Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let the decorating begin.......

A few days ago, we stopped in at my Momma's house, and helped her with 1 of her Christmas trees. 
Here was the inspiration tree, found on Pinterest, and you can see more trees here...Pretty trees!
Momma loved all of the florals in it, and I just loved everything about it!
So, off we went... a little bit of ribbon, some hydrangeas and other sprigs of pretty, two very helpful tiny tots, and an few hours later.... wa-la!
 It turned out beautiful....
The tree has everything from birds nests with tiny birds (that the kids have to frequently check on), beautiful vintage looking ornaments, flowers, crystalized looking pine needles, now that I think about it there is justa little bitta everything on this tree... but it just works!
Here are pictures of our tiny helpers...
 I think he worked on this ornament for about 10 minutes!
The big white snowflake is really for another tree, but Red insisted that it go on here!
This is just precious!
To the left of Baby Bear is a empty ribbon roll (trash), he felt it too should be in the tree!
So proud of her decorating!


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Anonymous said...

Your tree looks great!!! But how about moving it out from the corner. It looks shoved in the corner. Those pictures behind it take away from the tree and are distracting.
Please take this as constructive criticism. It really looks great but it deserves to be the center of attention.