Monday, May 15, 2017

Headed to N'awlins...

Y'all, this past weekend, the man friend loaded me and the littles in the car and drove us 12 hours to New Orleans to celebrate my cousin Mary!  That is right, she has found the one that her soul loves, and his name is Kyle and together the two of them are perfection!
I must say that we had so much fun.  We were surrounded by family (literally the whole time), we dined together, and most importantly we made new memories.  Our family is kind of scattered, a few of us are here, some are way over there, then the others are down there... and with all of the distance it is not often that we are able to be together.  So, if we are given the opportunity to be in the same place... we are gonna be together.
I would jump right into the excitement of it all... but y'all knows I love to document every. single.. thing!  So, here we goes!
From my last post where I was up blogging at midnight applying my self tanner, well obvi the night quickly turned into morning.  In fact, I got about 2 hours of sleep (someone has gotta pack all of these people)! Without me, there would have been no extra clothes, no sunblock, and no blankets for the car.  I have to plan ahead for things that might be needed, so it was a late night.
We woke at 3:15 (not in the afternoon friends, the AM), I showered and we jumped in the car, but not before the near snake attack!
Yes, Lawd, a snake in the garage (you woulda thought it was the size of an anaconda... but after closer inspection it was really the size of a pencil (yes, a pencil)!  Poor snake, he never had a chance as man friend saved the children and beat the poor "pencil snake" to a pulp with a tennis racket!  Geez-us!
So, after "Serena Williams" disposed of the snake bits (in the driveway) we headed out!
I am obviously super awesome at car picks!  Could it be any more blurry, it is like my camera has been drinking!  Also, what is with my face?  Is this my best face at 4 in the morning?  Guess so.
So anyways, first family picture to kick off our fun family vacation!!
The car ride was long, but the kids were troopers.  Not a single complaint or fight.  Just naps, and movies, snacks, and asking us thousands of times... Are we there yet?  Are we close yet?  How many more hours?  How many more miles?  How many more minutes?
Seriously, thousands of times!

 Great travelers
After a long car ride we finally arrived to our destination!  The kids were in awe of all of the tall buildings and Sophia more than a few times announced she wanted to move there (just for the tall buildings)!  I reminded her all of her friends were in B-town... she quickly changed her mind!
We got to the hotel, took the kids swimming (this is their love language), and then made our way to dinner.  We ate at a place called Mutalates??  I think that was the name, it was delicious, or maybe I was just happy it was not from a McDonalds or Sonic!  My company was the best, and it was a great start to what would be a wonderful family vacation...

What a night... I was happy to get to bed and rest, possibly sleep in, but the kids had other plans and a few minutes before 6 they crept to the window to see what was happening outside!
They seriously suffer from FOMO!

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