Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dead or Alive..............

Recently, I took my baby sis (who is not a baby, but a 13 year old woman) and the 2 kiddos to a local safari. Yes yal, here in the great state of Arkansas we have a local safari. It is packed with lions, tigers, ostrich, peacocks, kangaroos (whom you can pet), a scary turkey (who is a lurker turkey), bears, deer, hippo, and monkeys. There are so many other animals, but I really need to get to the story!

Maybe if you have been there you have seen this guy....

Does he look familiar? (probably not, since I took his photo off of a baby monkey website and made it look like a WANTED poster) but his brother or cousin or some other relation is at this safari! This distant relative monkey that is at this local safari is cute from a distance but he is tough yal- a real go getter!

On to the story.....

Remember these girls????

Aww yes, my precious and my full of life and happiness, they did not know what would await them at the park!!!

This is not their happiest picture from the visit, but it will do.

So we walk up to a cage of baby monkeys. Ahhh- I know, I know, some of you are like how sweet baby monkeys and the other buncha bloggers are like eww a place that cages baby monkeys (they should be Born Free), anyways... yes, 3 monkeys in a cage.

So we walk upon them. The monkeys are frozen (not literally, it was like 80 somethin' degrees outside) but just still as statues. I promise that they were like the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Do No Evil monkeys. Lovey is bent over at the cage, saying "oooo-ooo- (these are her monkey sounds)" so cute she is! I am saying, "yes, those are monkeys."

As a mother, I am checking out the surroundings...

the poop build up in the cage (gross), the kids at the next animal (noticing how loud they are and how they might scare the animals), I then remember that movie Outbreak (yikes, shoulda never thought of that!, it is about a diseased monkey who bites someone and nearly wipes out the whole population (McDreamy is on that!!), and then I see this......

I laugh at this sign now, because the special diet is little red headed bundles of sweetness!!

Not a moment goes by that I look down and the baby monkeys (awwww) start jumping up and down and one starts to run to the back of the cage, then I see a skinny baby monkey arm with the longest fingers ever reach his hand out of the cage.........

this is right before the "incident"

he reaches for Lovey (the orange bow on her shoulder).... then he proceeds to pull her to the cage. He was trying to pull her through the cage (I guess he thought that they needed another monkey in the cage). Sophia is not reacting, just confused, then she see the baby monkey teeth! A little tear comes to her eye, then there was a scream of shear terror (so loud, blood rising), it was Aunt Kitty (little sister). She scared the whole groupa people around us and then she SCARES Sophia. I was already in the process of grabbing the hand of the monkey.. it was just disastrous!

I did not want to scare the whole park! My child was not hurt! Then Lovey starts screaming and crying, Katie is scared to death, and then I look like the crazy non-reacting mother- so embarrassing!
Yep, that is him.

We were not laughing that day, but today after our emotional scars have healed, we laugh!

Besides that (and that unfortunate snake slitherin' off of a cage to (sis and baby girl), the local safari is SO MUCH FUN!!

It was a good time! There is also a drive through part and it is filled with the coolest animals, we had a blast!

Love yal!


P.S. we do not really want the crazy monkey dead! do not call PETA on me, I am a lover of animals!!

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