Friday, January 14, 2011

Twas the day and night before Christmas!

(Yes, I know the date is January 14th! I am a little (a lotta) behind on posts!)
Our Christmas eve started at around noon when we went to my s.i.l.'s (LeAnne) house! We had a great time visiting, building gingerbread houses, and opening gifts! Here are a few photos! There will be more to come as I only have a few photos from this fun day!

The kiddos opening presents!

Lovey got a MoeMoe (Tickle Me Elmo)!

Girlfriend loves Sesame Street, especially Elmo!
She gave him a big mouth kiss!

LeAnne and Aron posing!
Little Miss Holly Jolly Christmas!

After the day with LeAnne and the kids, we headed over to Momma en nems house! What a fun time we had with family!

Baby Sis

Me and Richard (the brother)!

I love this man!

Dancing Machine!

Watching a movie

Momma n me

Time for Christmas eve presents! Jason got a bobble head Yoda, so jealous!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care!

These pics are too funny! Uncle Richard gave Sophia a Baby Alive. We have seen these in the store many times, it is kind of scary when all 5 rows of these dolls start cooing and bouncing up and down. Sophia always reaches for them, but we just keep on walking. When she say this baby, she nearly died!!

O---------! With a little shriek!

Making sure this is really happening, is this my baby!!?

She looks real!

Sweet little Mama with her baby!

The night only got better! We had to get home quickly, because Santa Claus was coming to town! He still had to bake some cookies, build some table and chairs, unpack tiny dishes, and haul out the pony (he also had to let the dog out)! That Santa is a busy guy! So stay tuned!!!

Love to you all!


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