Thursday, February 9, 2017

BIG prayers for Lora!!

La casa Foresee is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  This house has been struck with a handful of different things:  strep, stomach bug, and the flu!  (I think this is where all 10s of my readers should collectively say, "whomp.... whomp!")  I have had to put a few things, that I have been wanting to do on hold....
1.  I am having a birthday party for my Baby Bear (yes, his birthday was in December.... and yes, it is February)  I am just running a few months late.  Go ahead judge me!  #WorstPartyPlannerEver
**Note to self, after I post this I need to order a birthday cake for Saturday!  (I know, I have not even ordered the cake yet and the party is in a day)!
2.  I wanted to wash all of the sheets in this house.  (whomp... whomp)!  I do not even want to get out of the bed, so disgusting sheets will have to stay on the mattress till Sunday.
3.  Lil sister has a birthday this week!  She is 19!  How did that even happen?  Katie are you reading this?  It is 19?  Right? 
4.  I was supposed to have a lunch date with my friend Lora.  Y'all remember Lora, yes?
Lora is sitting right next to me.
Anyways, the above picture was taken after dinner a few weeks ago, and when we left the restaurant, we had already planned to go to lunch and go shopping at some of the local shops on the square.  I have been looking forward to this (because, y'all, sometimes mommas just need to be with other mommas and eat, talk, and talk some more)!  It is good for the soul and sometimes that time kind of rejuvenates you and gets you ready to go back into the "motherhood trenches"!  (and all of the mommas said, "Amen!")
With all of the sickness in our house:  strep, stomach bug, and me down and out with the flu, the lunch plans have not worked out!  Since my friend just finished her radiation treatments this past week, I did not want to expose her to any extra germs!
I messaged Lora this morning to say Monday!  Monday for lunch!  Let her know we had been sick, but Monday I am all in for our lunch date!
I did not expect for her to type back that she is in the hospital and had been life flighted to a hospital in another state.
(I am just letting that sink in.... again).
So, trying to be funny I asked if she was just trying to get out of lunch!  Ha!
Waiting her response, I clicked on my FB and the first few updates were posts for Lora.
What in the world is going on here?
After I started reading all of her friends and family begging for prayer on her behalf I read that my friend had a MRI last night and the doctors saw a tumor on her brain.
First things first....
I hate that she has to go through this trial right now.
I hate this for her family.
I hate cancer and this battle she has to fight right now.

Sweet Jesus, I know that you are holding her in the palm of your great hands.  Heal my friend!  Be with her doctors and nurses as they are giving her care.  Be with her family:  her husband, her 3 children, her parents, and her brother and his family.

This morning I have been praying this for Lora.  I hope that you too will pray over her.

*  Lora... seriously!  You got this!  I am waiting for you to come on home!
UPDATE** Oh, yea, Lora, I know I said no more blogging without asking.... but I already clicked the "publish" button!  #KindaSorry #ButNotSoSorry

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