Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Missing my Buck

I haven't posted much over the past month, not for lack of things to discuss, just because I have been sad.  This past month, March 28th, my Bucky was called home.  The past few months spent with him have been bitter sweet, I was able to go to my grandparents home, visit with them, have meals, and spend time watching tv.  The last few weeks my Buck was pretty much in the bed resting.  I love that i was able to just crawl up next to him, hold his hand, close my eyes for a few minutes, or just pray over him.  Precious precious days, reminiscing about fun times but watching someone you love and adore slowly slipping away.  I am so thankful for that time.

Love your people people!  This life is so precious.  


Cory said...

So very sorry for your loss! :( What a blessing to have had such a sweet relationship. Good memories! Seems like you loved each other well! Precious moments!

Angie said...

I'm so sorry for you loss sweetie. Losing those you love is so tough. We laid both my Grandpa's and one of my Grandma's to rest within a 2 year span and although it was such a tough time, I have so many wonderful memories of them that I hold on to dearly. Sending you so much love and many prayers.

Angie said...

Love your people people...WELL SAID CARYN! Your gpa seems like he was such a sweet man. I love the pirate pics.