Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sob Story

This morning, I had to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and it turned out to be one of the most emotional shopping extravaganzas I have ever had!

Some of you may know, but next week is my little Lovey's 1st birthday. I cannot believe that the time has just flown by. It has been such an incredible year, and Aron and I have survived it! Our girl seems happy and likes us quite a bit, so I think that we are doing an okay job (pat of the back). I have still not planned her birthday party, but I just started today, hopefully it will be a wondermous time. I know that I should have been preparing and sending out invites, but I work best under pressure!!

So, back to the story:

I enter Wal-Mart, with my legal pad list, yes every line had an item listed. The first stop was the toy section. We had a birthday party to attend for our buddy Cade (turned 2). Then I strolled through the card section, big mistake, HUGE! I was looking for the most exciting boy card, and all that caught my attention were the following:

My Little Pony
Strawberry Shortcake
Winnie the Pooh
Sesame Street Babies
Toy Story Characters
All of these cards were for little girls, and they all had "1", First Birthday, To Our Sweet Girl, Happy Birthday.

I lost it. Yes, I wept in the card aisle. Is it possible that my baby is turning "1". Where has all of the time gone? It felt like just a week or so ago that I was holding a 7 pound baby, watching her sleep, loving the first moment she smiled! Ahh, my cup runeth over. She makes me so happy and proud. Now she will soon be 1!

I was just so overwhelmed. I stood in the aisle for about 10 minutes, crying. Then I walked to the party stuff, and cried when I saw they had napkins and plates that say "first birthday" and "1", so I proceeded to cry and by 7 packages of napkins and 8 packages of plates?? (hello, no party planned, no guests invited, but I have the mother load of paper products!

My baby is growing up. Please tell me I am not alone. Were you or are you emotional when your baby turns another year older?
I am sure that a lot of this is because I am pregnant. My hormones are crazy, and did I mention while crying I was glistening like a pig (please I am from the south, we do not sweat we glisten).

Love yal!



Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. My baby just turned two (he is my second and probably last child) and after I put him to bed the night before his birthday and just bawled. I cried myself to sleep. It's normal (I hope - ha!)don't worry :)

Alicia said...

Oh girl, I bawled over each of babies turning, 1, 2, 3, etc. Daulton will be 11 next month, and trust me, when he blows his candles out, I will have tears in my eyes! I cry after I drop them off on the first day of school, and cry again leaving the school on the last day. I bawled like a baby at both kindergarten graduations, and when Daulton has his 4th grade walk this past June, I couldn't even see him my eyes were so teary! Trust me, you aren't the first to cry in the card isle at the Supercenter! Been there done that!

Erin said...

My baby just turned one last Saturday. She is the second and all I can say is if you thought the first one went fast, wait until your second one turns one!

Nancy Bane said...

Talk about emotional! Any tiny little thing that has to do with Dalton starting kindergarten has had me BAWLING. I will be dehyrated, for sure, from all the crying!