Monday, October 22, 2012

Spook-tacular Pumpkin Carvin' Event

Where have we been?  22 days and no pictures, no blogging, nada mucho!  I have been preparing, cleaning, getting my home all spooktacular and fall fabulous, okay, I have just been hanging out with the family and being lazy!  Makes me sad, because next year at this time I may look at the blog and wonder what we were doing, and I will have nothing to look at!
Last night, we had our family over for a pumpkin carving party!  We had dinner and I watched my people carve pumpkins... I just snapped the pictures (pumpkin guts just ain't my thang)!  Enjoy!!
Family Portrait... 3 outta 4 are looking at the camera, this could be a framer!
Here is our fall decor... I was going for fall fabulous with a tinge of Halloween look.  I am happy and the kids love it... too bad it will all be coming down on November 1st!!  Yay for Christmastime!
Come on in!
 Our annual pumpkin carvin' party was catered!  I must say that the cooks came in and made a wee bit of a mess, but their treats were delicious!
My little cooks!
Aron was such a hu-mungo helper!  He cleaned all day while I monitored the little chefs!
Mercedees, Richard, and Baby Bear
Uncle Jason and Red
 The carvin'
 Poor B- he just had to entertain himself while we focused on the carvers!

 Aunt LeAnne helping Sophia decorate her baby pumpkin
Daddy telling Katie to cut the top at an angle or your top will fall right on through!
Carving 101!

Mercedees was all cut up by the end of the night (she received Disney Princess bandages for her wounds)!
Too full to carve!
 Aron and LeAnne
Pre-carving.... visiting
 Can you find Jason?  Nicole and I have so much curly hair and J was lost in it!

 Me and my momma

 Happy Fall Y'all!


Cory said...

I love all your fall decorations! You always look like you are haven a blast with all your people!

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Thank you Cory! It was fun to put up, but I am just itching to put up some Christmas!!!

Mara said...

Caryn, you are always so festive! Can't wait to see all the christmas decor...