Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dream a little dream....

Warning... super random post!
I do not know if the 10s of you reading ever have a dream and wake up thinking, "what in the world does that even mean".  I have these dreams all of the time.
For instance, I have had a dream many times over the past few years that I cannot get into my locker at my old high school.  I fa-reek out and end up having to go to the office and ask for my combination.  FYI, it is always the same 6 numbers that the lady tells me... (I would tell you, but I am afraid that you would use my numbers and win the lottery with them)!  For real though, what does that even mean?
This is even more strange... two times (okay, I know I should not even write this one), but I have had a dream that I was hanging out with a famous person... went to their home and they died.  So sad, and creepy, I know!  Even more strange with in 2 days of me dreaming those dreams... the people died!  I know... (insert super creepy Twilight Zone music).  It has only happened twice (which is totally 2 times tooooooo many).  FYI, no I do not practice any sort of witchcraft or make any voodoo doll stuff, I am a Jesus loving girl that just has had a few dreams that just happened to happen (sounds weird writing that out, and I am for sure that I have just lost 2s of my readers).
Okay, the other night... I had the strangest dream ever!  I hear the kids in the living room, and I just cannot get out of bed.  Not motivated, sleepy, just not having my morning... until random white kitty cat jumps on top of me and then onto my bed.  It startles me (since I do not have a cat) but the cat looks at me and then cuddles up in my sheets, I reach to pet the cat and it runs off but it leaves a trail of kitty pee on my bed!  Wha????  I know, totally disgusting!  I fa-reek out, this causes me to jump up from the bed and try to get my sheets off of the bed before the gross pee gets on my mattress!  It takes forever to get the sheets off of the bed and I am just sobbing.  Weird right?  That is not all though.  I am rushing out of the door with the kids and I run into the parking lot (which is my old college parking garage and I cannot find my car)!  Like, no where!  Finally, after running all over carrying all sorts of stuff, I find it and it has been broken into! (Whomp, whomp)  The trunk is open, someone has taken my tools and books and cds (yes, in my dream I had cds), but I remember how late we are and start to get into the car, but the key will not work.  I walk to the front of the car to see if it has wheels and whoever broke into the car, redid (like "Pimp My Ride" styled) the front, yes, just the front of my car!  With a Jeep looking front!  So strange!!  The police asked if it was my car after I explained what my car looked like, but they said that was not my car and towed it away... leaving me and the kids stranded!!

Y'all!  What in the world does any of that mean??
I do not know!!
So, yesterday, I decided to tell a friend my dream and she gets online and looks at dream interpretations....
It was a cool and a not so cool thing, because now the interpretations have just really bothered me and had me second guessing some of the things I guess I have really been thinking about.

1.  one interpretation was talking about me getting older and not truly being sure about what I am doing in my life.  I need to go after things before I "age out"!  Wha?  Am I missing a BIG opportunity on something?  Is this talking about work?  Is it talking about more children?  Heck, is it talking about me writing a book?  Possibly living out my dream as a ballerina?  I do NOT know, but now I am thinking that I am missing the boat on something and that what I am doing now is not what I am really supposed to be doing!!  Ya see why I am fa-reeking out!!

2.  There was another thing about me not being in touch with my femininity??  Hummmmm, okay... I think I am doing okay with this, so it is not leaving me up at night.

3.  This one is the kicker... I am possibly going to be experiencing some misfortune!!  I know, so now I am sitting around waiting on something no bueno to happen!  This is the pits, and I do not wanna sit around and wait for the bad to happen or worry about it!

4.  This one is kinda funny.  The pee could be a reference to the "pissy" attitude or thoughts I have been having about life.  Hummmmmm, that is funny, since I am always trying to be a "Pollyanna".

Anyways, with all of those interpretations lingering in my mind (thanks, Vicki... who that is not really her name, but I work with her and want to keep her private life private... she does not probably want 10s of people knowing that she was leading me down this not so dreamy road)!
What am I going to do with all of the above info?  I do not know.  #1 really has me pondering some of the decisions that I have made and will be making in my near future.  So many things to decide!
Am I the only one who has these kind of dreams?  #DontJudgeMe

PS... I am not a spell checker, and I am writing this before work... I have no time to do a read through and make sure that this whole blurb makes sense!  Enjoy

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Anonymous said...

I realize you don't know me, I read Kelly Stamps blog and found you through hers. Having those dreams and then things come true could actually be Biblical. Remember in the Bible where it mentions gifts such as prophesy? It does not mean voodoo or anything evil, in fact it is a gift from God. People have all sorts of gifts, and they are all from Him. This one I can attest to, I don't broadcast it but it's one of mine.