Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend Egg-stravaganzas!!

I am not sure about yal, but we have had the most wonderful Easter weekend.  It was full of fun, food, and fiestas!  (Sorry yal, but this post is a lot of photos!!)

Friday afternoon we had some of our familia come up!  PapPaw, Uncle Robert and Judy.  We were able to catch up over at Momma en nems (that is southern/ backwoods talk for Momma and Daddys house!
This is sweetie pie and her Gruncle Robert (gruncle= great uncle)
Uncle Jason and sweet Sophia
(notice Jason's long Jesus hair, because on the Saturday photos it will be gone.  He cut off 9 inches and donated it to locks of love)

Saturday:  M-Egg-xican Egg-stravaganza
It was a small gathering of 17 (yikes)
I slaved all day in the kitchen.  I prepared 2 king ranch chicken casseroles, rice, and beans.  I also scrambled to make the Easter bunny cake for Easter lunch, potatoe salad, and deviled eggs.  Yumm!
Eat your heart out Paula Deen, I made a bunny cake!

Aunt LeAnne
Abram, Sophia, Katie Grace, Aidan, Annalee
PapPaw and Jason (notice the hair)
Caryn and Judy

Uncle Robert and Momma

Daddy and me

Lil Bunny

There were about 40 eggs to dye!
Nicole and Sophia
Try to not look up my nose (I totally have to stop taking these pictures)
Ryan and Rich

We had such a fun time!  Tune into the next post!

Love yal!



Kendra said...

I love the cake you made! Very cute!

Happy Easter!

How "Sweet" it is... said...

WOW!!! You've been a BUSY lady! Such a cute cake! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

PITTSNIX said...

what is this business of king ranch chicken?????? u talk about it all the time and i've never heard of it! glad your grandpa came up!!!