Sunday, March 2, 2014

I never thought I'd be saying this.....

This past week, I called Aron just to check in and see how his day was going. A few minutes into our conversation I found myself saying something that I have never uttered in all of my married life..... "honey, let's go camping".
I'm going to let that sink in for the people that know me.
Still sinking in, huh.
Sometimes, I just get a crazy idea. This week, it was completely brought on by my work. I had been going to a lot of stores, looking a products for hiking, tailgating, and camping, checking out websites, and reading all of these blogs and seeing the fun stuff that people think are the best things eva! It got me very excited about the thought of being outdoors, and I just cannot wait to go camping!
I have even started thinking of all of the things that we will need.....
1. tent
yes, a tent. We have friends that have campers and such, but we are getting a tent. (Aron wants a camper, this could possibly change). Tents have come a long way baby.
and then, I saw this tent at Sam's Club. Hello a monster size tent with a 60 second set up??
I feel I must have it. Look at how happy these campers are setting it up. Could it possibly be this easy and fabulous?
We shall see if Aron and I are anything like this!
2. food
3. coolers
4. mattress
5. sleeping bags or blankets
6. cook wear
7. can opener
8. toilet paper
9. toothbrush and paste
10. antibacterial soap
11. baby wipes
12. deodorant (wha? just cause I'm in nature don't mean I wanna smell like it)
13. cell phone (hello, haven't you seen any camper slasher movies?)
14. paper plates, napkins, cups, dishes (of the paper nature)
15. matches
16. marshmallows
17. sticks for 16
18. kid potty
19. plenty of coca cola
20. pillow
21. bikes
Ummm. I do not have a bike.
22. camping chairs (of the Kijaro version, gotta represent!)
Now that I start to think about all of the things to get I am thinking that the car is going to be a little cramped! Ha!
So, are you a camping mama? Are you a camper or a glamper? Do you take your littles on your big adventures? I am so excited about ours, the kids, and my husband are just going to love it!!


Nancy Bane said...

Caryn - we go camping at least 2x a year and LOVE it. You should go with people that have most everything though before you go spend a fortune on camp gear. Seriously. There's stuff you THINK you need/want and you don't, and then stuff you never even thought about that you NEED.

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Nancy! I'm so excited, but know nothing about camping needs for sure, or camping with kids! Do your boys have a good time and are you able to have a good time with them??

lklomicka said...

I just happened upon your blog today and your post is perfect! We are big campers :) We have 2 little ones. I guess my biggest advice would be pack what you think you need and then take more. More clothes, more food, more blankets, etc. We always have more than 1 pair of shoes in case 1 is wet so they can rotate. It can sometimes get colder than you think at night (I'm not sure where you'll be camping) but no one sleeps when they are cold! Plan out your meals ahead of time, just easy things. Take plastic tubs to wash pots/pans in. This is going to sound gross, but you may want to take a 5 gallon bucket with a lid for the "porch" area of your tent. If one of your littles has to go potty in the middle of the night and you don't want to have to walk through the woods to the bathroom..... I've got a lot more but this could turn into a book. Good luck! Lisa in Colorado

Angie said...

We camp about 1/2 the summer. We used to tent camp but now that there are 5 of us we have moved up to a camper. We started with a pop up and now have an RV. Keep in mind we camp A LOT!!! I'm sure you all are going to have a blast. It's a wonderful way to just bond and make memories as a family. BTW don't forget sunscreen & bug spray :)