Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh So Tacky!!

There is one thing that the fam and I love to do while we are on vacation. We L-O-V-E to eat us some good food! There is one place we go to at the beach.....wait for it.....Tacky Jacks! O my sweet goodness, I can almost smell the yumminess! They serve helpings that could feed a big ole man!! It is so good, and I will clean my plate every time, (seriously, I use the bacon to soak up the left over syrup and grits!)

It is such a touristy fun place to visit, and if you are in the Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores area go and hit it up!!

I heart Tacky Jacks!!

It is right on the water and you can feed the fish! Sophia loved this!!
Momma, Aron, and Brayden, Daddy, and Jason
Uncle Richard and Sophia

Do not even ask what Aron is doing....

The sweet couple

The wee babes!

Just a reminder for me...this was the first time Brayden ever sat in a high chair. Sniffle... the memories made at Tacky Jacks!! Haha! Don't ya love that Sophia is using an IPhone in this pic. Seriously..what did parents so at restaurants before IPhones- such a distraction for the lil ones!

See the smiles before we ate...I did not have the strength for an after shot!

Good stuff!

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