Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Sunday...

I am going on day 3 of sitting in the bed and watching television!  I am not snuggled up watching the Super Bowl, but trying to catch up on my Netflix episodes of The Queen.
*update and yes, a spoiler alert!!!
I have just finished the last episode of season 1, and I am so ready for season 2!  Heart broken that Elizabeth did not let Princess Margaret marry Peter Townsend!!  Boo!  That was her love!  Talk about rip my heart out!  This show has just shed so much light on what "may have" gone on behind the closed door... have you seen it??
Whaaa??  I know!  I do not even watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  It is just not my thing!  Half time... nah, I am sure that someone on FB will give the play by play on how awesome or not awesome it was!
I am going on day 2 (kind of day 3) of recooperting from a mystery illness.  On Friday, I finally bit the bullet and went to the dr.  I had been having a bad headache, stomach stuff, and a cough since Wednesday.  By Friday afternoon, I realized that Advil was not helping me at all.  Off to the dr I go.  After being swabbed for the flu and strep, the dr said I had neither!  Wha?  I know!  She for sure thought I had the flu, but instead treated me for strep (since Lil Red had it the week before... better safe than sorry).  I have quarantined myself from the kids and Aron since Friday afternoon, and all I have done is sleep and watch movies.
First things first...
The Legend of Tarzan
 Yeah, you're welcome 10s of readers!  That is right.  Never have I been so fascinated with jungle life, gorillas, or Samuel L. Jackson (yes, he is in this movie). 
Spoiler Alert... Tarzan may be the best thing about that movie!  Enjoy!
The other thing my attention was on... taxes.
I know, whomp whomp!  At least they are finished/ filed, so now we can enjoy our return of 10s of dollars (be jealous, be very jealous)!
The other parts of my downtime over the week have been with the man friend and the littles.  Our school district picks out a book for every child to read...
Each night, we have been able to sit together and read from our new book.  Most might find this to be boring, some may not even be reading (that is fine too), but I have really enjoyed being with my people each night before bed and learning all about Flora.  The kids have had a good time and I have most loved listening to man friend read to the kids!  So sweet, and each word he speaks melts my heart!  I just love him so much!  Such a precious daddy to our babies!
Today, the kids and Aron spent much of the day outside, enjoying another "6 weeks of winter".  Ha, it was a ridiculously beautiful day outside, the sun was out and the air was warm!  Wish I could have been out there with them, but I just opened the windows and enjoyed some fresh air (this will just have to do)!

O my goodness... so annoying!  Man friend is shrieking because his team just did something ah-mazing!!  So much for taking a nap (at 6:45, that would more than likely turn into bedtime for me at 6:45)!  Guess I need to go in there and check on him, sounded like he coulda strained a vocal chord or something!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you!!

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I love you. Feel better!