Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Bear's First Haircut

So, for the past few months, this has been our view!  The Bear's hair is everywhere!  It is up, it is down, some is curly, it is crazy, and I am such a fan of this wild look!
Over the past few days, it has just taken over!  It is a baby mullet (business in the front and a party in the back!)

The curls!!!

So, today was the day.  His first haircut.
I'll tell you this, there were tears... they were mine (why ever I cried, I have no idea)!  Bray does not like for anyone to mess with his hair, we rarely even run a brush through it and we never blow dry it, he hates the noise, so I kind of thought today may not go so well.  I was right!  Poor Leah, everytime she started to cut, he yelled, "no" then turned his head away from her!  I was sweating and praying.... please don't cut off his sweet precious baby boy ears.. I love them so much!
Eventually, we all made it!  The Bear with shorter hair, Leah did not have to strap us to the chair, and I came away with a little baggy of tiny boy locks... I will treasure them always.  Sorry there are no pictures, as I had to hold Bray in the chair while Leah took tiny cuts at the locks!
Enjoying his sucker and eyeing Leah!
Next... time for Little Miss to get her hair done!
It was such a big deal, Leah shampooed her, and Sophia totally loved every minute of the pampering.
  She is such a girl!

waiting on Sophia

She even got a blow out!
So grown up!

Messy boy pre-cut!

We just love Leah!

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