Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes all, it is time for embarrassing moment #----, well I am not sure what number this is... but I know this will be another moment for the books!

I let yal know that I was in a wedding for my friend Erin....I love that girl! To prepare for wedding day extravaganza 2011, I went and got my nails shuzzed up and my hair did- a little pamper "me" time (it was so nice)!

And here is my moment....

As a mother, I am learning that your time is totally about your children (which I am completely okay with this). I wake in the morning to sweet babies with happy smiles and dirty diapers, then I whip up a breakfast for a very good eater and feed a meal to a child who loves to spitobber (this is a combination of spit and slobber) his baby foods at the momma (this child will remain nameless- but here is his picture.

Then I bathe and clothe this sweet babes. We play, we snack, we change diapers again (you catch my drift). There are days when I do not shower or do my hair, I sometimes will get to brush my teeth close to noon (if I do not have somewhere to go any earlier..DO NOT JUDGE)or apply the much needed concealer (this is okay, totally not a pity party). Onto my story.....

Sometimes, when I am getting the "others" ready, I am not so focused on what I am doing to myself. I have been known to wear clothes with spit up down the back or even wearing a skirt that maybe too short and may show ever so slightly the unsightly leg of my spanx (yowza, I know!) On this day, I pulled on my brand new shorts (from the Old Navy) and then pulled off the price tag from the said new shorts. I glanced at my "Heidi Klum-ish" looking body (just kidding) and walked out of the door with the babies (who looked precious as always). I drop these babies at momma n ems house (thank you for baby sitting) and picked up my sista and off we went to get our hair did! LOOK OUT!

So, if you are keeping count, I have seen my momma and now my sister....then I walk into the hair place and see 2 of my BFF's Erin (mani and pedi, for her as it was her wedding day on Saturday) and Brooke (who was getting a mani pedi bc she is the maid of honor, and thats just how we roll).


Now if you are keeping count, I have seen momma, katie, erin, brooke, the nice lady that checks you in for your appointment, some boy at the counter, and a lady who was checking out, and three small girls (all under the age of 13). That is a lot.

So, anyways, getting my hair done the eyebrows are waxed,...... I then get hot and think that I am getting sick (false alarm) but I decide I do have to go pee....... walk in the bathroom look in the mirror (make sure that my face is not too red from the brow waxing and what catches my attention but "old yeller", (YIKES...this is not a name that I call my parts), but this is what I call these canary yellow, old, granny looking, post- prego drawers that I wear (totally for comfort purposes).


In all of the rushing in the morning... I forgot to XYZ (examine your (MY) zipper)


So, has this happened to you? If you see a poor soul that has not XYZ'd that morning, do you tell them or do you let them go on their merry unzipped way? Would you tell a friend? Would you stop a stranger (they may think that you are odd since you were looking in that region)?

Needless to say, I have checked my zipper each morning, and as for"old yeller" well, I threw her out.

Hope that this brightens your day.... if not, maybe these guys will help!!

Ahh, the man that loves me... no matter the embarrassing moment or that I had a pair a drawers that I wore and referred to as "old yeller"!!

Love yal!



Cory said...

Love that story! I would have told ya! I would tell anyone. :) I hate when I get home and I have mascara running down my face from being in the wind and haven my eyes water, or haven food stuck in my teeth and NO ONE tells me. :/ I think it is just RUDE!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. ya know i would have told you :)