not know), well, let me set up the story.
Picture it.  A few days ago, I ventured off to a local store to pick up a sample for work.  I was not alone, I brought two of the guys I work with (JR and Timmy- remember, I use fake names here folks, I do not want the 10s of readers stalking my work friends!)  Just kidding.  So, the three of us walk to the back of the store and are looking at dorm room furniture, just a couple of young looking kids (myself is included) hanging out... or so I thought.
As the guys were geeking out over the construction of a chair (I say that with love, they are engineers and get super pumped about things that make my eyes glaze over), but anyway, they are geeking out and I am looking around (about 4 steps away from them).  This nice lady (AKA, wolf in sheep's clothing) walks up and begins to do the whole... ya need help, nice day, we have more of those in back...yadda, yadda, yadda.  I engage in this small talk, because I love to chit chat (especially with strangers) and I honestly I just did not have anything else going on.
So, as I start to turn away from "wolf in sheep's clothing" she kinda brings her hands up to her heart, like an "awwweeee moment", and then proceeds to ask about me getting my son all set up for college, and buying him furniture for his dorm room.
Surely this woman is mistaken.  I am looking over my shoulder, like o my gosh, is she talking to me?  Is she having a stroke, I mean 5 seconds ago we were small talking the weather, and now she is asking me about the man child I work with and thinking that I am staging his dorm room with furniture!!!
Was she nutzo?
Now, please note, I did not say this, but my thoughts were a little bit like this and a little bit not like this, hey lady, I look young, not like I just graduated yesterday young, but fa-reeking young!  I just got my new hair cut, I had on a cute outfit, I really even put forth effort and did my makeup really good (extra concealer and the bb cream), did she not notice?  I mean I ooze young!
I wish I coulda had one of those outta body experiences where you can see what you are looking like at that very moment, because I am sure my look was priceless.
Like, o no she di-en't!
I was hoping Larry and Moe had not heard her, because I woulda died right there in the store.  They would have never let me live that down and probably would have started calling me momma!
I simply muttered, "I'm not his momma".  Then I let her know, that the man child who was standing behind me had already graduated.
Really y'all.  This boy Timmy is like 10 feet tall (and by 10 feet, I mean like close to 6 feet), has dark hair, and IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE I COULD BIRTH HIM AT ALL!  What is wrong with people?  I was finally feeling good about me and all my business, and now this woman has me looking into all things botox and making me feel like I should start shopping at Forever 21 or Hot Topic.  Geez.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stay at home momma...

Well, I am on day number 2 of my vacation.  I am spending it with the kids at home, and I am SO very thrilled about it.  We are not planning a big vacation this year, so I just decided to take a few days off, and spend them at home with my littlest loves.  I am just going to put it out there, the time with them is so wonderful (there is nothing sarcastic about that statement, I am soaking this time up).  Sure there have been fights and a bit of grumpy attitudes, but this time is so fun.  It makes me miss when I was able to be at home with them (like really miss it).  I am not mad that I went back to work, I truly got lucky with the job I am in. However, there have been times over the past few years where I have thought (deep thoughts) did I make the right decision or will I regret not spending all of this time at home with them.  So, these few days, I am just loving these moments.  We are not terribly busy.  We have been to the local children's museum, a junk store or 2, the Wal-Mart, the splash park, played Barbies, colored, even played some Ninja Turtles on the Nintendo.  Right now I decided to finally take a seat and blog about the day, Sophia is having some quiet time, and Brayden is watching the new Alvin and the Chipmunks (can y'all believe they have remade this cartoon, it is a BIG hit in our house)!

Looks like the quiet time is ending, stay at home momma has to go back to "work"!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday tidbits..

I feel like I am doing pretty well, I do believe this is at least 3-4 times blogging in the month of July!  I think it is safe to say...
I have missed blogging on the reg.  I am a rambler, an over sharer, love to tell a good story, and I love to write down the sweet memories we are making each day.  The past many months I have been slacking on the blog, and I hate it!

I figure since I am finally back, but do not have much to discuss, I would do a few Tuesday tidbits...
1.  I had a lunch date today!  With one of my besties Kim!
It had been a super strange morning, like one of those morning where you know that God is testing you and your patience by putting a person in your path and what you are supposed to do is keep it Christian and love them, but they just make you nutzo sometimes.  Yes, I was tested and I failed and Mexican food was the only way to help me feel better about my day.  We went to a local place and I ordered the same thing as always, a taco salad.  Every time I order, it is always cold and gross, but I keep on keeping on, because I feel that this could be a great dish for me, if it was warm.

2.  Tonight, Aron was painting in our bedroom.  It will be gray (not blue gray or green gray, but gray gray).  super excited for the reveal, as the previous grays I have chosen (and that are on our kitchen, living room, and bathroom, are really all blue gray or green grays!  (ya follow?)  Any ways, Aron has already finished the trim along the walls, it has been painted white! I just know that by tomorrow, we will be able to sleep in our freshly painted bedroom!!  Next it will be onto the master bathroom and finish painting the mantle and front door frame white... did I mention we are having a house full on Sunday for Sophia's birthday?  We shall see what is completed by this time!!

3.  Speaking of a party this weekend, at our house, I am just looking around at all of the clutter in our home.  I am getting ready to do a spring cleanin' in the summer!  I am feeling the need to get rid of stuff and organize... or I may just look on Pinterest for ideas on how to organize our home for a month, and then the summer clean up time frame will be long gone.  Ha!!

4.  So, tomorrow is Wednesday, and Sophia is turning 6 on Sunday.  (did I mention we will have our family over to celebrate on that day?)  Did I mention she will be 6?  Have I mentioned that I have not even ordered the child a cake?  #TotalMomFail #BirthdayShmirthday #TomorrowWillBeBusy  #PoorPlanner

5.  It is just a few minutes before 11.  The house is quiet besides the hummmm of the dryer and I am sitting alone.... eating my second piece of birthday cake.  I am super tempted to go and grab a half piece and shove it in my mouth, but really, who needs 2 1/2 pieces of birthday cake, at 11p.m., before they go to bed??

6.  Just a funny tid-bit, I fell asleep in between tid-bit 2 and 3.  Do y'all think I fell into a sugar coma?

7.  Last one.  I let the littles stay up late tonight.  I sat with them on the couch and we watched Shrek, they love that green ogre.  It was just a few minutes before 10 before they were all tucked in (oh, returning back to school is going to be a rough time... for all of us)!