Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Sunday

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter.  For our family, it was amazing.

Sophia had her first visit from the Easter bunny.

It was so sweet to watch Aron bring her into the kitchen so she could see her Easter basket.  The bunny left her some eggs, a white Easter bunny with a lamb friend, a chick that squeeks, and a bunny purse.  I think Sophia really enjoyed the pink grass in the bottom of the basket best!!

After the basket reveal, we went to church.  We meet up with Daddy, Momma, Richard, Katie Grace, Bug-Eye, Gruncle Robert, and Booty!  It was a fantastic Sunday service.  The singing of the choir was so good (as usual, they never disappoint), and the sermon was delivered by Junior Hill.  Everyone was moved by the service.  17 people came forward in our service and asked Jesus to come into their heart.  I was so happy because one of those people was my precious husband, Aron.  I do not think I could have been more proud of him.  He also wants to be baptised. 

How blessed we are.

This was the end of the day.  Sophia just could not take it any longer.  She played, laughed, ate great food.  Her first Easter, definately one to remember.

Love yal,



Anonymous said...

yay aron!!!! that is awesome news! im guessing ya'll were in the late service b/c i didnt see you in the early one. sophia is looking hot in her easter dress :) miss you.

krateliff said...

That is wonderful news for Aron and your family! I decided to get Baptised last Easter when Junior Hill was there and I think he is just amazing. I got Baptised May
3rd and then found out we were expecting Mr. Will 3 weeks later! So happy for ya'll- Sophia looks so adorable!