Friday, April 16, 2010

Roar says the Lion

So, we have purchased Sophia her first set of wheels! 
We did not even have to take out a loan for this baby!
At first, she was not sure what to think of this crazy lion on wheels!
After a spin around the couch, then the living room, then the kitchen table, then the kitchen, down the hall, to her room, in the bathroom, chasing Chip, around the coffee table, back around the living room me, this went on for awhile.  We definately have put some miles on this ride! 
(the knees and back were aching, for sure!)
When you touch the lions nose, it roars (sounds a little goofy) and then it sings music.
Fun Stuff!!

Love yal!



Let'sMakeADifference said...

Those are the most adorable pictures! Your daughter is beautiful!

How "Sweet" it is... said...

LOVE! My mom got the same lion for the twins b-day...yes the roarrrr is totally goofy...Wes and I walk around saying roar all the time now. Sophia is such a cutie!