Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Santa Claus Was Here!!!

Merry Christmas from the Foresee Family!

Do not even ask what is going on with Lovey in the above photo!
Well, Santa came to our house. We have had a little girl that has been especially good this year! Santa brought her a pony, table and chairs, a tea set, stickers with a few books, and a dancing Mickey Mouse.

Can you see the darkness outside, it was so early! I could not sleep, way to excited to see little reds face on Christmas morning!
Seriously, can we go back to bed? Yes, ladies, this is my man!

And she wakes! Yes, she stood and just looked at everything for a moment! She was very unsure what all of this stuff was about!Santa!

He came and he ateWhat is this guy dancing about?

Well, if Mickey is dancing and daddy is dancing, guess I will too!

Well, it was definitely a fun morning at home. I cannot believe that next Christmas we will have 2 babies! O, sweet happiness!

Happy Christmas!

Love, Caryn

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