Monday, July 16, 2018

41 Years of Livin' and Lovin'

Today was BIG y'all!
 My parents celebrated their 41st anniversary!
Just to think... this is where it all started.  Just a couple a kids attending dances in what seems to be matching denim dance attire.
#MyParentsWereSoAheadOfTheirTime #WithFashion
Too bad JT and Britney did not survive the matching denim stage like Mike and Amy!
Lets see, 41 years... let us take a stroll down memory lane
These two, they have been together since high school (whhhhhaaaa, high school).  Think about it, if you woulda married your high school love.....  Hummmmmmm.  Okay, that is over!
 Yes, tens... those are cut off jorts (jorts= jean shorts into one word, I love that on this blog we can learn new lingo together), and that hair!

After years together, many dates, late nights sitting on my MamMaw and PapPaw's couch, they decided to marry.  Talk about livin' on love... my dad worked at a grocery store while momma taught piano out of their house.  Then the children....
I came along.....
 shortly after..... Jason
Then they thought... what is one more... sweet baby Richard
It is safe to say that these three learned much about family from our parents.  We love each other fiercely and are each others best friends.  Our parents are amazing role models who showed love, kindness, patience (sooooo much patience, those Curry 3 were tough in the teen years), and commitment to each other (no matter what)!
You would think that with those 2 kids... having these 3 kids..... that we woulda worn them down!
(Insert ha ha emoji face and super uncomfortable emoji face when they told us they could still have babies..... #IKnow)
Then comes Katie.... the 4th.  Possibly the favorite #JustSayin
After all of these years, our family has grown by a manfriend.... my Aron (yes, tens.... he has a name)
and then the babies....

Who knew that so much love would come from these two.  I am blessed to have a front row seat, and I am glad to be a part of the years to come.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! My husband and I were also high school sweet hearts and here we are almost 45 years later with five kiddos, 4 grands and still loving! Congratulations to your parents:)

Amy said...

Congrats to your parents! My parents just celebrated 61 years of marriage a few months ago so I understand how special that is.