Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When ya know.. ya know....ya know what I mean?

Well, today marks 8 years of marriage, so happy anniversary!
I suppose I should go ahead and confess, I did not get you anything for our anniversary.  Honestly, I planned on getting something yesterday, but with the stomach virus hitting our house I just never made it out and about.  So, I figured I would just do a public declaration of my love for you.... so hear it goes (go and get ya a hanky, cause this maybe a tear jerker)
I am typing this out the night before our 8 year anniversary.  It is so crazy, to think that 8 years ago, we were sitting with our family and friends dancing the night away, little did I know how great the next 8 years would be.  I mean, here it is, 10 p.m. and you are sleeping in the bed, snoring (loudly) right next to me (I could not be happier, I am sure you are now not so happy since you have just read that you snore... it is okay, a lot of people do that and now about 10s of other people know).
Anyways, thank you.
Thank you for taking a chance on this basket of crazy with curly blonde hair.
I can say, without a doubt that I am a happy girl.
Seeing you at a wedding so many years ago, dancing with another, I just knew that you were the one!
I could foresee.... before I was a Foresee (ha, ya get it)?!  Anyways, I told the boy I was dancing with that you were the boy I would marry.... he laughed (he knew my dating track record).
I later told mutual friends that I could just feel it, in my heart, that if you and I could just meet, that you would know, and I would know, and that we would know that we were meant to be.
Little did I know that it would take you longer to know... ya know.
Anyways, ya figured it out, and I am forever grateful.
You have given me such a wonderful married life.
You have laughed with me during funny moments.
Held my hand in sad times.
Sat with me when I am sick.
You are my friend and my protector.
All I can say is you are fantastic!  I love you so!
Here is to another great 8.... and then some more!


Angie said...

Happy Anniversary Friend! Hope you two have many more :)

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Thank you Angie! Hope you are doing great!!