Sunday, September 30, 2012

The "Visitors"

Don't ya just love when you have some unexpected house guests just "pop in"?
Well, today was just one of those days, where the kitchen was not clean, I was not clean (shocker), and piles of laundry sat in the floor, and where was my husband.... on call and out working!
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(Obviously that pic is not me and my house. We don't have a cat and I would never wear that color green... what?  green is just not my color (I'm more of a pink or sweatsuit kinda girl)!  Everything else, looks very similar to la casa de Foresee.)
Well, my visitors burst in!  They demanded juice, candy corns, and pumpkins (such odd demands, I am aware)!  They came in and just like that... they were gone.
I love today.
It is not that often you get to sit and chat it up with a princess.......
 a cowboy.....
and my ever so precious neice

Just a little side note.  Red saw some pumpkins that I usually would put around the house for fall decorations, and insisted that she be able to hold one.  Well, that was 3 hours ago.  So far the pumpkin has taken a trip in the car, gone to Wal-Mart , and is still right next to her side as she sleeps. 
Guess we are done with baby dolls now!  She has been talking to the pumpkin like they are friends, I even heard her tell the pumpkin, "oh, I am just so proud of you!" Such a funny girl!
So, who has been at your house today??

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