Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ralph's with Mary and dinner at Emeril's... BAMM!

I must say, when our Mary came to visit us this past Christmas, the excitement had already started with our family.  She was newly engaged and in the throes of wedding planning!  I was sitting in the living room with my mother and two aunts and we immediately began planning the bridesmaids luncheon!  We wanted to do this for Mary and for my Aunt Diane.  FYI, planning a party from a place 12 hours away... ain't easy, but I must say that it was beautiful!!
The luncheon took place at Ralph's On The Park...
Super cute and the food was delicious... seriously wish I had a plate of shrimp and grits (for a late night snack)!  The atmosphere was the perfect to celebrate Mary and say thank you to all of the women who have been loving her so well and helping her so much to prepare for this wedding!!
We had champagne on the balcony... yes, we were all outside on the balcony, and the room was decorated like a fancy tea party.  My Aunt Lauren handmade all of the napkins and even had Mary and Kyle's monogram on them (hello, in the south we like stuff with our names on it), and my Aunt Cathy helped arrange the flowers for the tables.  Momma and I worked on the sweetest brides table for when you walked into the room.  It had pictures of Mary and Kyle, their wedding invitation, a family picture of all of us, and a wedding picture of my Aunt Diane.  We wanted to remember her.

Y'all, the day was a long one!  All I really wanted to do that night was crawl into the bed, as you can see, I had 3 little people that wanted to be in the bed with me!
Instead of bedtime, we went and enjoyed a family dinner at Emerils!  Y'all, I died and went to food heaven!  It was phe-nom!

Oh, so far it had been such a fun trip, and just to think, it was only Friday!  We still had the whole wedding day to enjoy

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