Monday, May 11, 2015

My little Olympic gymnasts

Over the past few months, we decided to enroll the kids in gymnastics.  It has been such a success.  There is running, jumping, flipping, balance beams, cartwheels (it is a tiny tot heaven).  Aron and I rush after work to get them both settled in their class and then we have to watch all of the action from another room through a window.

They have so much fun.

Aron is a little more low key than I am, but I am that parent that stands at the windows and I give thumbs up after each jump, flip, or step!  I even clap (did I mention that I am in another room)?  I just want them to know that I am their biggest cheerleader, and I want them to know that their mommy thinks that they are so wonderful at all of the things that they do.

Right now they are learning.  Not all of the times they try a cartwheel do they land on their feet, not every time that they walk on the balance beam do they do it with their head held high, and not every time that they swing on the bars can they pull themselves up all of the way, but one day.... one day, we could have a little Olympic gymnast on our hands!
even Nadia had to start somewhere!
Until then, I will just watch from the tiny closed off room (and give the other parents something to talk about)!

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Beth Roberts said...

Where do you take them? I've been looking for some place for my girls for next year - they've been BEGGING to do gymnastics for a year now!