Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 months!

Whatcha doing Brayden Samuel? You are already 6 months old, time is flying by!

You are definitely climbing the scales, you have to weigh at least 15 pounds ( I know that you are more than that, but this is just a safe estimate) your 6 month appointment is not until August!!

You are wearing size 9-12 months, and the good Lord knows when I wash them, they will all be too small for you!

Boy can you eat! You love yourself some food (I think that you are an over-eater or I am an over-feeder- either or, it is probably no good!) You have 3- 4 8 ounce bottles a day (you do not always chug the whole thing) You are a big fan of the baby food. You have a passion for fruits (all but the pear, it hurts your tummy)- you eat 1 in the am with your cereal/ oatmeal, you eat 2 for lunch and then a bottle for a nap, then you may eat 3 for dinner. Thinking of adding a little juice into the mix soon.

Sleep.... you have a nap in the day (30-1 45 minutes long (this would be a day that you decide to nap). During the night time (when the rest of us prefer to rest, you like to wake up when a paci falls out of your mouth or when you feel I am slipping into REM mode.) I still some nights have to give you a bottle for you to go back to sleep. Yes, sometimes you daddy does this too- so I can rest. He always gets up and makes the bottle- I am so very appreciative.

You are wearing the size 3 diaper (it is a struggle for the 2 to stay closed- chunkers!

You like bath time.

You are not into laying down, you would rather be held

You really like to stand and look around

You follow me with your eyes/ head all of the time! Too funny and awfully nosey!

You love your sister. She runs into greet you all of the time and you just smile! She is always sharing her toys with you and she steals your paci constantly! I know that you two will be the best of friends!

You roll back to front and then sometimes will roll back. If you cannot or get stuck you cry until you are rolled back

Still sleeping in the pack and play- I totally need to put you in your own room!

You are going on your first beach trip soon- 14 hours in the car! I am already praying for us.

You go to bed at 9 pm every night and are awake for the day by 730 (later if it is a freak accident)

You are my doll baby- I sometimes just stare at you.

You are precious, you are fun, you are smiley and giggly too! You are chubby, you are sweet, and adored by all you meet. Your a lover, and you stare, and you have so little hair. You love your sister and your daddy, and I think you like me a lot. Your my angel, your my baby boy and you bring me so much joy. To say I am over the moon with you would not be enough- I am so blessed to have been given such a treasure.

I love you so...


Heidi said...

Dropping by from Jenna's Challenge. Your blog is too cute!

KM said...

Stopping by from Jenna's!

Cute pics and cute post! He is such a cutie =)


Rae said...

Stopping by from Jenna's!

What a precious little boy, I can see why you are so in love!!!

Madison's Mommy said...

What a cutie!! Our babies are super close in age...I can't believe that I will be doing Maddie's 6mos post in a few days! Stopping by from Jenna's and can't wait to become a new follower ;-)

Cory said...

Are you on Jenna's challenge? :) Me too. I changed the name of my blog to Dunn House Happenings, previously A soft place to fall, with the Dunns. ;) Come visit if you get a chance. You boy is adorable, as is your lovey. They look like you, just beautiful! :) Have a great week. :)

Melissa said...

Sweet pictures don't you just love instagram! I do!!! Stopping from Jenna's Comment Challenge!

Rachel said...

What a sweet boy!

(hoping from jenna's)

Casey said...

Stopping by from Jenna's :)

What a sweet letter! Your family is just way too cute!

Amanda said...

Visiting from Jenna's...I've been here before probably thru Kelly's! Such a cute family.
If you are in AR, me too!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Oh my goodness he is such a cutie! Don't they just grow way too fast. I have a 9 month old and I think I might have a small panic attack when he turns one! Love all the pictures! Stopping by from Jenna's.

Claire said...

Sweet boy!


The Lovely One said...

What sweet photos! Happy 6 months!