Monday, November 13, 2017

Digging for gold/ baby teeth...

Welp, it happened.
For weeks, I have been brushing these dangler teeth... that are hanging on by the teeniest sliver of a nerve (ewwwwe, I just kinda gagged thinking about this).  Daily, asking if I can pull the teeth, trying to give him apples, trying to even brush them kinda hard... and nothing.  These teeth were just hanging on for dear life!  It all ended on Saturday.  Sweet Saturday.
Brayden was eating his breakfast.... chicken biscuits from Chick fila (can we all take a moment of silence and just think about the yumminess of their biscuits???).  Anyway, while chomping away....
his tooth fell out.
He never knew it, and ended up eating it (the biscuit and the tooth).
He was a bit worried... ya know, not having any proof to show that tooth fairy that he actually lost the tooth.  Then, I told him... it is okay, it is in your belly and will come out in your poop.
His little eyes lit up...
I think he thought that I...
that we....
that I would be able...
nah, not even for that sweet little baby tooth that I have brushed for years!
We reassured him that the tooth fairy knows when this kind of stuff happens and that she would def be able to leave him a surprise under his pillow.
Well, fast forward to 8:30pm, kids were going to sleep, but this tooth fairy was worn out and told the other tooth fairy (who was not completely focused on anything I was talking about) to make sure to do tha thang.  (ya know what I'm saying?)
Ding, ding, ding..... it is 6 am (on a Sunday, time to rise and shine, because why would we want to sleep in for a few extra minutes on the weekend).  I saw Bray creep past the door (looking a bit sad), and I asked what did he get??!  $100?  $1.00?  50cents??  
He said, she forgot me!
#IWTKMFITH (figure out that one) #HA
I looked at #2Fairy and said that the tooth fairy better get his stuff together and put that stuff under the corner of a pillow.
I offered some distraction, having the kids check under the living room sofa pillows, my pillows, a random pillow on the floor, and then under Sophia's shoe... nothing.
I told Bray maybe he just missed it. 
We all walked back to his room and what do ya know....
and all was right in the world

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