Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This time last week......

Well kids, this is two days in a row!  Shocking, I know.  I have decided to take time out for myself, blog, and let my kids and husband run wild!  No, Fo Real!  One child just ran in the room with only a diaper on (I guess some of us are preparing for "naked Tuesday", and the other child just ran in to tell my about a movie she has been watching on Vudu.... Ummm, she says it's creepy and it has a guy named Frank (I guess I need to look into some sort of  parental controls). I'm telling ya, it is parenting at it's finest over here folks! Ha!
Anyways, about this time last week, we were at the beach.
Sniffle....sniffle!  Seriously, tearing up right now.  It had been five days at the beach, and things were going great.  I was finally relaxing, I had totally dropped that whole diet thing (I was back to my usual cola and cookie 2 cookie breakfast (and not feeling bad about it all), and my tan...... okay, there was no tan, but still people were able to look at me on the beach and not put on their sunglasses due to the bright white light (my skin)!
We had played all day, would swim for hours in the ocean, we even had to evacuate the water  a few times because of the occasional shark (No Fear, this is my motto)
and then there was that whole "Danger Stranger" situation and he broke my finger.......I KNOW!  You read that right!  "Danger Stranger"!  He broker my finger!  My digit!  My falange!  Okay, I guess this calls for a story.
Picture it, I was out gallivanting on the beach, minding my own business....
I know, I know, I just gallivanted all day long... just me and my buoy!  Ha!  I seriously cannot find a picture of me on the beach when I am not running, so I guess this one will just have to do! Giggle!
Alright, this is me right before I am gallivanting down the beach, with not a care in the world.
When all of a sudden I see my bruthas and husband playing a little game of catch in the ocean.  Well, they looked like they were having so much fun, and I just thought, I used to play some ball back in the day.....(I was going to post a picture, but of course, there is nothing to be found to document this time in my life)  My mother says I was not very good, but she said I ran beautifully (after a strike out.... to the dugout, with pointed toes), anyways I digress....  Back to the story..
So, I played ball, and if I can remember correctly I can throw some serious stuff (I mean, hello, I throw toys in closets and under beds all day long), so I decided to join them on their game!  (I'm sure they were thrilled).  So, we are out there (I'm constantly checking the waters around me for any friends (of the jelly nature or and meat eaters),  and catching and tossing around the ball..."just one of the guys".  When all of a sudden, we'll call him "Danger Stranger" (because, he looked a bit dangerous and HE WAS A STRANGER!!) swims up and starts throwing the ball with us.  Ummmm, okay, rude much, hello, family bonding time.  Geez!  Anyways, "Danger Stranger" is obvi not interested in going anywhere but hanging with our crew (he may have thought one of my brothers was a Duck Dynasty extra, and was hoping for a tv spot.
okay, the Dynasty brother that can spell blood with his fingers. He is funny and has super bendy fingers!  If any members of the "Bloods" (Moss.... the Bloods are a gang, and are not very big in our town) are reading my family blog, I hope this does not offend, we just sometimes just like to spell out things with our hands instead of talking (it's just how we roll).
 As the game of catch went on, I was getting skipped quite a bit.  Normally, I would just bow out and take the hint that I am not wanted, but not that day!  Nope, not leaving.  So "Danger Stranger" gets the ball and looks at my husband who was obviously not the next one to have the ball tossed too, it was supposed to be my turn to catch (it was as if this guy had never played this game before??? ) so,  "Danger" throws the ball (FYI, it was almost a little ridic how hard he was throwing, I mean hey guy, this is not MLB, it is catch at the beach), and I jump up out of the water....

(I'm sure it looked a little bit like Ariel jumping out of the water) and I reached out to intercept the cannon ball slung out of the barrel ball.  Ummm,  well, needless to say, I did not catch the ball, but tipped it with  my pinkie.  When I say tipped it, I mean my poor teeny tiny child like pinkie was nearly ripped off by Danger Stranger's fastball.  I tried to take it like a champ, but all I really wanted to do is shriek like a girl and run to my momma!!  At that point I realized I was probably a bit more safe in my chair, just being a watcher.  After a few days, and a few attempts of some family members jerking my teeny tiny child like pinkie finger into place, the pain subsided.
So, lesson learned.  I will not play games with strangers!!!
Memories, people!  Memories.


 I am missing the beach!!


Sara Brown said...

Oh my word, stop typing this hilarious stuff! I'm going to get in trouble at work for laughing so hard!!! Hilarious!!! ;)

So glad to read two days in a row!! Whoop whoop!


Angie said...

Oh friend, you are not the only one missing the beach. I'm already so ready to go back!!!

That story, wow!!!
I probably would have beat stranger danger up if he broke my finger. I need anger management LOL