Tuesday, March 4, 2014

and..... another snow day!

Last night, I saw all of the Facebook posts updating me on the latest school closings.  Guess what, B-town was on it again.  If B-town closes then our child care is closed (womp...womp), not really.  I secretly enjoy these extra moments with the littles.  It is nice to every now and again, roll out of bed, take a shower, and sit on the couch and watch 2 hours of Disney Jr (don't judge).

Photo: I think this sums up everyone's outlook on the Wintry Weather & all the locals with school-aged children out again tomorrow! Just think of the variety of liquids you can put in a coffee cup!!
Thank you Cheryl Wright for the awesome picture I snagged from your FB!
Just kidding, that really does not happen on these snow days (I do not have that many wrinkles).  Today we have been busy.  We feasted on powdered donuts and waffles, then gathered around the computer for some Starfall sing along songs..... enjoy....
your welcome.
(Also,I do not know why it is on it's side, so you are very welcome!)
Then, I spent the next 30 minutes or so looking for clothes to layer on the kids.  We have been watching Frozen on ITunes for a whole day now

 so the big thing on our to do list is......
building a snowman???
So, I aim to please.
Let me just say, getting other people (little people) and yourself dressed to play outside in 20 degree weather, not fun.  You have to get yourself dressed first, because heaven forbid you dress the tots and them make them wait for a few minutes while your throw on 4 pair of leggings and sweats, and find at least one pair of matching gloves.  So, I get clothes out, hats, scarves, socks, shoes, coats, and dress these people.  I get Red dressed, then I go to the Bear.  Ten minutes in to the Bear being dressed and acting like dead weight as I pile on the clothes (every shirt I put on him he got weaker and weaker.... clothes to my children are like kryptonite to Superman, they don't mix, we enjoy necked Tuesday (necked is naked to anyone not in the south).
So, he is almost dressed and guess who has to pee.....
Well, I'll let you know it wasn't me and it wasn't the Bear.
It's always something!
Anyways, finally they are ready, I am already dressed (remember I had to get dressed first), and please note I am a sweaty mess.  Red even said my head was raining, thanks sister.
So, I have them at the door to get out, then I realize.... umm, I need a picture.
Yes, I am that mother that documents everything these people do...

Poor babies, they had on so many layers that they would not even bend very well, and ignore that Red has on "blue" gloves, I had to listen to her cry about how blue is the worst color ever, no one wears blue but Brayden, I am mean... you get it?
We go out, and had so much fun!  The getting ready, not so much, but the fun times with my babies..... priceless.
I love to hear their shrieks of excitement when they throw the snow, or lay down in it, or laugh when they try to eat it (but their coats were in the way of their tiny mouths so it just did not work very well)

We played for an hour or so, and then came in.  I now have 4 new loads of laundry to do!
I made a healthy lunch of Totino's frozen pizza, cheese sticks, and powdered donuts (wha?  they expire tomorrow, so I'm pushin the donuts).  Of course, the birds ate nothing!
A few minutes later, we snuggled in my bed while I answered emails.
I turned on my phone so we could hear Elsa sing.... Let It Go, and after that song....
Red was out.

So, peaceful.  I love my girl so very much.  It sometimes takes my breath away.
Then, my guy was asleep a few minutes later....
He has stolen my heart with his sweet cheeks and perfect shaped mouth.

I will just say, some of you may not enjoy these days locked up with the littles..... but I am just soaking them in.  It won't be like this forever.
Also, I know that many of you are probably over the Let It Go song from Frozen, but Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Idina have a new version.... I really do enjoy it (and just an FYI, I thought that she sang beautifully at the Oscar's the other night)!



Angie said...

Ha Ha- I had to laugh at your description of getting ready to play in the snow. I totally relate! It's definitely one heck of a chore to get everyone ready and out the door. Looks like you all had a great day though :)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Haha, love that image of the doggie. Too funny!