Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Throwing It Back....

I'm throwing it way back!
I know, I know, after yesterday's post what could I possibly be up for discussing?  After a day like that, there isn't much.  I figured, since I am short on words, stories, and brain power at the moment, but I really want to keep the blog momentum going, that I will participate in those #TBT.  (this means throw back Thursday..... like many many Thursday's ago).  All the kids are doing it these days.
So, here are some throw backs...
Halloween (I am assuming).  I think that my MamMaw made me that costume, and I am pretty sure that my mother dolled me up with the rouge.
Me and J.  We were two peas in a pod and we still are, best friends.  Even though he is younger, he has always been my protector.  Yes, my hair..... my momma would just do little ringlets with her finger and they would stay.

Just when you think you could not have enough love in your heart for another brother, it all changes because we gotta a Richard.  I'm so lucky to have these boys, my early years would have been super boring without these two!

Here we are, the Curry 5, Easter or Mother's day I think, takin' it back to 1983

Seriously, what family doesn't dress their babies up like they are Hawaiian tourists??  All outfits were supplied by our MamMaw and PapPaw.  FYI, we did not live in Hawaii, we were in Monroe! 

Yes, even as an older child my mother still ringletted my hair with her finger and did not really brush it out.  Church pictures at their finest.

Maybe I should have continued to let my mother ringlet my hair when I was in junior high, because brushing it was def not the way to go.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you never want your daughter to ever have a boyfriend growing up.... allow her to brush her natural curly hair and feather her bangs like so.  Also, make sure that she uses so much Rave hairspray that it almost looks like lice.  Only a face a parent could love!  Ha!

Then there came our Katie.  Who knew I'd be heading off to college and my parents would be having another baby.  Ummm, not me, or my brother, or my other brother (or my parents for that matter)!  It was probably the best thing that ever happened to the Curry Crew.  Katie Grace came into the world and made it a brighter place, forever my "Boo".

My family, way, way, way back when!!


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Angie said...

Great photos! I had to chuckle at that brushed hair. It was all the rage those days though. Oh and that clown outfit, cutest outfit ever!!!