Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Long, Farewell

I know that we have been home from our family vacation for 2 months, so I guess it is time that I go ahead and wrap up the posts!! It was such a fun time at the Turquoise Place. The condo/ living quarters were amazing! 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen for a royal family, the lazy river right below us, the beach right outside our window! It was such a wonderful getaway!!

We relaxed.....

We feasted on the most fabulicious food. Brayden was in heaven!!

We walked on the beach

Eating again... my baby sister made up some "fly off the plate pancakes/ waffles"...

See the pile of pancakes on the plate...well within minutes they flew off the plate into our bellies. Thus the name...fly off the plate cakes!

Daddy played with his grand babies!

Brayden and Sophia love their G-Daddy!!

Katie and her friend. Why ever they look so pretty, it was only 7 or 8 am!??

Love him

Coffee time for the brothers....
I am not sure about this photo... why were they hiking their legs up? Cannot remember.... what happens at the beach.... stays at the beach.. So odd, but still funny.

Aron... so happy for coffee. We do not have it at home, the smell makes me yak! But it was vacation, I guess he was so happy to have a cup!

Momma made Sophia a breakfast of whip cream, yogurt, and berries. Yes, when at the beach we sometimes forgo the eating utensils.

Ready for a day on the beach

We celebrated Momma and Daddy's anniversary.

Yes, ladies and gents if you need someone to decorate cakes.... I am available!

34 years! Those love birds!!!!

The view.... so wonderful.

Just another picture of us looking at the view..... so wonderful..

We were obviously very excited about the fridge. We could not believe the size. We felt like we could have been on an episode of MTVs Cribs!!

Uncle Jason and Brayden

Me and my lil man.

The babies!!!

I look forward to this time with my family. It is a lot of family time, but these are my people. We fellowship, relax, play games, swim, and just enjoy this time together. I do not know what we will do when my brothers start bringing a fiance/ wife and have children or Aron and I have more children...we may have to rent out a resort!!

Bye Bye Summer Vacation 2011, until next year!!!

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