Saturday, June 4, 2011

This would sooo be the Best Show Ever!

So, my family and I were talking about the reality t.v show, Dancing With the Stars, maybe you have heard of it? We were just bringing up names of people that should totally be on the show... and I have decided to go ahead and let yal know MY list.

Seriously, I would watch the show every week to see these people dance!!!

Duane "the Dog" Chapman

My family would L-O-V-E it if he danced! Wouldn't it just be brilliant!

Mark Paul Gosselaar (aka Zach Morris)

I heart the Zack Attack!!

Justin Bieber
This is totally for the kiddies! JK- I totally have the fever!

Bill Cosby. Classic.

I know he is in his 70s but he would be great!

Billy from Billy The Exterminator

Sitting there curious? Check out his show! It is HIL-ARIOUS!

Gayle King- Just because

Gretchen Rossi from the OC Housewives

Alfonso Ribeiro- AKA Carlton Banks!!

I know- right! Where has he been? He should totally make his come back and be on DWTS!

TA DAAhhhhh! Tori Spelling!

Love her and would watch every Lifetime movie with her in it! Mother Can I Sleep With Danger?- it is epic!! I would also watch the Bravo shows Tori and Dean over and over and over!

Mark Consuelos- need I say more?
Kylie Minogue

Girl is a super star singer- The Locomotion, "girl totally brought that back!" and she is a cancer survivor! Hello!

Holy sweet sweet 80s Memories!

Kirk (ya coulda been my boyfriend if my dad woulda sent ya my fan mail) Cameron!

He would be my favorite, and I love that he has become a God lovin man.

And for the sports fanatic... Michael Jordan

Sure he can play ball.... but can he dance?

What do yal think? If you could have a certain person on DWTS, who would it be?

Love yal!


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Erin said...

Carlton Banks hosts a show on the Game Show Network called Catch 21.