Saturday, March 24, 2018

It was only Wednesday...

First, I shall start this post with a thank you to my parents and sister who graciously offered to take the littles on a mini vacation this week!  Ya see, we have been on spring break, and the kids have been spending their days at their Honey and G's house, while the man friend and I are at work.  They have been loving their extra time with their grands and Kitty... movie watching, lunchin', and visiting.  The excitement grew through the week when it was announced that they were going to go to Tulsa for a mini vacay.... a overnight hotel stay, swimming in the pool, and then a day trip to the zoo!  The kids have talked about it all week and checked the website a bazillion times to review the order in which they would visit the zoo animals!
Man friend and I were a lil bit sad, but the sadness quickly left us after we thought.... hey, we are going to be kid free and this kinda has not happened since, oh, I don't know.... 2009!  So, go on and take um to Tulsa!!  (Just kidding... we love them, but loved the thought of being kid free for almost 24 hours)!  Hooray for family who will take on your little people!
Wednesday came, their overnight bags were packed, and I dropped them off early that morning so I could be at work.  The morning was good, and the kids were so sweet to remind me that they would be back soon and that their grandparents were responsible (ha... yes, those are their words)!  My parents and sister loaded them up in the car for the near 2 hour drive to Tulsa around 4 that afternoon (I wonder how many times Sophia and Brayden asked... "is it time to go yet?"  I am sure at least 10 times... before 9 a.m..
At 430, I walked into a super quiet house.  The man friend was already home (watching the sports channel.... so fascinating (insert smirky emoji face).  He was not even showered and date ready... so I instantly got sad thinking how I too would be sitting on the couch watching March Madness talk (BORING!!!)  Then he jumped up, greeted me with a smile, and commented that we were going on a date!!
#Awe #HeDoesLoveMe
He got all cleaned up and no joke, we left the house at 5- why ever we were heading out for the early bird special... I got no clue!  We went back and forth with the whole....
no you choose where we eat...
no you...
it does not matter to me....
you choose....
no, you.....
I don't care....
All the time, I am just driving through the downtown area.  I had wanted to try out a lil Mexican place, and I was so glad that we did.  After dinner... since it was not even 6, we drove around and looked at the landscaping of homes in the area and listened to the baseball game.
I know what y'all are thinking.... this is soundin' like a hot date....
I know.
It only gets hotter...
we get home, I go and change into my best sweats (the pair with minimal paint stains and only one tear in the back ankle area... I know, hot momma)!  I came out to my husband in a house that was kid free and he was asleep on the couch!
I.... DIE!
I did not even wake him, I just let him sleep!
I turned on a CNN documentary about the Kennedy family, American Dynasties: The Kennedys, snuggled up in a blanket, and played a game on my phone!!  I had received a text from my mother, saying they had arrived, and she had snapped a quick pic of them at The Cheesecake Factory!  The kids were in heaven!
Close to 930, we finally went to bed and a few minutes later man friends cell phone was ringing....
yes, almost 10 at night!  No one calls us that late.... ever!
I had not seen my guy move that quickly... he jumped up and showed me that it was mom!
Immediately, I am thinking that something was wrong!
Momma calmly explained that there had been a little accident at the pool with Sophia.... she was swimming a little too close to the bottom and well, she 
chipped a tooth....
then the story changed to she chipped her teeth....
ummmmmmmmmmmm...... her teeth are adult teeth!
I tried to keep it together and not go nutzo, I just needed to be with her to assess the situation... how would that happen?  She was in another state and it was 10??
Once I saw her lil face on the phone, and the teeth (oh, the teeth), my heart just sank to my tummy!!  My poor baby.  She was crying.
Was she in pain?
Was she bleeding?
Was she needing me?
No, she was crying because they might have to go home and NOT be able to go to the zoo the next morning!
(what can I say, the girl really loves the zoo!)
After a few minutes discussion, we all agreed that it was best if they just headed home... right then!  I know, they had only been there about 6 hours, and only at the hotel about 40 minutes, but my daddy drove them all home!  I immediately started contacting our pediatric dentist (after hour number) and then pleading on FB for any tooth knowledge from any dental friends!  Turns out I have a few, and one of them was still up at 11 and talked me off the edge of a nervous breakdown.  Thank you Jill... you eased all of my crazy thoughts and reassured me it would be okay.
It took a while for them to make the drive home, and by 1 in the morning, they were texting me saying they were in the driveway.  I could not rest until these children were in the house with me!  Turns out, when they did get home to me... I just stayed up until it was time to take my girl to the dentist (we left at 640 that morning).  It was a long night for sure, and I was just so sad that this little accident had occurred and that the vacation was a flop.
We got to the dentist that morning, right as they were unlocking the doors, and the dentist and the staff immediately saw Sophia first and all other patients just were left to wait (until later that morning).  So very thankful for Dr. Rhodes in Rogers... seriously, he was amazing!  He did not rush, was just very kind and patient.  Honey was there to meet us and anxiously sat in the waiting room!  The man friend and Bray got there and hung out.  Sophia had quite the fan club out front!
I mean... to me, the chip was really the size of Texas!  Geez-ah, Louise-ah!
When we go BIG.... I mean, we go BIG!  Not one tooth, but two.  Not a baby tooth, but adult teeth.  Not a silly old tooth on the side, but the front teeth on the INSIDE!!
I must say, that when he was finished fixin' her up... there was one extremely excited little girl!
We are having to be extra careful when eating now, not biting with our front teeth.  We def do not want the filler stuff to break off!  In a month we will go back to the dentist for more ex-rays to make sure that the teeth are still healthy.  So, please say a prayer that all will be okay!!
Who knew havin' children would be this hard?
#AndGrandparents #AndAuntKitty #AndDrRhodes

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