Saturday, March 9, 2013

We're off to see the wizard....

Let's just say, I'm a little bit excited to see,
Is anyone else getting out to see it?  I am a lover of all things make believe:  good witches, bad witches, singing munchkins, flying monkeys, Emerald cities, I mean come on now, this is some good stuff!
I have enjoyed the string of movies that are Oz related, maybe you have heard of a few.....
The Wizard of Oz
 Dorothy Gail, the "chosen girl" who must save the people of Oz, all while prancing down a yellow brick road, singing songs, and sporting stylish pigtail braids.... Amazing!!  Don't forget, she gets to wear...
The ruby red slippers!
I recently saw somewhere a saying that The Wizard of Oz, is the ultimate chick movie...  Two girls fighting over a pair of shoes! Ha!
The other movie...
Return to Oz
Super creepy!  Seriously, have you watched it lately?  Maybe it would not be creepy had I watched it as an adult, but the queen who  can take her head off and on, the Scarecrow... Creep show, the whole loony bin thing, the wheelers (nightmare city)!

Maybe I should watch that one again.  Or not.
Anyways, I have a date to see the movie next week, with my baby sister, and I just love that I have a little something special to wear..... 
Ruby red slippers!!!
Try to not be jealous! Ha!
No friends, I did not go find these to wear specifically for the movie!
I have had these for 17!
I was on a homecoming court in high school and I wore a red sequin dress, which now looking back was A LOT of sequins!  My shoes matched the dress.  (I must have always known, deep down, that I would have one other time to wear those shoes!)
I asked my sister to put her tiny pup, Prissy, in a basket, for the movie.... But she looked at me like I was crazy!  I thought it would be fun:-) 
Are there any movies you are excited to see?

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