Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's the weekend....

I must say, this weekend has been a bit more low key than the last.  The kids and I have been out and about with Moss and Uncle David.  We were treated to lunch at a local hot spot, The Station, and then a walk on the square.  I must say, my moments with this bunch are memorable.
This is my Moss (grandmother).  I love that she loves a good hair bow!  (Family, please do not be concerned that she is wearing hair bows in public, I mean in this photo she is wearing a hair bow in public, but Sophia had placed it on the table, therefore the bow was fair game).
 After lunch Sophia took a spin in the little ole truck on our local square.  It is a tiny tot size replica of Sam Walton's ole truck.  Wha?  Who is Sam Walton?  Hello, he is B-town royalty!  He is the founder of a little store, maybe you have heard of it, Wal-Mart.
Anyway, here is Red in the truck.

 We checked out the 5&10 store.  Our big purchases were big lips.....
 It looks as if I am trying to be seductive, but I was not.  Sophia refused to smile (I wanted to pose with the lips)  She was not impressed so I am making a sad face as well.
Other purchases included a package of army men (Brayden is in heaven)
 a wind up walking chicken, a Easter egg pen, and the clapping monkey.  This brought us much fun!  The kids really enjoy putting smaller toys in between the monkeys cymbals and then saying,  "ouch" like the thing is hurt.
 Oh, our Moss spoils us!

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