Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini Family Reunion!

While we were on vacation, we had a "mini" family reunion! My cousin, Michael and his wife Joani, her momma, and then their sweetie pie children Carter and brand new baby Madi Kay came down to visit for the day. There was some fun in the sun, a little bit of a photo shoot, and then a family dinner. We had such a fun time being with family!!

Sophia and Carter

In this photo, it looks like she may not have loved this time, but she just did not want to smile for me! She and Carter ran all over the place!!
Here we are... all of the cousins.

Ignore that I am wearing white ankle socks and holding a naked rolly polly baby!

So much fun!
Man shot!

My cousin Michael and Brayden
Joani and I trading babies- I could have stared at Madi Kay all day. She is so sweet yal, I just love a baby girl! I could have kept her in my pocket, and then given her back when she cried or had a poop diaper!

Sophia, Carter, and Brayden
They were getting to know one another

I might have had a death grip on this bundle of sweetness! Love her!

Ignore the afro-ish hair, this is what I look like after a day at the beach.

It is big yal!

(I should do a post one day to show you what it looks like brushed- a mess)

Daddy (Uncle Mike) and Carter

What a fun visit with the Mulhearn bunch!

Missing them so much!

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