Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Did Yal Meet?

Hello sweet friends! I am looking for some comments today, so help a girl out!!

Where did you meet your spouse?

If you have not met your forever someone, where do you go to meet people? Church, the grocery store (you meet someone by checking out the lemons), a bar (I met many Mr. Not So Great Guys there), at school, weddings, the doctors office (what a great place to meet, that way they already see you when you are looking your worst!!)

How old were you when you met your person?

Was it love at first sight or it took you longer to realize he was Mr. Right?

I feel like the song, All the Single Ladies (by Beyonce) should be playing while yal are reading this!!

Love yal!


P.S. Please do not read to much into this post, I am not trying to get out and meet another hubby! I love mine dearly! Anyways, like I would have the time with the cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, and bottle feedings! Haha! Ahh-the good life!


Ana said...

I was 18 years old. We met at church, and not love at first sight... but soon after! :D

Missy said...

I was 21. We actually met through a dating service....before internet ones, so it was like a local radio station 1-800 number thing. I was so embarrassed to tell anyone that for the longest time...didn't actually tell my parents until the week of my wedding! Anyways....we talked on the phone first and then decided to meet for dinner. I knew the minute that I saw him that this was the man I was going to marry. He wasn't as convinced that soon...but soon thereafter! :)

Small world, but after we had been dating for a while we dug out old church camp pictures and 3 years in a row we are sitting next to each other for the group pictures! I recognized him name, but didn't really remember him.

God works in very cool ways!!!

I'm Just Beachy said...

We met at a bar in Illinois in 1997. I was 23 and he was 39 (which I didn't know at the time)! We were finally married last May. It was a long road for us but we have never been happier.

KerryR said...

Even though we lived like two miles from eachother our whole childhood, we didn't really become friends until my freshman year in college because he lived with his brother who I was friends with! The rest is history!