Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Memories 2010

What a happy holiday we had.
I love my sweet family! This is my baby sis in this photo with us.
Sweet pea hugging her new friend.
Katie and Annalee showing off their gingerbread house.
Me posing with my new house for my Christmas Village. This one is called Sam's Butcher Shop. It made me cry when I opened it. In a previous post I wrote about my village how it was given to me after my MamMaw passed away. I love to put all of the pieces out. I remember packing away each house after Christmas was over with my PapPaw (he totally did not enjoy that job), but it was a sweet memory I had with him. So glad to now have a house with his name on it, I will set it next to Millie's Cafe.

Sophia opening presents.

Me and my house! I did eat some of the decorative icing (that stuff was yummo!)

Sweet nephews
I so heart him!

I heart her!
Little did we know that a little brother would soon be making his appearance!
Last family photo as a family of 3!!
The new fur! Thank you to Moss and Bucky!


Rambo made a special appearance!
Merry Christmas Sophia from your Honey and Granddaddy! This year they got you a kitchen with all of the fixins (dishes, cookware, and food). You love playing with this and enjoy hearing all of the fun sounds it makes. THe burners make noise when you set pots on them, the phone works, and the clock works. You love your kitchen! Thank you to your Uncle Jason and Uncle Richard for putting it together.
Father and Son Shot!

Yes, Sophia is riding on top of the Razorback!
Hope that your Christmas Holiday was as amazing and wonderful as our family had.
Love yal!

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