Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Hangin' Round with Kenny Loggins

We have had an eventful weekend.  Last night, the fam went to hear, the one, the only.....
Kenny Loggins....
or maybe you prefer him like this???
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, the man has some amazing hair.
Can I getta AMEN?
Anyways, maybe you have heard a few of his jingles...
A little something called, Danger Zone
Playing With the Boys?? (can't recall that one? Remember that little movie.... Top Gun when the boys (Tom Cruise) is playing volleyball.....let's just take a moment and marinate in that thought.......
ummm okay.
okay, and I'm back.
How about the song, I'm Alright, from Caddyshack
Danny's Song... Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey
This Is It
Momma Don't Dance
So, the concert was wonderful!
Next time I see him, I may be wearing a, I HEART KENNY tee!

Aron has already said that we need to get a Kenny c.d.. (Yes, I just wrote, Kenny, like we are friends on a first name basis).
Dad and I.  I took 3 or 7 pictures, all photos Mike looked like he was having 0 fun with me taking pictures, thus I told him to give me his "I'm having fun face", are y'all buying it?  He tried, I love him.
My baby sister
Sophia waiting for the show

Me and my girl
 My Uncle David and Daddy (brothers), Uncle David just moved to NWA, and we are so happy he is in the same zip code as us now.  (HAPPY DANCE)

Sophia and Aunt Kitty

 A little patty cake before the show

 Me and the sleepy boy
 Momma and Katie singing, This is It!

My niece and nephew came to the show, the only song they knew was Footloose (you know the new movie that has Julianne Hough??)  Really guys?  Kevin Bacon and his moves put that show on the map.  The kids loved dancing to the song at the show!

 This was them after Footloose...... checking their phones.
 We had such a fun time at the show!
 Bray using his glow stick as a wand.  If he woulda said, "Stupefy", I woulda peed my pants.  (FYI, if you have never seen a Harry Potter movie or read a Harry Potter book, then you will not know what Stupefy means.
 Sophia dancing to the opening band, Family History.  They were fun to listen to as well.
It was a night for the books!

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