Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Power of Prayer

I don't know if you are a praying person, but I am.  I pray in the mornings, noon time, evening before bed, sometimes Sophia will ask who I'm talking to (which I am sure she thinks I'm crazy, and that is fine).  I pray for God to help me to be more loving and kind, I am always praying for patience, I pray for my family, I pray for friends going through hard times, I pray for our country, just everything.  Now, all things that I am praying for do not always work out how I would like, but I know that God hears me when i cry out in prayer to Him and He loves me, and He will work things out according to His perfect plan.
Yesterday, I was so surprised to see an email come across the screen talking about a recent doctors appointment for my girl friend from church Jenn.  Now, Jenn and her husband are in my Sunday school class they have 2 little girls.  When I met her for the first time at a girls night, she was so nice just a sweet spirit, and I thought she was very funny!  Well, this email stated that Jenn was told she has stage 2/ borderline 3 breast cancer.  I HATE CANCER!  She would be having surgery on Friday.  I just could not even understand WHY and HOW this could happen.  I'm mean, she's young, she and her husband have a 5 year old and a 3 year old, heck, they were going to Disneyland next week.  I mean this is just not right!
Tonight, many of my girl friends went to Jenn's home, and just prayed over her.  Hey, a bunch a women praying over a friend, I know that God heard us tonight.
I wanted so badly to pray for Jenn, but I'm such an emotional girl, I would have been a blubbering mess, so here is what I wanted to say....
Dear Lord, I know that You are the One and Only true God.  You are mighty and powerful, and healer of all things.  Tonight, I just lift my friend to you in prayer.  I pray that over the next few days she can feel your presence in every move, every breath, every thought she makes.  Please be with the doctors and nurses that will be taking care of her, guide their hands to remove this cancer. I pray that jenn's body be healed quickly, and that she comes out of this storm stronger and better because You were holding her hand the whole way through it.  We love you Lord, Amen
If you pray, please join me in prayer for her


Bonni said...

I agree with your prayer for your sweet friend, and will continue to pray!

Lenette Sparacino said...

Beautiful prayer, friend :-)