Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How has it been 5 years??

Seriously, where has the time gone?
Today is a big day for la casa Foresee, it is Brayden's birthday!  Yes, the little guy is turning 5, and I just cannot believe it.  Time is passing us by too quickly.  When they were itty bitties and I was staying at home, I would spend my mornings just wishing it was 4 (that is when Aron would be getting home from work), then I would spend the next moments thinking if I can just get to bedtime (so I could finally rest), then my night time routines of feedings and babies getting up in the middle of the night would begin and I would wish for them to be a bit older where they would not need me to nurse or give bottles.  Well, those moments were so precious and I wish that I would have spent more of my time loving those sweet sweet times instead of wishing them away, because here I am with a 6 year old Little Red and a 5 year old Baby Bear.  What was I thinking?  I suppose I was just trying to survive the days, but now I know that those days were pretty special.
I was looking at old videos tonight, and found this.  It is my Bray on his very first birthday.  I heard him wake up and went in singing for him.  He was so very small, and I must admit watching it made me tear up a little bit, and then when Little Red runs into the room my tears really began to roll.  For them to be babies again... never knew I had it so good!!
Anyways, time moves on, and babies grow, and now my guy is 5!  Brayden is such a lover.  He is kind hearted, loves BIG, his best friend is his sister (and Brayden, Connor, and Evan, and Timmy, and every boy in his class), he loves to laugh loud and run fast.  The boy loves all things Minions and Ninja Turtle weapons.  His favorite game is old school Nintendo (Ninja Turtles).  Chicken nuggets are his favorite food... who am I kidding his favorite food is catsup!!  He is funny and smart, and loves to play.  Brayden is strong (not CrossFit strong) but strong as in can do the monkey bars all by himself, and has been doing them all by himself for a long time.  He can play baseball, hits hard and throws far (I know, I know, he must get his athletic ability from me.. I'm sure).  He is a climber and is brave.  He loves his daddy.  It is pitiful when he cannot be with his sister, they like to sleep in the same room each night (they fight and laugh the first 30 minutes, but eventually... there is sleep).  He makes us so very happy, and sometimes I can lose my train of thought if I stare at him too long... just thinking how lucky I am to be his momma.  He fills me up.  So thankful for you Brayden.

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