Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Begining to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas at the Foresee house!! I have been trying to get our home ready for the holidays! I am so close to being done! This is our front door, I was so excited about the two trees that I purchased for each side of the front door, I just knew they would make the entrance beautiful. Well, I plugged those babies in and the top half of the tree on the left side will not light up! I was out there shaking the top, hoping that it was a short, but no. Now, my neighbors will think I am a crazy lady, sure I looked silly! Ignore the cords at the bottom, this is definately a hazardous entry, I will complete it with the garland around the door frame and hide the cords in that tomorrow, hopefully it will be a little bit warmer!

This is the entry way from the front door! I am so excited about the singing and dancing Santa Claus, he is as big as I am. Only bad part, in the middle of the night, I think that he looks like an intruder!

This is our main tree, you know, the one that Santa will visit. Aron, my husband, is concerned anout all of the garland on the mantle, he thinks we will not be able to have a fire in the fire place! Boo!

This is the book shelf, it looked so naked, so I topped it with some garland! Then, I thought that the hutch needed a little something something! I know, this is a lot of Christmas! It is my favorite!

This is my chicken tree. It still needs some work, I will be adding the red ribbon below the tree. It will be just precious!
The last photo is of the gold tree, it sits in our office in front of a window that looks out into our neighborhood.

Well, now you can see how I have been spending the past few weeks. I have just got to get my house ready for the big PEO meeting on this Wednesday! Hope all of the ladies love it!
Do you decorate for Christmas??
OMG! Elf is coming on in just a few minutes! What to watch??? Elf or Extreme Home Makeover?


Kelly said...

OH your decorations are SO great!!!! I love all of your trees! I have a gold tree too!!! I love to decorate for Christmas but this year I just did one little tree because I'm too big to do much and I don't want to have to be taking it all down right before I deliver. ha!
Your house is beautiful!!!!!

Jenna said...

Thanks for the compliment! I went to and uploaded my background. I read that you buy baby clothes for WM - I used to do design for the George brand!