Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My V.I.P. and Salmonella

Today was most exciting, because I was able to spend a lil bitta time with my Sophia at her school.  She has been chosen by her teacher to be the VIP (very important person) in her class this week.  One of the perks was she has lunch visitors through the week and she even asks someone to come and read her favorite book to her class!  So, my afternoon was spent alongside my girl, and I had so much fun.  While reading to the class, I was thinking to myself how I really shoulda been a teacher... but then I think about things like lice and kids throwing up in class and I guess I will just stick with my current job!!
Anyway, the day was good, and I surprisingly did not embarrass Sophia.  She said I did a great job reading and then answering questions from her class.
Wednesday nights around here are busy.  Sophia has dance and Brayden goes to his class where he learns to be a ninja!  This night is a bonus for me, because it also doubles as a dine out night with a girlfriend (I will give her a "fake name" just so all tens of you do not run out try to meet her, befriend her, and try to get her to be your Wednesday night date... she's taken!).  "Nina" and I always hit up the same restaurant, since our time is limited, and we always have our "usual" meal.  #CreaturesOfHabit
Then tonight's meal came out and all I can say is...bye-bye chicken tenders.  There's a few words I never thought would ever be typed out by my lil ole fingers.  I am just gonna be honest, there is a possible reason my children are only fans of 3 main food groups...
1.  The fruit group
2.  The chicken tender group
3.  The catsup group
I did this to them (not on purpose), but because I too am a BIG fan of those top 3 groups!
However, after tonight's Wednesday dinner date, my love affair of the chicken tender is over.  Let me start from the beginning.  So any who, "Nina" and I are laughing, talking, and begin eating.  I am almost through my chicken tender when I look down and see something a lil slimy, clearish, uncookedish looking in my tender innerds!
Y'all, I.... DIED!
I am trying to be calm at the table, but my insides are dry heaving!
I could hardly believe I just consumed nearly a whole chicken tender that was uncooked.  Was it even warm, or did I just have so much honey mustard on it, that I thought that was why it was a bit cool.  Ugh, it is still giving me the skee-bees.
So grossed out, I just laid it on the napkin for my waiter to review.  His review was unhelpful... as he just scooped it up and took it away, like it was a empty glass of tea!  Not a big deal at all!  I am not much of a complainer, but I for sure thought that I would not have to pay for the food, seeing as how it was not cooked all of the way, but I did.
Here I am a few hours later, all is peaceful in our house, and I am laying here sharing my inner most thoughts and fears with you just waiting for an ugly bout of food poisoning to strike!  My tummy is grumbling too.  Is it because I have the early stages of salmonella or is it because I ate 1/2 an uncooked tender... and that doth not make a meal!!  Do I go and grab a Girl Scout cookie and call it a night???  Ugh, so many decisions, but if I get sick, I do not then want to have a food aversion to my favorite cookies!
#Decisions #Decisions
It is sad to say, because chicken tenders have been a go-to for me since 1995, but it is o-vah!
I guess it is a fine time for me to give up such foods, I mean what am I... a 6 year old?
I can think of no better time to expand my palate.

So, what did you have for dinner?  Anyone?

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Lisa Kaloustian said...

Oh my gosh! I get soooo excited when I see that you have posted on your blog. Your "way with words" I'm a chicken tender kinda girl, too, but I've gotta be honest....I'm skeerd now. :(