Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacation, the first few days!

For the past few weeks, our family has been on vacation! Woo-Hoo! It was such a great time. We went to Orange Beach (this is in Alabama (down the way from Gulf Shores), and it was so beautiful! We were a little nervous because of an oil spill (you may have heard of it) that had happened, but we went ahead with our planned vacation. Yay!

Lovey and I went down a few days ahead of Aron (he came with the brothers), and I rode with Momma, Daddy, an'em (Kaite Grace and Mags). The 13 hour was very eventful, seeing as how I had to yak at every McDonald's from here to Little Rock. Yes, I became very familar with every Stop n Go, Come n Go, and Gas n Fill (I am not proud of this). So, the trip started a little rocky! (sorry that there are not any pictures).

We got to the beach and it was so nice. No smell of oil, no sight of oil, but the clean up crews were everywhere. There were definately not a lot of visitors, which was so sad. All of the beaches had double red flags, meaning that the water was closed/ health risk (if you swim in it you could possibly have another arm growing out of your head or your skin could fall off (okay, it did not say that, but I am thinking worst case scenerio), but FYI, that did not scare some people away, the water was filled with people. Shocking!! I was surprised! Would you swim in the water? Just curious?

It was really beautiful though. Until the twista came.

Seriously, have you ever seen such a thing, it was called a water spout, but I ran through the condo, waking people up from naps and interrupting bathroom breaks yelling "itsa twista", just a water spout. Whatever. It was so cool to watch.

Once the whole family arrived, all was good. We spent our days reading, playing Yahtzee, Balderdash, and laying in the sunshine. We did a lot of swimming, eating, and watching of ESPN (yuck). It was so fun to be with family. While we were there, we celebrated Momma and Daddy's 35th wedding anniversary.

The happy couple. We learned all about how they knew each other in jr high, my momma had another boyfriend (my dad wanted her to drop that zero and get with a hero) (those were my words not his), she would drive by his house and slouch down in the drivers seat (he never even noticed), when they finally began dating for about 17 years (exageration on my part), he kept asking her to marry him and she finally said yes! Yay! Then he gave her her ring (at a stop light). So romantic!! My daddy is so dreamy! I love their story, it is the sweetest, and they are the happiest couple!

This was the start to a beautiful vacation.



Kelly said...

Fun vacation! And ya'll are eating at Lagniappe - that's my favorite place to eat in Orange Beach!

Vonda Axe said...

Sophia is looking so grown up. What a fun trip!! Love your strapless dress.