Saturday, February 5, 2011

My First Adventure in Snowland!

Well, today we finally made it out of the house! Yes, we ventured out into Snowland! After being cooped up in the house all week, due to Winterpalooza 2011, we got outside and played in the snow. Our sweet friends: Erin, Jason, and little Brittney, were so nice to go out yesterday and search for Lovey girl some winter gear. They brought it over this morning, with some sleds, and out we went. Enjoy the photos!

Doesn't she look like the little brother, Randy, on The Christmas Story?? She could not move, I had her in so many layers. So surprised she could walk!

Hope you are having as much fun in the snow as we did today! We are supposed to get more tomorrow, and then about another 7-10 inches during the week! Be safe everyone!

Love yal,

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Ashley said...

Oh MY! Im surprised she could even move in all of those layers ha! Looks like she had fun though ;)