Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ummm, Santa came to our house!!

Yes, at 5:30, the lights flipped on in our house, and I could hear Sophia waking up her Aunt LeAnne.  She just kept saying, "Santa, came to our house and he brought me a princess castle.". I shook Aron out of his deep slumber (we had only been asleep for almost 3 hours.... Up late building castles, car ramps, and hot cycles), and we walked into Christmas toy wonderland!  So much fun to see Red and Aunt LeAnne checking out what Santa left.

 We had to wake Brayden up, but he was very happy once he saw a present to play with!

 yes, brayden received a package of underwear in his stocking...
 And had to try it on!  Potty training in his very near future

lipsticks for the princess

 Soap, gum, and tooth brushes are just a few of the fun items in the adult stockings.
This was just something funny for me to remember.  All Red had asked for Christmas was a castle and a princess.  Santa left the castle set up and in front of the fireplace for her to see Christmas morning. We wrapped everything else for her up.  She played with the castle and all of the furniture for a good 15 minutes (not even curious about any other gifts).  So I thought it odd to see her stop and start looking under pillows, behind the chair, under the couch and looking a little sad.  I asked her what was wrong and she sadly said, " Santa must a fugot my pincess doll for my castle". Imagine a sad little tot in a pitiful voice saying that.  It made me laugh a little and then we presented her with a gift to open.

she got her dollies...

 Not that I'm not excited about this picture of my love, but what sticks out about this photo is the open space all over the walls... I think I'm finally going to give in and hang Aron's deer heads up there.  I hope it doesn't make my home look like Animal Planet.

 he was just worn out!
Until we gave him something to unwrap.... He perked up quick
 My cooooool rider (if your a Grease 2 fan, you'll enjoy that lil bit)

Santa was very good to us this year, now onto G-Dad and Honey's house!

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