Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back-trackin' a few months...

So much has been going on during the past few months, I will save all of that for another post, because tonight I'm talking birthdays.  (if you are not into family birthdays or my family and their birthdays, then you may want to skip this post) I was going through my camera yesterday, and realized..... ummmm, I forgot to document this, and that, and then that moment, and then another, so this post is all of the family birthdays.  Oh, reminiscing as I look at all of the fun photos!
First stop on memory lane is Moss' birthday.  What?  You don't know what a Moss is.  Well, this is what we call our grandmother.  Yes, you may call yours grammie, MamMaw (this is a personal favorite of mine), MeMaw, MawMaw, Honey (this is another personal favorite) and then there is Moss.  I am not sure where Moss came from, I blame it on my cousin Michael, he said it and then it stuck.  He called my grandfather Poss, I tried that for some 30 years and switched it up to Bucky.  Anyways, so much information.... back to Moss.
 This is my Moss.  She is seriously the most precious woman ever.  If ya ever meet her, you would wanna put her in your pocket and keep her forever!
 This is Moss' sister Sarah.  She is just as great as Moss (so, if you are putting Moss in your pocket, go ahead and take her sister Sarah and put her in the other)
 My sister Katie and my Aunt Cathy
 You know those 3
 Moss and the babies.  They love her so!
Now, let us go to Momma's birthday!  Happy birthday to my Momma!  My Moss had our family over on Momma's big day.  We feasted on steak and all of the fixins.  I cannot even put into words how thankful I am for my mother.  To me she is the most wonderful, kind, amazing girl I know.  She is also my best friend, my helper when I need her and a listener when I just need to talk.  Such a blessing to be her daughter...

 Momma seeing her cake for the first time... It was a Blue Willow cake and it was so cool!
 This was no Betty Crocker cake!
 The "Non Trapp" family singers were getting warmed up.  (If I can ever get the video to upload, you must come back and listen!  It was AW-FUL!!)
 Hummmmm.  Jason, starting us off.
We just loved celebrating our girl!!
 Uncle David had a big birthday too!  I must say, having my Moss and Uncle David here in town is so much fun.  We love seeing him when we stop over and visit.  The babies especially love his cat, Pearl (well, they love/hate the cat, they love her from across the street when we are sitting in the car, but they pray for that cat at night)!HA!

 While we waited on dinner, we decided to go play pool at Uncle David's house.
 Blowing out the candle, and it looks like Moss was making a wish for him.
Moss and her 2 boys.
 Jason and Uncle David
 The bruthas.
Jason is one of my brothers.  He had a birthday in September.  Aron fried catfish and we all sat around and watched the Razorbacks.  The birthday boy, food, and family and friends were fun, but the game.... well, not so much.
 Jason and 2 of his very best friends (Cole and Mikey)
 Sheena and Maison (you look at this little girl, and immediately start thinking it is baby time all over again)!  She is such a doll and Sheena is such a sweet momma!
 Baby brother, Richard
 Me and Momma

 I know what he is thinking in this picture... "really Caryn, another picture?"
 See.... look at Uncle David, he is thinking babies are precious and maybe I need one!

My SIL, LeAnne, also celebrated a birthday.  We invited them all over for dinner and cake!
 Brayden asking for cake.

All in all, we just love to party!!  It is so much fun to be with the people that you love the most, and celebrate them being born!!
(With all of this birthday talk, I am really wishing I had a big ole piece of cake!!


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