Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Egg-stravaganza!!

It has only been a few days since I last shared, but much has happened with our bunch.  We have been celebrating the Easter weekend with some egg dying, church, quite a bit of discussion with the kids about why we have Easter, and then a wonderful Easter lunch at our parents house.  What a wonderful time we have shared with our family and friends...
I have obviously been busy with some SnapChat too!

Friday after work, we went and kicked off Easter festivities at Honey and G's house to dye eggs.  This is something that we get together and do each year, and this time around my sister had invited two friends, and my brother had invited someone to come too.  #TheMoreTheMerrier
Two takeaways from the night...
1.  At our family get gatherings, Alexa is normally playing in the background.  Well, maybe you can picture it... my mother (in a sweet southern accent... "Now, Alexa, can you play No Diggity... by Black Street?"  Alexa obliged, and as I sat there watching all of the egg dying happen, I was surprised that this was a normal thing for an dye party.  #WhoKnew #HadntThoughtOfThatSongSinceElectricCowboy #DontJudge #ILikeTheWayYaWorkIt #NoDiggity

2.  I was surprised to hear that egg dying was not a thing that they do with their people.  Wha?  I thought this was a "must do" for all households.  #Mistaken 

I love this tradition with our family.  We normally have others do this with us, so they were missed this time around!

Saturday was spent doing laundry, Easter Bunny basket shopping, and weed pulling.  (Note to returning readers... I coulda taken down that left over Christmas décor, but I decided to leave it up, for yet another week).  #ItIsApril

Easter Sunday.
Had our family done an Easter card... this is what it would have been!
We made it to the early service today (impressive for us).  The service was so wonderful.  The man friend and I love the speaker that comes to our church each Easter, Junior Hill.  He is a great evangelist. and a few years ago Aron went down front to be saved when Hill spoke.  I have been talking to the kids a lot about God, Jesus, following Christ, being saved, and I could tell this morning they both wanted to go forward.  I think their little nerves got the best of them.  We came home and talked about it, and they both (without me or their daddy pushing) want to go forward to be saved and ask Jesus to be in their heart.  We will see what happens, I told them that following Jesus will be the BIGGEST decision they will make in their life.  
My funny bunnies!
After church we went to Easter lunch and my parents.  We had quite a gathering of family and friends (19)!  It was a crowd... all of my favorites!!

One of my favorite things to do, is snap a picture of a family member that has fallen asleep at a family gathering.  The best part about the pics is people gather around the person and do silly things to them!  I love my Uncle David, but he just passed out during after lunch convo... so I snapped him!!

The kids Auntie and cousins, got them beach towels with rings for Easter (for a future beach trip).  Their Uncle Jason thought it would be funny to act like it was a baby.  He makes me laugh!

It was a wonderful day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night.

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