Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Bunny is 8 months old today!

Hello Friends!  Our little bunny is 8 months old today, can ya believe it??

Sophia is doing so great, we are just such proud parents!

She has to weigh at least 30 pounds. 
Currently is wearing 12 month -18 month clothing.
Just moved in to the size 4 diapers.

Girlfriend has got some teeth.  We have been calling her hammerhead (term of endearment, of course).  If you stick your finger in her mouth to feel for new teeth, she will most certainly bite off your digit!  Ouch!
She loves her highchair!
She is drinking from a sippy cup (all by herself)
Sophia is still a lover of food (you can tell this by her shapely body)!  She munches on Cheerios, Fruit Loops, crackers, and grapes.  She loves her baby food (peach cobbler desert and most recently spagetti).

She has a new trick:  she is a waver!  Everyday Aron and I are constantly saying, "hi" to Sophia and waving like crazy people, but she never waves back.  She just stares at us.  The other day,  Momma and I took Sophia to Abuelos and there she goes, waving at complete strangers.  Love it!

Here lately, when I go to get her up in the morning, she is sitting up in the bed or standing. 
We are really thinking that she is close to crawling.  She will do a little if we push against her feet.
She loves for us to read and sing to her.  Our sweet Moss and Poss just sent her an Easter package with 3 books.  She loves to look at them.

Thank you so much, we are just loving them!!

She is just growing up so fast. 

Time sure flies when you are having fun!

(Geez, I still look as tired as I did the day she was born!)

Hope that everyone has a Happy Easter!  We have family coming in to celebrate this wonderful time.
He is risen!

Love yal!!

The Foresee Family

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Kendra said...

Awe, your little one is so cute! I love her bunny ears in the 1st picture. She such a happy baby!

Happy Easter!