Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Natural

Well, it is happening.  The boy has started t-ball, and when he takes the field I am one proud momma!  It is such a fun time watching him go practice, run the bases, and then when he is all dressed in his uniform....IT....IS.....SO PRECIOUS!  I just love it.

His first practice was packed with family.  That's right, we are that family that will all pack the stands for a very first t-ball practice.  We clapped and we cheered, you would have thought we were front row at the World Series.

Each practice has been more and more fun.  All of the boys understand to hit the ball and run to first
base (they were running all sorts of directions after a hit), their throwing is getting better (sometimes they even get it to the person they are supposed to throw it to), and each time they take the field they have really started to pay more attention (less dirt kicking, flower picking, and booty shaking).

This was our guy before practice one night.... let's just say that this was not our best night for t-ball.  I may have had to bribe him to get out there and play.  He was a bit grumpy and not having practice at all!  Ha!

We are a baseball loving family, so to see our guy playing for the Royals makes us so happy.
He is number 7!  Lucky number 7

This was his first hit (ignore the crazy yeller.... that may have been me).

The cheering section!

His biggest fan... sweet sister.

Posing for his picture

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